Artificial Intelligence in Noida – Jobs, Salary, Course Fee

Artificial Intelligence in Noida – Jobs, Salary, Course Fee
Artificial Intelligence in Noida – Jobs, Salary, Course Fee

Are you enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence and hunting for ways to expand your career in one of the biggest and most popular new-age technologies? Then you’ve come to the right spot because AI has a staggering potential for Real.
Artificial intelligence is one field that has remained in high demand despite the pandemic, with recruiting growth for these roles jumping by 32% since 2019, as per LinkedIn.

Noida has become an important location for IT corporations, startups, and electronics companies in recent years. According to Nasscom, the IT industry group, there are 190 IT companies headquartered in Uttar Pradesh that employ between 3,00,000 and 350,000 people, with a large concentration in Noida and Lucknow.

What opportunities are available in Noida?

Noida is home to some of the brightest minds working to establish a name for themselves in the digital age. The scarcity of talent with Artificial Intelligence skills is one of the most critical barriers on the route to a successful digital transformation. This is exacerbated by the growing complexity of data under organisations’ control.

AI analysts and developers, AI engineers and scientists, AI researchers, AI algorithm specialists, Robotics experts, Software engineers, Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, and Business Intelligence Developers are just a few of the AI job roles.

As of January 2022, there are 23,676 AI job openings in India, according to, with 1189 job openings in NoidaAI career opportunities in Noida are shooting up with the proliferation of technological firms.

Who is an AI Engineer?

Because artificial intelligence is becoming a more widely used and expanding form of technology, AI specialists are in greater demand than ever. The good news is that the AI professional area offers a wide range of job options, allowing you to take on various tasks and responsibilities based on the position, your expertise, and your interests.

Someone who works on artificial intelligence challenges or technology is known as an AI engineer. An artificial intelligence engineer uses algorithms, neural networks, and other technologies to make progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Despite the fact that this is a data engineering job, AI engineers are rarely called upon to design the code that allows for scalable data sharing.

The AI Engineer’s skills are that their intellect is analytical, inventive, and disciplined. They must briskly react, listen carefully, and collaborate with others. These technical abilities are quite diverse and wide. This AI engineer is well-versed in computer science, programming languages, and automated systems, and the creation of AI algorithms is not a mystery to him. He is intrigued by maths and statistics.

What forms the responsibilities of an AI Engineer?

  • Employing AI and machine learning to solve a wide range of complicated issues and scenarios.
  • Creating data transformation and ingestion infrastructure
  • Across every perspective context, reviewing and connecting AI principles with logic and ambiguity.
  • Image analysis and reconstruction applying AI and machine learning approaches.
  • Engage with other members of the IT team to see how machine learning techniques may be applied to specific business concerns.
  • Proof-of-concept development (POCs).
  • Identify impediments that could imperil an AI-powered project and look for remedies.
  • Modelling AI and communicating with stakeholders and product managers

In Noida, how much do AI Engineers earn? – The Machine Learning Engineer Salary in Noida on average is $791,789 per year. A Machine Learning Engineer’s supplemental cash compensation in Noida averages 1,66,419, with a range of 1,32,838 to 2,00,000.

Ambition box – The average annual compensation for an AI Engineer’s salary in Noida is between 11.7 and 15.0 lakhs. This is a rough estimate based on the salaries of a few AI Engineers.

How would you go about becoming an AI Engineer?

You’ll almost certainly need to meet some educational criteria to work as an artificial intelligence engineer. Employers frequently demand that applicants have a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, such as Computer science, Data Science, Information technology, Statistics and Finance.

Acquiring AI certification training in the subject matter can be very effective, as the candidates’ level of education and skills in the field of study will have a big impact on employment decisions.

This is where you could start your career in AI:

DataMites provides full-fledged training in Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  2. Artificial Intelligence Expert
  3. Artificial Intelligence for Managers
  4. Certified NLP Expert
  5. Artificial Intelligence Foundation

IABAC, a globally recognised organisation has accredited our Artificial Intelligence Courses in Noida.

Our Artificial Intelligence training course in Noida is designed to provide you with all of the academic knowledge and hands-on experience you’ll need to succeed as an AI Engineer.

Artificial Intelligence Course Fees in Noida

The salary for an AI Engineer might differ considerably on not only the ability and years of working but also the geographical locations as well as other skills that indicate the person’s aptitude.

The AI Engineer Course is a great program with a price of up to 1,50,000 INR.

However, at DataMites the AI Engineer Classroom Training Fee in Noida is 99,000 INR but we provide the training at just 60,353 INR.

AI Engineer Online Training Fee in Noida is 99,000 INR but the discounted price is 51,578 INR.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) profession prospects have risen dramatically in recent years as industry demands have expanded. The hype that AI will produce a slew of new professions is well-founded. A career in AI appears to be more promising than any other employment is presently available.