What are the Top IT Companies in Hong Kong?

What are the Top IT Companies in Hong Kong?
What are the Top IT Companies in Hong Kong?

Future societal well-being and economic progress depend on innovation, both of which are essential. The enterprises, that stand to gain the most from Hong Kong’s transformation into a smart city, are key. One of the rising markets for hardware, software, and other IT services is predicted to be Hong Kong’s information technology in the coming.

The History of Hong Kong

The region of Hong Kong, which had been inhabited since the Stone Age, was included in Imperial China sometime in the second century BC, and for the following two thousand years, its history was identical to that of the mainland. Initially, the population of Hong Kong relied on fishing, pearl farming, and salt manufacturing for their livelihood.

By the early 19th century, the British Empire was dependent on importing tea from China. However, because China required more silver as payment, the British Empire began smuggling opium into the country instead. Opium had been used for a long time in Chinese medicine, but it started to be used recreationally, which led to widespread addiction and allowed the British Empire to export more and more of it.

Due to rapid growth brought about by more labor, Hong Kong was one of the richest regions in Asia by the end of the 1980s. Hong Kong was declared the Special Administrative Region of China in the Joint Declaration by Britain and China, which was signed on December 19, 1984. The “one nation, two systems” agreement, which became the Basic Law of Hong Kong, stipulated that China would assume control of foreign and defense policy while Hong Kong would keep its capitalist economy and current legal system for the next 50 years, until 2047.

The most recent political protests, which began in June 2019 in opposition to a proposed extradition law, are thought to be the biggest in Hong Kong history. With the mainland’s commerce and investment acting as a springboard, Hong Kong has developed into one of the top tourist, industrial, and financial hubs in the world. Civil unrest, anger at the Chinese leadership, and a desire for democracy have nevertheless persisted as major problems.

Hong Kong is a large city with a variety of personalities. It was for a long time the finest location for “China-watcher” games for academics and journalists. One of the best places in the world to make money, according to the business and financial community, is Hong Kong. The city’s vibrant past and dramatic beauty have served as an inspiration to painters, authors, and filmmakers as well as providing memorable settings for their works of art. With fantastic eateries and stunning harbor views, it is a shoppers’ paradise for visitors today!

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The Economy of Hong Kong; Where it Stands

The value of products and services trade, including a sizeable proportion of re-exports, is almost four times the GDP in Hong Kong, which has a free market economy that is heavily dependent on international trade and finance. In Hong Kong, there are no import tariffs and only four products are subject to excise taxes, regardless of where they are produced: hard alcohol, tobacco, oil, and methyl alcohol. Due to its open economy, Hong Kong is vulnerable to the state of the world economy. It is susceptible to resurgent volatility in the world financial markets or a recession in the global economy because of its persistent reliance on foreign commerce and investment.

HKTDC Research estimates that Hong Kong’s GDP moderately shrank by 1.3% year over year in real terms in the second quarter of 2022, following a decline of 3.9% in the first quarter. The government projects Hong Kong’s real GDP growth for 2022 to be between -0.5% and 0.5% due to the economy’s weaker-than-anticipated first-half performance and the rapid deterioration of the global economic outlook.

Mainland China has consistently been Hong Kong’s top trading partner, making up nearly half of the overall trade in terms of value. Due to Hong Kong’s limited natural resources, food and raw materials must be imported.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has grown into an international financial, business, and trade hub as well as a renowned tourist destination, offering high value-added and knowledge-intensive services to the globalized world thanks to its advantageous location in the rapidly developing region of Asia and capitalizing on the opportunities brought by the Mainland economy. Hong Kong also provides Mainland businesses with a platform to expand internationally as well as a gateway to the Mainland for foreign investors.

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Information Technology Growth in Hong Kong

One of the Asian Tigers, Hong Kong has a long history of being under the control of outside forces and has had very little experience as an independent state. The tense relations between the US, UK, and China led to Hong Kong becoming a dependent yet powerful economy with a fully advanced IT and tech sector and digital life. As a result of Hong Kong’s strong infrastructural support for industry participants, robust protection of intellectual property, and high capacities for research and development, technology companies are relocating there in greater numbers.

