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What is the Salary of an AI Expert in the Asia Pacific Region?

Have you been intrigued by the field of Artificial Intelligence?. Did you ever wonder about exploring a career in AI? What do you think makes an AI career, a lucrative opportunity? This article throws light on the job roles in AI and their salaries. Artificial Intelligence has been arousing a good amount of curiosity among young and old alike. One ...

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What is the salary of a Data Scientist in the Asia Pacific Region?

Key Points What does a Data Scientist do?Skills of a Data ScientistWhat are the roles of a Data Scientist?Salary of a Data Scientist in the Asia Pacific region What makes Data Science a great career? Do you have the skills of a Data Scientist? What are the salaries of a Data Scientist in the Asia Pacific regions? Read this article ...

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DataMites Launches Classroom Training for Data Science Courses in Chennai

datamites launches classroom training for data science courses in chennai

DataMites has announced the commencement of classroom training sessions in Chennai. It will be conducting regular classroom sessions for all the courses in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc. The institute was previously offering only online sessions, but with the growing demand from the candidates for a classroom session, DataMites has eventually decided on the direction. The ...

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When starting with machine learning projects the first questions come up in mind are tools. What are the tools I can use? Where can I get those tools and their installation?? In this blog, we will discover tools which are available in the market and later will describe how to use it. ENVIRONMENT The development environment that you use for ...

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How to Explain Data Science Project in Interview

Introduction:- Explaining your project to the recruiters is the best way to showcase your Data Science knowledge. In this blog, We will share how you can explain your data science project to the recruiter. Let’s go ahead explore each step. Divide your data science project into the below steps and explain accordingly Explain the business problem you have solved. Data ...

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Resampling Methods in Machine Learning

Introduction The real-world data is complex, and if a machine-learning algorithm fails to identify the hidden pattern, chances are high we have created an overfitted or under a fitted model based on test data/unseen data performance. In regression along with r squared score, we check predicted r squared and adjusted r squared score so that the model created has generalized ...

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