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What Is AI? Know Everything About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)

We have been hearing the coolest inventions of AI around the clock but what’s less common is an explanation of “What AI is” and why it is so cool????? Be it a man’s best robot friend ‘AI robot dog’ running around to find your lost shoe or the ‘conversational AI’ giving weight loss tips, this science of making intelligent machines ...

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What Is The Best Place To Earn Your Data Science Course And How It Cost?

Data Science Course Cost in INDIA

Data Science is tremendously changing our world in every business. Many organizations and institutes in different sectors are opening doors for unlocking the hidden power of big data. It is becoming increasingly important for the businesses to explore the value lying beneath the big data to attain a competitive edge. Hence, data scientists are seeing a booming phase as they ...

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Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning

Over the years, we have watched many movies made on the concept “Artificial Intelligence”. Be it Arnold Schwarzenegger with a half robot face or the Chappie realizing the true goal of a family, the concept of AI is predominantly seen in the entertainment industry for a pretty long time. They have fascinated us in the movies as well as in ...

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Hello and welcome to DATAMITES, home of data science. Hello everyone and welcome to the data convolutional neural network code along in this lecture. We’re going to connect the theory ideas that we previously talked about to actual implementation of code tensorflow. Let’s open up a Jupiter notebook and get started. PROBLEM OVERVIEW Here, the problem set we have is ...

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What Are The 10 Statistical Techniques That Data Scientists Need To Master?

Data Science 10 Statistical Techniques

Undoubtedly, one can say that “a Data scientist’s statistics knowledge is better than a programmer and programming knowledge is better than a statistician.” So, if you are a programmer trying to switch to Data Science career then you need to gain a thorough understanding of statistical theories lying underneath. Remember that your transitions remain incomplete when you blindly utilize the ...

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Why Is Data Science An Interesting Career?

Why Data Science Career Interesting

We all definitely know that Data Science is rapidly evolving as a Hot Career but “will it be an interesting career?”. As Data Science enthusiasts, we will say yes but don’t take our word instead listen to what Data Scientists say on this.  We have contacted many Data Science professionals who have completed training with us and are working in ...

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Is Python for Data Science

Data has emerged as a new oil for fueling the success of an organization. Data Science allows the organizations to effectively gain insights from the bulk amount of available raw data to make strategic decisions. It is essential to have best tools to leverage Data Science techniques that can convert the data into insights by the way of visualization or ...

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Deep Learning – Why does it work so well now?

Why Deep Learning

Machines are turning smarter and the next industrial revolution is happening as the impact of advancement in Artificial Intelligence. These advancement is contributing across industries to dwell upon the huge amount of data lying underneath to gain useful insights for the Business. Talking about Deep learning, it is an emerging field of Machine Learning that is enjoying significant traction amongst ...

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Essential Skills That You Need To Become A Data Scientist

Being a “Data Scientist” is awesome but landing at it is not an easy task. To have your foot in the door, a comprehensive mastering of many essential skills is necessary. For the benefit of aspiring Data Scientists, we are now going to discuss essential skills that are needed to be harnessed in order to step into this lucrative career. ...

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R Vs Python – Which One Is The Best?

Being the most coveted job of the 21st century, many professionals and freshers are getting attracted towards the Data Science career. It is a well-known fact that Data Scientists often rely on programming languages and tools to derive useful insights for the company. One of the frequent questions is about deciding on which programming language, R or Python? Choosing both ...

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