The Hong Kong government’s initiatives have made a substantial contribution to improving the climate for technology companies and boosting their capacity for innovation. The start-up survey conducted by InvestHK found that there were 51% more start-ups in 2020 and beyond.  Hong Kong’s startup community is thriving. In 2021, there were 12% more new firms in Hong Kong, or 3,755, which employed over 13,000 people.

To fuel the next phase of the city’s economic growth, Hong Kong is being transformed into a global I&T hub. The I&T ecosystem is revitalized by strategic investments, which work in tandem with the city’s assets to strengthen it. This ecosystem includes a thriving start-up scene, strong public-private partnerships, prudent investment strategies, and a wealth of opportunities made possible by the GBA development. Biotechnology, artificial intelligence, smart cities, and financial technologies were designated as the four core industries for Hong Kong’s innovation and technology business. The city’s research and development spending as a percentage of its gross domestic product is expected to have doubled in five years. 

In order to promote the growth of the ICT industry, the Hong Kong government has implemented a number of programs, including fiscal support, infrastructure provision, international cooperation, and workforce development. A career in software or information technology (IT) is very sought-after today. No matter if you’re a new graduate or a mid-career professional looking for an exciting software or technology career, there are a tonne of fascinating opportunities available to you in every industry! Here goes the list of the Best IT Companies in Hong Kong.

1. First Page Digital

The best full-service digital agency in Hong Kong is First Page Digital. Strategic, technical, and creative experts who thrive on achieving digital success for companies of all sizes make up their teams. The company’s effective in-house software, which enables us to thoroughly examine customers’ demands and carry out customized, data-driven campaigns that yield quantifiable outcomes, is the foundation of the work they do in Hong Kong. 

In order to produce those highly wanted leads, sales, and profits, their package of services includes SEO, social media marketing, web design and development, and pay-per-click advertising. With offices in Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, and New Zealand, they are supported by a global network that allows us to stay abreast of the most recent developments in digital marketing.

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2. Appnovation

Incorporating Strategy, Experience & Design, Engineering, and Managed Services, Appnovation is a multi-national, full-service digital partner. They create digital products that make a tangible difference right away and lay the groundwork for long-term development. Since its inception in 2007, Appnovation has experienced continuous growth, expanding to over 300 employees and operating out of 15 offices while winning accolades from around the world.

They support digital innovation, foster positive transformation, and help businesses grow and inspire. Their multinational team is committed to delivering fully integrated strategy, compelling user experiences, cross-platform development, deployment, training, and continuing support. Appnovation has a customer-centered approach to comprehending client needs, creating digital strategies, and paving the way for commercial success.

3. BR Softech

Globally renowned for creating games, mobile applications, and next-generation software, BR Softech. It was founded in AUG 2010 and has since concentrated on developing innovative products and solutions using cutting-edge technologies. It is a reputable company with ISO 9001: 2008 Certification. 2018 saw BR Softech receive the WQC “Best Blockchain Development Company” award.

They focus on the most recent trends and technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, and machine learning, with the help of a skilled team of professionals. They support clients in bringing innovation through advancement and creativity in all areas, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrency, and software development.

4. DT Digital Asia

One of the fastest-expanding digital marketing firms, DT Digital Asia already provides services to hundreds of different types of companies, including those in the e-commerce industry. With a focus on digital strategies, Digital is committed to providing clients with the highest caliber of marketing services. Excellent digital, marketing, communications, research, media, advertising, and PR skills are possessed by the company’s digital specialists.

This reputable agency provides its clients with an all-encompassing marketing solution, including content marketing, mobile marketing, and SEO and SEM. With the appropriate tools and the most recent information, its professionals guarantee their clients the best possible ROI.

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5. PapayaMobile

Papaya Mobile, a technological innovator specializing in SaaS and international mobile marketing solutions, was founded in 2008. Often known as Papaya, is a mobile technology business that produces three mobile products: Kiwi Calendar, a calendar app for mobile and online users; AppFlood, a programmatic mobile advertising platform; and Papaya Games, a mobile game development studio.

