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How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in 2022?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the process of a digital computer that carries out multiple tasks and activities which is performed by human beings using a computer-operated robot to replicate human intelligence. The term is associated with the characteristics of humans like the ability to think, reason, and solve problems.

Some of the activities that are demonstrated by AI with the launching of digital computers in the 1940s are solving mathematical problems or playing chess. Some other human-oriented tasks which are done by AI are voice recognition, image detection, etc.

How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in 2022

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple terms, Artificial intelligence mimics the decision-making or problem-solving capabilities of the human psyche with the help of advanced computers and machines. AI has become an integral part of human beings in day-to-day lives. A few examples that manifest the position of Artificial Intelligence in everyday activities are as follows:

  • AI chatbots help in solving customer problems by providing structured answers.
  • Based on a user’s preference, product recommendations are used majorly by e-commerce companies to boost the business activities
  • Humanoid robots are deployed in workplaces, hospitals, etc to meet customer requirements with great efficacy.

Apparently, AI has certainly become a generic term in diverse fields that requires the assistance of humans to perform complex tasks. The demand for AI is accelerating at a fast pace that will soon take over all branches of business shortly.

Relevance of Artificial Intelligence in Organizations

AI technology has the potential to transform enormous data that will enhance business operations efficiently and effectively. It has the power to make informed decisions over a given period.

On contrary to business intelligence technology which only analyzes data and gives the task of decision making to human beings, Artificial Intelligence has a definite skill to analyze the data and bring out relevant conclusions. Now, let’s shed some light on innumerable ways in which AI assists in boosting business performance.

  • AI saves time and money: AI machines have expertise in operating 24/7 without taking breaks. Unlike human beings, they don’t get tired and carry out the tasks within seconds. The machines can analyze huge piles of data in less time and that’s the reason it is considered an incredible technology that outperforms human capability.
  • AI strategizes business insights and makes smart decisions: During a time when data is an indispensable resource of any business, AI machines are quick at processing data and delivering answers with accurate predictions based on customer wants and needs.
  • Improves Customer Service: AI machines have enabled automated communication via calls, emails, and online chats. All the services are provided 24 hours without a fail.
  • AI enhances productivity: With the advancement of AI, the work of employees has reduced. AI offers real-time assistance in implementing human activities using advanced major technologies.
  • AI helps in reducing errors: Human beings are ought to make errors but on the other hand AI technology helps in increasing business accuracy which eventually leads to strengthening the quality of organizations.

Major Applications of AI in Businesses

According to a study, revenue generated from Artificial Intelligence is expected to reach $126 billion by the year 2025. There are different applications used by organizations to get accustomed to the fast-paced technological era. As we can see, AI has become ubiquitous and is seen in all the significant domains, it is important to have cognizance about various domains AI has seized its power with its intelligence.

  • AI in Gaming: AI has gained prominence in gaming sectors like creating smart humans to interact with the players.
  • AI in Agriculture: It is used to detect the nutrients in the soil.
  • AI in Social Media: All the major social media platforms are driven by AI technology. For instance, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter uses AI tools to show feeds or news as per the taste of the user.

Who is an AI Engineer?

AI Engineer is responsible for developing complex algorithms in setting up AI so that it can work like a human brain. It requires great proficiency in programming, software development, and data science knowledge. AI Engineers take out data from multiple sources to create machine learning models and then use Application Program Interface (API) to build AI applications.

Roles and Responsibilities of an AI Engineer

AI Engineers are considered to be the problem solvers who make sure AI embedded infrastructures are implemented properly in organizations. Therefore, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of AI engineers in tech companies. One of the significant facets of AI is machine learning which automatically performs the given task.

Some of the major job roles which are relevant in the market are Robotic Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer, and Research Scientist.

Some key responsibilities which are mandatory to have for a person who wants to get into the AI profession are- creating AI models, developing infrastructure for data science, Image processing, and using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to respond to the human voice.

Career Opportunities of AI Engineer

Due to the presence of AI in organizational structure, AI job roles have also witnessed a great hype among the current generation. AI career looks more promising and is creating tons of opportunities in the present scenario.

The top 3 AI career opportunities of 2022 are as follows:

Big Data Engineer: The primary task of a big data engineer is to administer the data of an organization. They also have to obtain robust outcomes from the given data. As compared to other roles, this job position fetches a great salary.

Data Scientist: The role of a data scientist is to gather constructive business insights from the data. Using different patterns of past data, data scientists make various future predictions.

Business Intelligence Developer: The main job of a Business Intelligence Developer is to analyze different business trends from complicated data sets. Thorough programming knowledge is required to get into this profession.

Salary of AI Engineer in India

As per Indeed.com, the average salary of an AI engineer in India is 8 lakhs per annum but it varies according to different job roles. For instance, Applications Developer- 3lpa, Data engineer- 10lpa, Software Architect- 12lpa, etc.

Difference between AI Engineer and Data Scientist

AI engineers mainly look into building different AI automated models which can be installed into various applications. Major tools used by AI engineers are NLP, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning to deploy end-to-end solutions.

On the other hand, data scientists utilize various machine learning algorithms, maths, statistics, and programming language techniques to bring out actionable insights from data to generate a positive impact. They use advanced tools like Hadoop, Python, Spark, SQL to get clear insights. The information extracted is used to stimulate business decisions and major organizational goals. AI Engineers collaborate with data scientists to check whether the business goals in an organization are aligned without any hindrance.

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How to learn AI Engineer Courses in 2022?

AI Engineer Program is a combination of Data Science and AI advanced level Program. The overall duration of the course is seven months which includes intensive one-on-one theoretical training in the first three months. The first two months are devoted to all the relevant topics of data science and the next one month covers all the AI Expert level topics. Once candidates are thorough with the theory part, they will start working on real-time live projects and internships.

To get into the field of AI Engineering, one needs to have relevant skills that resonate with the current business trend. Organizations expect AI experts to have both technical and non-technical knowledge so that businesses can accelerate the work speed for better outcomes.

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Technical Skills: Some of the technicals skills include programming knowledge especially in Python, Maths, and Machine Learning algorithms, Statistics, and Linear Algebra.

Non-technical Skills: excellent communication and domain knowledge become a necessary aspects to excel in this field.

Apart from having relevant skills, one should also get accustomed to the comprehensive curriculum that it offers. The topics that will be covered in AI Engineer Program are Artificial Intelligence Foundation, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Core Learning Algorithms, Neural Networks, Implementing Deep Neural Networks, Deep Computer Vision, Recurrent Neural networks, Natural language processing, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks, Deploying Deep Learning Models in cloud (AWS).

Future of Artificial Intelligence

The boom of Artificial Intelligence has unequivocally changed the dimensions of all the industries virtually. It is the driving force for the surging demand for technologies like IoT, Robotics, and Big Data. Analyzing the current trends, artificial intelligence certainly has a radiant future.

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Artificial Intelligence is seen as a blessing in disguise for human beings not only in terms of career opportunities but also in carrying out day-to-day activities.

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