Top 10 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

Top 10 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today
Top 10 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

Artificial Intelligence is creating lots of excitement, and in many ways, AI and its applications are in use today. The daily headlines of AI empowering the business and changing their way is indeed a real boost, however, have you ever thought about “How AI is impacting our lives outside the office?”. Today, we’re going to talk about A.I. Technologies that are driving much of our attention with ground-breaking updates and revolutionary changes. While there are many cool examples of Artificial Intelligence prevailing, we will discuss top 10 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today which work very efficiently and in wondrous ways.

Top 10 Examples Of AI In Use Today

The Popular Personal Assistant “Siri”:

It isn’t hard to recognize a popular female voice that keeps reminding you about your daily routine. Yes, we are talking about “Siri,” Apple’s personal assistant. Being capable of doing almost everything, ranging from scheduling events, booking reservations, setting reminders, finding information, making voice calls, and this list is extending with a lot more functionality that was once thought to be nearly impossible. Probably, you might also end up saying “Hey Siri you are the best” like Dwayne “The Rock” in his popular advertisement for Apple iPhone 7. So, what exactly is sitting behind Siri and making her the best is the “machine-learning technology.” It understands the natural language of human and their every question and requests to come up with perfect answers instantaneously. Isn’t it the most iconic example of a gadget’s machine learning abilities???

The smart home hub “Alexa”:

The smart speaker from Amazon is playing music one time and is helping you with recipe ideas the other time. The better sound quality and a less industrial design of Amazon echo have contributed significantly to its success. Alexa indeed took the world by storm when it was introduced, and it soon reached a safe place in the living room of most of the houses. You can shop, set alarms, browse the web for information, switch off the lights, schedule appointments and what not? This most significant tech breakout in recent memory is ready to follow your instructions and control your smart home devices.

Enhanced customer experience with “Boxever”:

When every customer interaction is made smarter, isn’t it going to fetch great business profits and especially in the travel industry? Boxever, a company that uses machine learning algorithms to deliver seamless customer experience in the travel industry that not only delights the customer but also brings those micro-moments. This customer intelligence cloud connects all customer, product and operational data through machine learning and A.I helping business to find new and creative ways to engage their customer in their travel journeys.

A smarter car for your garage “Tesla”:

Artificial intelligence is not restricting its boundary only to those palm-sized gadgets instead shifting its wave towards the automobiles industry too. Well, it is not the smartphones that are stealing the show but also the smart automobiles that have started vrooming on the road. If you are a car geek then definitely Tesla would have grabbed your attention. Being considered as one of the best automobiles till now, Tesla cars come with the self-driving option, predictive capabilities, and more unimaginable cool technologies. Overall, a new challenge has been set in the auto industry with Artificial intelligence fueled Tesla cars.

Real-time conversational guidance “Cogito”:

Customer support representatives should effectively communicate and build a connection with customers even when they are frustrated and agitated. They should have the skills to have a productive and empathetic exchange with the customer all while attempting to navigate their systems, entering the data and comply with company policies. This job comes with its own disadvantage of being stressful in nature, and only a few professionals have the top-notch conversational skills and high emotional intelligence to handle it. Cogito is the perfect solution to develop emotional intelligence across a large organization effectively. Cogito detects human signals and provides live behavioral guidance to improve the quality of every customer interaction. Being a synthesis of machine learning and behavioral science, Cogito can effectively bring in better customer care and smarter sales.

Enjoy the visual treat with “Netflix”:

Well, Netflix needs no introduction at all. We always enjoy films and serials from Netflix while sitting conveniently on the couch of your home. But, what makes it unique is the predictive technology that is used in Netflix which analyses billions of records and customer’s reaction to suggest films. We should definitely accept the fact that this tech is getting smarter and smarter day by day. Only disturbing fact that we notice about Netflix is the smaller films going unnoticed under the shadow of big ones hope this part will be shaped up as the tech grows more intelligent over time.

Transitional A.I with “”:

Amazon, a popular online shopping place is getting smart with transitional A.I. Online shopping is no longer a mere website showing the products but there is a new genre of shopping emerging now, and simply a stroke knows a lot about you. How could Amazon possibly predict what I want when I just browse and did not even buy any stuff? That’s where the algorithm comes into work. These algorithms are getting refined more and more and use data from your prior Amazon activity, including time on site, links clicked, duration of views, shopping cart activity, products browsed and wish lists.

Musical DNA “Pandora” is enchanting our ears:

One of the most revolutionary techs that are melodiously ringing on our ears with some incredible tracks is Pandora. Keeping 450 musical attributes in mind, the team of expert musicians analyzes each song individually. This DNA of music uses AI and Machine learning to find music recommendations that would go unnoticed by the people but can be inherently loved. With every bit of information about the user’s interest, music is played according to their likes and recommendations are made at a reasonable time frame. Are you now ready to build your own musical station based on your musical interest in Pandora?

The learning thermostat “Nest”:

Anticipating your personal needs and adjusting the temperature at your home and office would be the most convenient thing. Isn’t it? Nest, the learning thermostat is now a Google product can be voice controlled by our most favorite Alexa. It is a wonderful implication of AI that uses behavioral algorithms to learn from your heating and cooling needs predictively. That is not it; Nest cameras have already hit the market in using them for surveillance or a pet cam.

Concierge service with predictive algorithms “John Paul”:

David Amsellem, the founder of John Paul, is offering excellent class concierge service with the use of advanced AI programs. They create innovative loyalty programs for their clients as well as for employees. The predictive algorithms used here can understand customer’s desires on an accurate level. This company is offering the concierge services for loads of customers through the world’s largest companies.

Understand why AI matters the most:

Artificial Intelligence often comes with a misconception of machines dominating the world and controlling humans. First, we need to understand that Artificial Intelligence is not the artificial intelligence that happens in Hollywood movies. What we need to do is, strip away the marketing fluff and look at the fast developing technology that is already bringing positive changes in our lives. Remember, AI can process all trivial tasks at a tremendous pace compared to humans. It is time that we need to fully appreciate AI’s potential regardless of how it is marketed. Artificial Intelligence has already started redefining our lives, understand what it is and what it is not, for a better tomorrow.

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Still, many of us are clueless on how Artificial Intelligence is used today and how much of an effect will it have on our lives. If you compare AI to a human, all we can say is “AI is a 1-year-old kid” which needs abundant information to initiate common sense, reasoning and problem-solving power to relate to the world, which is instead the most tedious and challenging approach in the world. We have just stepped into an AI-powered world, the possibilities of exploring and traveling more in this intelligent word are pretty high. Hence, the blossoming A.I. awaits enormous job opportunities for the professionals equipped with AI knowledge. So, it is the correct time to choose the AI-powered path for a better career.

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