The best performance for apps, mobile games, and e-commerce with global mobile marketing budgets is provided by Papaya Ads, the top global programmatic mobile ad platform. The most successful mobile game developers in the world are Papaya Games. With locations in Bangalore and San Francisco in addition to its Beijing headquarters, PapayaMobile was established in 2008.

6. Honeywell

Honeywell has been influencing the future of the globe in fresher, more enticing ways for more than a century. The company strives to use an innovative approach, technological know-how, and manufacturing experience to create high-quality products for building contexts of all sizes as an acknowledged global leader in building technology solutions.

The corporate headquarters of the American multinational conglomerate Honeywell International Inc. are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technology, and safety and productivity solutions make up its four main business sectors.

7. VMware 

With enterprise control over digital innovation, VMware is a top provider of multi-cloud services for all apps. VMware provides the most intelligent route to cloud, edge, and app modernization with VMware Cross-CloudTM services and their worldwide ecosystem of partners. Their platform enables DevSecOps to operate consistently across many clouds and multi-cloud autonomy for developers, all while giving distributed workers a more frictionless, secure experience.

VMware preserves consumer choice and guards against lock-in as the dependable foundation to accelerate innovation. Their software provides companies with the independence and adaptability they need to create the future, as opposed to sacrifices and compromises. The company has a mission to create a sustainable, egalitarian, and more secure future for everyone. 

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8. Excellent Webworld

A global IoT, web, and mobile app development company based in India, Excellent Webworld has clients all over the world. Through its solutions and products, the company aims to improve the user experience while adding value. Since a long time ago, one project at a time, they have been enhancing the digital world and bringing joy to people. The company’s strategies are designed to assist businesses as they navigate uncharted waters by assisting them in making wise choices and reducing time to market. Retail, finance, entertainment, education, healthcare, and many other industries are among those served by Excellent Webworld’s web and mobile application development, enterprise product consulting, and software development services.

They firmly believe that one person has the power to change the entire world, and each employee’s unique perspective and skill set helps develop world-class software solutions. 

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 9. Accubits Technologies 

Established in 2012, Accubits Technologies is a full-service software supplier that helps Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies, and internet startups build their businesses faster with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Through data-driven solutions for mobile, cloud, and online platforms, Accubits enables businesses to be future-proof.

Offices for Accubits can be found in Australia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, India, Norway, and Switzerland. The company is headquartered in Virginia, USA. Accubits, one of the market’s oldest and most seasoned Blockchain development companies broke new ground as a specialized Blockchain solutions supplier. Frost & Sullivan named Accubits the Most Promising Consumer Blockchain Solution Development Company in 2018.

10. DXC

A Fortune 500 leader in global IT services is DXC Technology. Their customers trust them to deliver what matters most to more than 130,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Delivering mission-critical IT services across the Enterprise Technology Stack is how they harness technology’s power to impact business. Strong values and a culture of inclusion, belonging, and corporate citizenship makes DXC a desirable employer. 

DXC’s mission is to be a leading provider of IT services that use technology to improve the lives of their clients, employees, the environment, and communities while assisting them in making positive business decisions and becoming a top employer.

11. Fora Soft

Fora Soft gives clients all the services for the entire software development lifecycle. For branding, UX design, and the development of their online, mobile, and desktop applications. They create telemedicine, e-learning, and video surveillance products. Add augmented reality, start Internet TV, and identify objects in videos. 

Fora Soft products are used by start-ups, industry giants like Samsung, Google, Virgin Records, Sony Music, and Universal Music as well as numerous federal and medical organizations, including the US police and national banks!

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12. HCL Tech

HCLTech is a customer-focused IT company in Hong Kong with services covering the financial services, insurance, travel and transportation, gaming, public, and retail segments. Its “Relationships Beyond The Contract” philosophy was inspired by these ideals and is based on trust, transparency, and value centricity.

HCLTech has had a close relationship with Hong Kong’s elite businesses for more than two decades. HCLTech has ensured a strong competitive advantage by utilizing cutting-edge innovation, advanced technology upgrades, and process overhauls. HCLTech’s dedication to producing value that is distinct, narrowly focused, and measurable is strengthened by its best-in-class integrated IT services and solutions.

