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Mr. Suvesh Success Story -Who got 3 Job Opportunities in Data Science

Mr Suvesh Pattnaik, a Software Engineer turned Data Scientist, currently placed in Mindtree, shares his journey with DataMites, the process and the experiences he has been through. Some of the excerpts from the interview are given below.

Question: Tell us about your experience of becoming a Data Scientist. Why did you choose to shift to a career in data science?

Answer: I had been employed as a software test engineer, before entering the field of data science. My job was birthing a void within me. As an engineering graduate, I felt that my capabilities are being underutilised, and the knowledge I possessed was in no way being put into use.

It was at this juncture, I happened to stumble upon the disciplines of Data Science and Machine learning. Although I was a complete stranger to the subject, it induced interest in me for further exploration. I started researching on the subject but was not able to draw a clear picture, as most of the information available online were in abstract form. In my efforts of getting well acquainted with the subject and the subsequent search for some of the classroom programs, imparting data science education, I happened to come across the name DataMites’.

My association with DataMites have been wonderful. I was exposed to learning an array of new concepts like Python, Deep Learning and a lot more of such kind.

Many of us are often accustomed to following the path of others, I wanted to make a difference for myself, and there is no field better than data science to do so. As data science and machine learning are the fields that are evolving constantly, you need to stay upgraded, and that is challenging. And where there is a challenge, you have an opportunity too. Today, opting for data science, I feel myself as one, out of the crowd.

Question: What was the total duration of the course, and how long did it take you to land a job?.

Answer: The overall course duration was a total of four months, which comprised two months of training, and one and a half month of internship, and the other half a month of attending interviews, and getting selected for a job.

Question: Tell us something about the course curriculum. How was your experience, of classroom training?.

Answer: The course mainly consisted of Data Science, Machine Learning, beginner and advanced level, Tableau, Python. The topics are explained using a case study approach, with sessions being very interactive.

The data science classroom training provided was excellent, with a training staff who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject. It was more of a case studies approach, with real-life scenarios explained which helped to usher in more clarity. Also to be precise case studies approach is something which not many institutes adopt. In this way, DataMites stands an exception.

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Question: Which of the channels did you choose, in applying for a job?.

Answer: I made use of job portals like Naukri, Monster, but emphasised more on Linkedin. I got in touch with many professionals, who work in the same domain through this specific channel. To be precise, Linkedin is the one which has helped me to land a job in Goldman Sachs. It is not just about jobs, but Linkedin also helps you to gain knowledge about the latest trends prevailing in any domain. You are also able to get career advice from experts I also was able to get interview calls from other portals as well. Any aspirant who wishes to get into the field of Data Science and Machine Learning can make use of all of these channels.

Question: Can tell something us something about the interview questions you had faced. To be specific, what proportion of the questions where from Statistics, Machine Learning. Also, did you get any questions from the projects?.

Answer: As far as the questions are concerned, I would say that almost eighty per cent of the questions asked were based on the projects handled during my association with ‘DataMites’, and the remaining twenty per cent of the questions comprised of statistics, permutations and combinations and such like. The process of the interview took around one hour, and there were around 35 to 40 questions. Out of this list, a significant number of questions were asked on the projects, regarding the problem, and what are the means adopted in solving the same, what is your role in doing so. Answering the questions on projects needs a lot of practice on what you have already done, by doing so you become more aware of what can go wrong in a project.

Question: How many projects did you practice ?.

Answer: I practised a total of three projects. All of them related to DataMites.

Question: How was your experience in Datamites?

Answer: It has been a wonderful journey for me with Datamites. The institute has given me a lot in terms of upskilling myself and making my competition ready. I was able to see another side of myself after graduating from DataMites.

Question: What is your suggestion to individuals aspiring for a career in Data Science ?.

Answer: Data Science is the new discipline of the modern age. It is already successful in generating new career opportunities. It is very much essential to upskill yourself with time, to stay relevant in this competitive world. Data science is the best option.

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