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What are the Fees of IoT Training Courses in India?

Internet of things, otherwise called as IoT, is an important and swiftly progressing technology inventions of the 21st century which is evolving so fast that it will completely revolutionize the way we think and do things, in just a few years of time. In fact, you will not be surprised if you see ‘more than 50 billion “things” will get ...

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What are the Fees of Artificial Intelligence Training Courses in India?


Will you believe me if I say ‘the term artificial intelligence was coined in the year 1956’ not in the recent few years? AI, which is a short form of ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ is more popular today than the times when we had ‘Black and White’ TVs is because of three major factors, and they are ‘increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, ...

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What Is Deep Learning and Dive into This Exciting World Now

What is deep learning

Technology is evolving quickly with a lot of advancements being made for the benefits of humankind. However, along with the rise of technology is the rise of our fears and excitement of how our future will be crafted. We often get perplexed when we start thinking about these advancements and especially, for those into the coding field. Note: Before understanding ...

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Support Vector Machine Algorithm (SVM) – Understanding Kernel Trick


For a better understanding, the blog has been split into two parts, the former gives conceptual clarity of Support Vector Machine (SVM) & Kernel Trick and the latter gives a mathematical explanation to the same. The blog also entails a complete modelling of the Support Vector Machine Algorithm using Python which will give us more confidence to embrace the algorithm ...

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What are the Fees of Machine Learning Training Courses in India?

Fees of Machine Learning Training Courses in India

One of the fastest flourishing technology and a subset of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. So there might be a lot of questions popping in your mind, such as, What happens in Machine Learning? Why is it becoming increasingly popular in recent times?, Why should I go for the Machine Learning course?, etc. if we start talking about Machine Learning. ...

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What are the Fees of Data Science Training Courses in India?

What are the Fees of Data Science Training Courses in India

In the recent decade, we can hear a huge uproar about the power of harnessing big data and attaining great business benefits. And of course, this uproar has steered sky-high salaries and unfathomable incentives for certified Data Science professionals throughout India. Especially in Bangalore, which is in top position and offering lots of opportunities for many aspiring Data science professionals. ...

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How Will Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Business In The Coming Years?

How Will Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Business

Artificial intelligence, a technology that has been changing the world faster than any other has managed to stay up to this point and is expected to grow more in recent years. Every business owner admits that AI has changed the Business landscape dramatically with its human-like capabilities. In fact, the recent research of Gartner is quoting that by the year ...

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How To Become A Machine Learning Expert?

Picture of business people working together in office

The quest for giving Machines “the ability to learn and improve by themselves” has brought the most stunning achievements in recent years. There’s all kind of breakthrough apps and software that are being “powered by AI and Machine Learning” is revolutionizing the way we think and work. Naturally, the big list of recent news feeds popping up every day is ...

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How will Artificial Intelligence Change the Insurance Industry?

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Industry

Thousands of unattended claims, long customer queues, piling customer queries, all these are merely posing one question “Does the Insurance industry is really progressing at all???” Though being the fastest growing industry, we still feel, calling an insurance company is not a favorite activity. The old processes with consistently not leveraging new technologies have made the insurance industry as the ...

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6 Common Myths about Machine Learning

Myths about Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the mainstream media coverage in recent times, and there has been several articles and emotional stories posted every second. Machine Learning is proving to be most useful, and no denial that we have started invading business working models to create many remarkable advancements such as language translations, speech recognition, recommendation systems, and more. In fact, in certain ...

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