13. EPAM Systems

Since 1993, EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM) has used its core engineering expertise to grow into a top provider of software development and engineering services for digital platforms. EPAM collaborates with its customers to deliver innovative solutions that transform challenging business problems into viable business opportunities thanks to its “Engineering DNA” and cutting-edge strategy, consulting, and design capabilities.

Over 25 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia are served by EPAM’s global teams of customers. EPAM is a well-known industry leader among independent research firms and was ranked #12 in FORBES 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies, as well as a top provider of IT, services on FORTUNE’S 100 Fastest Growing Companies and a full UK Digital Design & Build Agency.

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14. Asiapac

In 1990, AsiaPac became a legal entity. By collaborating closely with cutting-edge product manufacturers and vendors, they have advanced. The business has established itself as a top provider of technology, offering its clients products and services with added value. 

Managed Infrastructure, Cloud, and Enterprise Computing are the company’s three main pillars. The company strives to be a premier solutions provider for both its esteemed customers and partners by adhering to the motto “do it right the first time, on time, and every time.” Many businesses in the public and private sectors, particularly those in financial services, high-tech manufacturing, transportation, education, healthcare, and government, have acknowledged the superiority of their services. 

The success of AsiaPac is a result of the collaboration between management, employees, and business partners who uphold the company’s core values of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and customer service.

15. Wiredcraft

A digital product consultancy with a focus on China is called Wiredcraft. With the aid of more than 100 experts in Strategy, Design, Data, and Technology, web design, launch, and scale digital solutions that are essential to the missions of their clients.

In 2009, a small group of digital professionals founded Wiredcraft in Shanghai. The company divides its time between developing its own independent SaaS products and providing consulting services to non-profit organizations like the World Bank and the United Nations that work on international development. They employ technology to promote the development and innovation of business models. They spend most of the time working on membership and loyalty, omnichannel, digital transformation, and frequently digital strategy for China. From the initial stages of ideation to reaching tens of millions of consumers, their approach to digital is comprehensive. 

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16. Bloomberg

The world’s leading provider of financial data and a leading source of news in the twenty-first century, Bloomberg was founded in 1981. They are a multinational information and technology company that uses a dynamic network of information, concepts, and analysis to address challenging issues. They provide accurate, up-to-date business and market information so they can make critical financial decisions.

They have a mission of innovation, collaboration, and customer service, and acting morally serves as the cornerstone of their continued success.

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17. Beijing Teamsun technology

A technology business, Beijing Teamsun Technology Co Ltd (BTT) provides goods and services in information technology (IT). The business specializes in providing IT services across Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Information Security.

It also offers system integration, value-added distribution, and other IT services. BTT provides government and business services, as well as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service, and other services. Banking, tourism, manufacturing, and other industries are just a few that it serves with its technology services. North America, Europe, and Asia are just a few of the continents where the corporation conducts business. Beijing, China serves as the home base for BTT.

18. Zuhlke

An international service supplier of innovation is Zühlke. By producing services and products based on new technologies, the company envisions concepts and generates new business models for its clients. Zuhlke could be your partner in digital innovation, digital transformation, and the delivery of digital solutions.

Having been established in 1968 in Switzerland, the company currently has 14 locations worldwide, including Singapore and Hong Kong, over 1,000 seasoned agile engineers, and more than 50 years of expertise in innovating and creating custom software solutions for business success. Zuhlke, one of the top innovation solution partners, has assisted numerous companies on more than 10,000 projects, resolving challenging issues for the digital future in a range of industries, including banking and finance, insurance, and fintech as well as mechanical engineering, medical technology, and pharmaceuticals.

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PYCOGROUP is a multinational group of enthusiastic consultants and developers that accelerates digital transformation and provides solutions with a focus on results. The business was established in 1999 in Belgium and now has 550 employees spread across 9 locations and 4 continents. Using its Build-Operate-Transfer strategy, web and mobile development, as well as its consulting and recruitment services, PYCOGroup expands its internal digital teams and offers cutting-edge solutions to its partners.

