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  Course :
Machine Learning with Python
  Date :
22 Jul 2018
type :
price :
₹ 60,000 ₹ 30,000
$ $
£ £
S$ S$
  Course :
Data Mining with Python
  Date :
22 Jul 2018
type :
price :
₹ 26,000 ₹ 16,000
$ 780 $ 540
£ 560 £ 380
S$ S$
€ 630 € 440
  Course :
Statistics for Data Science
  Date :
22 Jul 2018
type :
price :
₹ 26,000 ₹ 16,000
$ $
£ £
S$ S$

What People Say

The Goal is to Turn Data into Information & Information into Insight

Feel so satisfied with the training going on. The trainer (ASHOK) explains each topic in detail. Quires are clearly explained within the training session . A non techie guy can also understand the exact work flow of any ML(machine learning) and work on any project related. His teaching and command on Data science helps us to learn and explore more on Data-science in short period. Its a good choice to get associated with Datamites.Ashok makes Data-science much easier.
vinod madiri
17:57 09 Jul 18
Good place to start the career in Data Science. Lot of diversity among students from across the country. The speed at which the topics are taken is challenging but manageable. Lot of assistance from staff and peers!
aiswarya ramesh babu
07:21 09 Jul 18
It is my third week in the Certified Data Scientist program at Datamites and so far the learning experience is very satisfying. I have attended a few online courses on this subject and say confidently that Prof. Ashok is one of the best to train this subject. He is very approachable, friendly and teaches with high-energy. Our batch is a mix of students with and without CS background and he handles the expectations seamlessly. The response time from their administrative team Ms. Jessy is also very good.
Kishore Chand
05:38 09 Jul 18
We search a lot of courses online to learn data science and machine learning. Trust me the subject and its application is massive. Its not a joke to learn such a subject in a short period of time. But Ashok (The trainer) makes life easy for you in this journey of getting acquainted with data science and ML. His experience is vast and the way he teaches is very easy to understand. Though i am not from engineering background, i am able to create models and understand python as a language and apply it.I recommend the course for everyone who are interested in starting their journey towards DS & ML. Every single penny spent here is worth it. Trust me you will not be disappointed.
17:54 20 Jun 18
Ashok, is an amazing teacher with the ability to make students grasp difficult concepts with ease. Certified Data Scientist program is a nice starting point for beginners who are completely new to data science and machine learning. Suggestion to Datamites. This course curriculum needs to be revisited as 8 days is less for this course. Ideal is around 12 days. Advanced topic should be covered in detail.
Sunaad Rao
04:29 20 Jun 18
Datamites is an excellent place to learn Data Science. Course material is very good and I was lucky to get training from Mr. Ashok who has a wide knowledge and experience in this domain and was always ready to clear all the doubts whenever we asked. . Thank you team Datamites . I will strongly recommend this course.
Trisrota Mukherjee
05:42 18 Jun 18
Great place to start!!Topics covered and examples given are perfect . Mr. Ashok is highly knowledgeable and the staff members were friendly worth it.
Manu Deep
09:58 17 Jun 18
Datamites is one of the Excellent place for Data Science. The management is Awesome. My trainer Mr. Ashok Kumar is Excellent Coach for Data science. I would like to take this movement and thank you my trainer and management for their support in my learning. Thank you Ashok sir and Thank you datamites team.Regards,Ramdas.
Ramdas Muchkure
09:56 17 Jun 18
Datamites is not just a institute - its a place to specialize in Data Science . I got a chance to learn from experienced trainers. Join courses here if you want to get 'the real ' experience on Data Science and how it is maturing as an industry. Recommended institute also for IT seniors looking to re-skill.
Rahul Sharma
10:51 12 Jun 18
This institution has built my confidence in making my dream career in datascience... Rather than telling institute, I wud prefer to say a nice place to learn. Very friendly people. Training materials are very good. Trainer has sound knowledge on showcasing what's the best way for a beginner. I loved this place
manoj naik
19:11 11 Jun 18
DataMites Is a great place to gain knowledge compaire to other traning institute in Bangalore.It's Excellent place to learn Data science and Machine Learning.The traning is highly structured and well designed for jobs in Data Science, behind this Non other one My trainer Mr. Ashok Kumar(IIMA), who is Master inData science and Machine Learning. I am blessed to have best trainer like Ashok, its really best training institute in Bangalore. Finally I show a Immune gratitude towards trainer and staff.
