Should I Choose Data Science or Artificial Intelligence (AI) for My Career?

Should I Choose Data Science or Artificial Intelligence (AI) for My Career?
Should I Choose Data Science or Artificial Intelligence (AI) for My Career

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are the buzz words that are commonly quoted when someone starts talking about their career. Last few years have not only shaped up the job roles in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, along with, it has also opened up doors for doubts and confusions. You may be a young grad fresh out of college or someone who’s deeply involved in the tech world aspiring to change your career path, one query that pops up is which is a better career choice “Data Science or Artificial Intelligence”?

Well, we are here to help you find an answer to this question.

Data Science or Artificial Intelligence career:

We are pretty sure, by now, you already knew what Data Science is all about and what Artificial Intelligence is.

Shall we do a quick refresh?

Data Science is working on huge chunks of raw data and deriving at insights that benefit the Business whereas Artificial Intelligence is about creating intelligent machines that work and think like us.

Data Science is a new “Mine”:

Ever since the digital revolution, a gigantic amount of data is being produced every millisecond and taking the technology industry by storm. In fact, it is apt to quote here that there are no longer mines to dig gold and diamonds but we have a new type of mines now and that is “Data mines” which is being dug to get analyzed and drive business decisions to foster innovation and development.

Organizations are increasingly reliant on data and looking for skilled experts who can be an immense benefit for them. In fact, IBM estimates that by the year 2020 the number of jobs for data professionals will see a big upward curve from 364,000 to 2,720,000 openings.

Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous now:

For years, Artificial intelligence has been considered as a joke and a commonly used “storyline” in Sci-fi movies. The moment we speak of AI all we remember is “Arnold Schwarzenegger” the so-called Robot from the future is fighting with his machine gun to protect John Connor. This shows that AI has ruled the film industry for years and has bought so much excitement in our minds however only the recent years, have proved to be lucky for its entry in the actual Tech industry. Though its entry was a little late, we can feel its ubiquitous presence now.

AI-powered smart assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa, Netflix movie recommendations, Amazon product recommendations and what not???

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are speeding and in fact, the global machine learning market is estimated to touch $8.8 billion from $1.4 billion by the year 2022.

What is the nature of work and needed skills of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence fields?

We have a clear idea about what Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is all about. Let’s see what is the nature of work of both the fields.

A Data scientist is the one who needs to mine out the value from the data after proactively fetching form various resources and analyzing it. The mined-out value is used to find out how the business performs and also helpful in building AI tools and techniques that automate certain processes of the organization. So, as a Data Scientist, your work typically includes performing statistical analysis and applying data mining techniques.

Core skills needed for a Data scientist:

  1. Should be a data-oriented personality having good applied statistics skills.
  2. Should have sound knowledge in programming skills.
  3. Have the knowledge to use common Data Science tools and techniques.
  4. Excellent understanding of Data modeling and evaluation skills
  5. Domain expertise

If you choose to be an artificial intelligence specialist, your job involves automation, robotics and the use of sophisticated computer software and programs to build high-quality prediction systems that can be integrated into the products of your company.

Core skills needed for a job in Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Good mathematical ability
  2. Hard core programming skills
  3. Knowledge of modern programming languages such as Python, Java, and Scala
  4. Knowledge of cloud applications and computer languages

What do you aim for?

Many IT professionals often wish to scale up their career by transitioning into a most lucrative Data Science or Artificial intelligence career. Honestly, you should think of your interest first before looking at its monetary benefits. Because, both the fields are equally competitive and pay you well and so you need to find where your interest lies.

Now, ask yourself. Will I be interested in playing with a vast amount of data using my statistical ability and technical skills? So, if you are basically a data-oriented personality who loves to juggle a vast amount of data and gain valuable insights for your organization then a Data Science career is the best choice. Rather, if your interest and aim lie in developing the software for robots and systems for automation then you have to choose Artificial Intelligence.

What’s the good news for those who are looking to upskill themselves?

The good news is that upskilling yourself for both the fields has become easier than ever before. DataMites, a high-quality training provider who is delivering highly curated and specialized courses through top-class industry experts at affordable prices. The courses are flexible available through online training, self-learning and classroom training. Being designed in such a way that our courses not only focusing on the theory part students will also provide ample opportunities to gather hands-on experience with real industry projects. Starting from basic concepts to advanced level specialization courses are available in Data Science and Artificial intelligence.

Key highlights of DataMites™ Courses:

  1. We are accredited by the International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC) for providing international certificates for Data Science professionals.
  2. The best Learning approach that has been designed with industry experts which go in a step by step process of theory, hands-on, case study, project, and Model deployment.
  3. Our DataMites™ Courses come with 30+ capstone projects and 5+ clients projects that help our participants to gain real-time skills for a smooth transition to work after training.
  4. Our faculties and mentors are highly knowledgeable and experienced.
  5. A special PAT (placement assist) team to help our candidates to get placed in prestigious companies.
  6. 1-year access to all resources that help you to clear any doubt even after you complete your course with us.

By now you would have decided which field will suit you. Isn’t it? It’s time to make the correct choice for your courses as well.