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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What are the Fees of Artificial Intelligence Training Courses in India?


Will you believe me if I say ‘the term artificial intelligence was coined in the year 1956’ not in the recent few years? AI, which is a short form of ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ is more popular today than the times when we had ‘Black and White’ TVs is because of three major factors, and they are ‘increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, ...

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What Is Deep Learning and Dive into This Exciting World Now

What is deep learning

Technology is evolving quickly with a lot of advancements being made for the benefits of humankind. However, along with the rise of technology is the rise of our fears and excitement of how our future will be crafted. We often get perplexed when we start thinking about these advancements and especially, for those into the coding field. Note: Before understanding ...

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How Will Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Business In The Coming Years?

How Will Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Business

Artificial intelligence, a technology that has been changing the world faster than any other has managed to stay up to this point and is expected to grow more in recent years. Every business owner admits that AI has changed the Business landscape dramatically with its human-like capabilities. In fact, the recent research of Gartner is quoting that by the year ...

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Top 10 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

Top 10 Examples Of AI

Artificial Intelligence is creating lots of excitement, and in many ways, AI and its applications are in use today. The daily headlines of AI empowering the business and changing their way is indeed a real boost, however, have you ever thought about “How AI is impacting our lives outside the office?”. Today, we’re going to talk about A.I. Technologies that ...

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10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Dominate in the Year 2019

Hand of a businessman shaking hands with a Android robot.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI)” is a powerful word that has been uttered frequently in the technology space and also its recent advances have spurred heat waves across the world. Is our science fiction novel coming alive? Or the Robot 2.0 reloaded is coming to save us? It is true that AI products are slowly entering our workplaces and homes, but that ...

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How will Artificial Intelligence Change the Insurance Industry?

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Industry

Thousands of unattended claims, long customer queues, piling customer queries, all these are merely posing one question “Does the Insurance industry is really progressing at all???” Though being the fastest growing industry, we still feel, calling an insurance company is not a favorite activity. The old processes with consistently not leveraging new technologies have made the insurance industry as the ...

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What Is AI? Know Everything About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)

We have been hearing the coolest inventions of AI around the clock but what’s less common is an explanation of “What AI is” and why it is so cool????? Be it a man’s best robot friend ‘AI robot dog’ running around to find your lost shoe or the ‘conversational AI’ giving weight loss tips, this science of making intelligent machines ...

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Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning

Over the years, we have watched many movies made on the concept “Artificial Intelligence”. Be it Arnold Schwarzenegger with a half robot face or the Chappie realizing the true goal of a family, the concept of AI is predominantly seen in the entertainment industry for a pretty long time. They have fascinated us in the movies as well as in ...

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