Aditya Nomula
15:37 17 May 18
Presently studying the Data Science course here under the trainer Mr. Ashok. His way of training and knowledge on the subject are excellent and I am glad that I joined Datamites.
Abhed Sivan V.
10:21 01 May 18
DataMites is one of the best training institute in Bangalore. It's a best place to learn Datascience and Machine learning.And the man behind this my trainer Mr.Ashok Kumar, who is master in Datascience and Machine Learning. I'm glad to learn under him. I had great time Learning with DataMites...once again a bigg Thank you for the staff and my Trainer?
Surya Vutukuri
06:56 09 Apr 18
DataMites is the only accredited institute for Data Science I found and enrolled for the course. The training is well structured and to the point for cracking Data Science jobs. Done more projects and they promised. Trainer Mr. Ashok is from IIMA, handling Data Science projects, takes training himself. Best trainer. DataMites is the best institute for Data Science. Just go for it.
usha rani
13:56 01 Apr 18
Datamites is the best learning institute. Trainers are good and knowledgeable in Data science. Highly recommendable for people looking out to pursue in Data Science career.
shreya hegde
14:11 30 Mar 18
Datamites is one of the best training institute in Bengaluru. I was lucky enough to learn under Mr. Ashok Kumar who has impeccable knowlegde in Data Science and Machine Learning. I had a great learning experience in Datamites.
Dr. Beena B.M.
05:43 30 Mar 18
Best place to learn data science from the master himself.Mr. Ashok is a stalwart when it comes to ML and DS.His knowledge and experience are priceless.His ways of teaching are seems less and near perfect.Cheers Datamites!!
shreyas donki
06:43 20 Mar 18
I Strongly Recommend for Data Science training in Bangalore. Excellent training program.
Shiva Kumar
19:59 21 Feb 18
Excellent training. Very Professional, training material and timing are good. I will recommend for python for Data science training in Bangalore.
19:55 21 Feb 18
Best training institute for machine learning with data science courses... training and materials are good. Strongly recommend Datamites for data scientist training.
jay jaban
14:14 18 Feb 18
One of the best training institutes for Machine learning with data science in Bangalore. Trainer Mr. Ashok is good and having excellent subject knowledge. Course Material also good. Overall course is well structured.. I strongly recommend Datamites for data scientist training in Bangalore..
Shiva P
20:35 08 Feb 18
Hello Everyone, I am Nandish Manangi and a proud Datamites evangelist. I want to take this opportunity to pen down my experience in the form of this review. First of all, I happen to meet a great scholar by name Ashok, who taught us to be aspiring in the world of Data Science. He has impeccable Data Science knowledge and experience in this domain. His real time practical examples gave us Experiential learning during our training sessions. The content from IABAC is excellent and I am privileged to be associated with Datamites. I request all students, corporate and aspiring candidates to come and enjoy a great learning experience. I am sure you will be honored to be identified as Datamites for rest of your career. Good Luck.
nandish manangi
06:36 28 Nov 17
DataMites, I recommend for Analytics training in Bangalore. Best in providing a learning environment for tools like tableau and r training so sign up for it without hesitation. Cheers !!!
Cherry Salvator
15:47 17 Oct 17
Appreciate the efforts by DataMites team in providing Data Science Foundation course to our batch. The course materials and assignments given by the faculties helped me a lot in understanding basic fundamentals of the course. Over ally a good learning experience for me.
Anjali Pati
05:15 24 Sep 17
I enrolled for data science with R certification course and I am much satisfied with the training provided. Thanks to DataMites team to help me grabbing the concept quickly.
Nanda Shekar
12:12 23 Sep 17
Thank you very much Datamites, really appreciate the sessions and the staff who are strong knowledge on Data science. I recommend this institute for for Data Science beginner. Very helpful sessions for who want to start the carrier as Data Scientist..
Sampath Sirangi
15:29 20 Sep 17
Good training for data scientist course... thank DataMites and I strongly recommend this institute for data science courses.....
kavati saikumar
12:06 20 Sep 17
DataMites is one of the best institutes for data science training in Bangalore. Training sessions were very interactive. Trainer has very good subject knowledge.Thank you Datamites for wonderful and fruitful training.
Alamuri Rajasekhar Reddy
05:16 10 Aug 17

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