Including medium to large-sized websites, mobile applications, and cloud-hosted platforms, they have completed more than 2500 software development projects. Atlassian, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Samsung, and many other companies use the goods and services provided by PYCOGroup on a global scale. International talent can be added to the teams of clients, both locally and at their operations overseas, thanks to the company’s extensive global network and 20+ years of experience.

20. Bray Leino Splash 

By focusing on user needs to create wonderful customer experiences that forge enduring relationships, Bray Leino Splash, a creative and technology digital marketing agency, helps businesses succeed in a world that is driven by technology. Bray Leino Splash is a team of 120 data, UX, visual design, storytellers, and technology-trained professionals with offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, and London. The company has a goal to help clients acquire, engage, retain, and develop meaningful relationships with their customers.

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21. Beyond Media Global (BMG)

Dedicated to merchant services, digital marketing, and innovation services, Beyond Media Global (BMG) is a global, multinational, full-stack marketing agency. Across all Digital Marketing Channels, they have a mission to develop individualized experiences that produce results. In the areas of Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, Content Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and Innovation & Enterprise Development, they help aspirational brands construct their Digital Future.

In order to achieve achievements, BMG believes in the power of ideas, technology, ambition, and the unwavering will to improve. They are a group of visionaries and believers driven by cutting-edge technology. To assist clients in succeeding, the company uses Idea Driven Performance Methodology.

BMG is the market leader in digital services, having won awards from the IAB in 2018, Yelp in 2017, HK4As in 2016, Premier Google in 2016, Google All-Stars in 2015 as the top general agency, Asia’s Top 100 Startups in 2013, and the HK General Chamber of Commerce.

22. New Digital Noise

A significant digital conglomerate and investment firm, NDN Group focuses on creating, acquiring, and expanding businesses in the digital sector. Their companies work in various markets and industries, such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, digital advertising, social media services, mobile app development, e-commerce, and content creation and distribution.

An integrated digital marketing firm with 20 years of experience in Hong Kong, New Digital Noise helps companies realize digital transformation and excel in both domestic and international markets. They are a group of gifted digital marketing specialists who put creativity and innovation at the center of everything that they do. 

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Software Engineer Salary in Hong Kong

Due in large part to its sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure, Hong Kong has become one of the most important business hubs in the Asia-Pacific region. In this era of electronic trade, the function of telecommunications is especially crucial to Hong Kong’s competitiveness. Information and communications produced value-added worth HK$93.8 billion ($12.0 billion) in 2020, which was 3.7% of Hong Kong’s GDP.

The IMD World Competitiveness Centre’s IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2021 placed Hong Kong first in Asia and second overall. This demonstrates Hong Kong’s extraordinary embrace of cutting-edge digital technology.

Hong Kong boasts a sizable pool of knowledgeable ICT specialists who serve a variety of clients in various industries. In Hong Kong, 76,563 persons were employed in ICT-related areas as of March 2022. 

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a software engineer in Hong Kong is 26,000 HK$ per month. 

According to payscale.com, the average salary for a software engineer in Hong Kong is stated to be HK$320,849.

  • An entry-level software engineer in Hong Kong (With less than a year of experience) can expect to earn an average yearly pay of HK$228,504.
  • An early career software engineer in Hong Kong (1 to 4 years of experience) can earn an average salary of HK$307,677.
  • A mid-career software engineer in Hong Kong with over (5 to 9 years of experience) can earn an average yearly income of 391,147HK$.
  • With an experience of 10 to 19 years in the domain, the software engineer’s salary in Hong Kong can go up to 600,000HK$.

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Summing Up

Riding the wave of reindustrialization, Hong Kong and its corporate players are moving towards an innovative and technologically advanced future. Early industrialization in Hong Kong was dependent on labor-intensive manufacturing; in contrast, the current reindustrialization is based on smart production and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, big data, and the Internet of Things.

By providing the most cutting-edge subject matter expertise in the top fields including data science, machine learning, python, artificial intelligence, and more, DataMites could assist you in breaking into the technology sector. Don’t miss out on our courses, we have accreditation from IABAC that is based on the European union framework.