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How to Shift My Career from IT to Data Science?

Big Data Analytics is probably the talk of the town. Be it a big organisation or a start-up, they have already started incorporating Data Analytics position to achieve beneficial insights from their large chunk of raw data. With the huge demand for Data Analytics professionals, there are still 50, 000 vacancies remaining vacant. All these years, only IT profession is ...

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What Is Data Science And Why Now?

“The sexiest job of the 21st Century” is attracting more and more people to dive into it. If you are one among the professionals interested to know about Data Scientist Job and would love to get your foot in the door then knowing about “What Data Science is and why is it of big hype now?” would help you with ...

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Data Scientist – Where to Start?

Data Science - Where to Start?

It is beyond any doubts that the career in Data Science is very promising, also it’s only going to get better and brighter in the future. In an article from Harvard Business Review (HBR), Career as Data Scientist is quoted as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. What is Data Science? Data science is analysis of data in all ...

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