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Deep Learning – Why does it work so well now?

Why Deep Learning

Machines are turning smarter and the next industrial revolution is happening as the impact of advancement in Artificial Intelligence. These advancement is contributing across industries to dwell upon the huge amount of data lying underneath to gain useful insights for the Business. Talking about Deep learning, it is an emerging field of Machine Learning that is enjoying significant traction amongst ...

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What are the Pros and Cons of Tableau?

Tableau Pros & Cons

Tableau is a business intelligence tool that has the capability of producing visually-appealing reports, charts, graphs and dashboards for the large chunk of data that you have. With Tableau, Data Visualisation of your stats happens pretty quickly from which better insights are derived to effectively use it for the development of the business. Tough this tool was founded way back ...

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Essential Skills That You Need To Become A Data Scientist

Being a “Data Scientist” is awesome but landing at it is not an easy task. To have your foot in the door, a comprehensive mastering of many essential skills is necessary. For the benefit of aspiring Data Scientists, we are now going to discuss essential skills that are needed to be harnessed to step into this lucrative career. Non-Technical Skills ...

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