What Is The Best Place To Earn Your Data Science Course And How It Cost?

What Is The Best Place To Earn Your Data Science Course And How It Cost?
What Is The Best Place To Earn Your Data Science Course And How It Cost

Data Science is tremendously changing our world in every business. Many organizations and institutes in different sectors are opening doors for unlocking the hidden power of big data. It is becoming increasingly important for the businesses to explore the value lying beneath the big data to attain a competitive edge. Hence, data scientists are seeing a booming phase as they are the ones who are skilled to derive a large amount of information existing inside those big data.

The story of how Data Scientist became the sexiest profession is not a long one but has tied its knots to the coupling of a mature discipline of statistics with computer science. Sensing the Data and deriving insights is not new but has been discussed by statisticians, scientists, computer scientists and others for years. This following timeline traces the emergence of a rather strong field called Data Science.

What are the ways to dwell on Data Science concepts?

Without trained Data Scientists to effectively work on the huge chunk of data, it’s pointless collecting the data in the first place. So, businesses have already started collaborating with educational establishments to arrange sessions on Data Science.

As a Data Science aspirant, you can either choose to

  • Take up an intensive course from a globally authorized training provider and earn a certificate after you complete (or)
  • Do a self-study with the help of multiple online resources available such as blogs, videos, tutorials etc.

Which is the best training provider in India for Data Science courses?

Being a unique breed, Data Scientists need to focus on understanding the raw data and then draw useful business specific insights. They need to hypothesize and improve the business outcomes based on their analysis of data. Also should continuously test those base conclusions and do interactive improvements to ensure that the conclusions are true and correct.

There are so many training providers offering a variety of courses in Data Science, “are they offering the best course for a strong data Science foundation?”. Only a few recognized authorized training providers are delivering excellent classroom training programs in India. One among them is DataMites™, a global institute for Data Science accredited by International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC).

DataMites™ understand the challenges and opportunity for data scientists, that is why we have built an industry-specific training program leveraging the data platform which addresses the unique challenges faced by data scientists at work. All our Data Science training programs are designed in alignment to latest industry trends and in addition to this, we offer

  • A case study based approach that helps you to master the concepts with hands-on experience over projects to gain real-time exposure.
  • A library of resources such as books, publications, newsletters, etc are available round the clock.
  • Flexible learning options such as instructor-led, self-learning and classroom sessions.
  • A practice lab available round the clock with popular platforms.
  • A dedicated team assigned to help you to find right job after you complete the course.

What is the Cost / Fee for Data Science courses in India?

The cost of Data Science course varies as per the training provider and also depends on the course that you choose. A qualified training institute charges more than 50,000 rupees to even 2,00, 000 rupees with no scholarships or financial aids available.

DataMites™, founded by a group of passionate Data Science evangelists with deep expertise is offering the “Data Science course” on nominal charges.

  • Classroom sessions: The cost of 8-days (4 weekends) intensive classroom program with 3-month live project monitoring is 44,000 rupees.

Training in Hyderabad please visit: https://datamites.com/data-science-course-training-hyderabad/

  • Live Virtual: The cost of 80 hours live virtual intensive program with 3-month live project monitoring is 39,000 rupees.

Training in Pune please visit: https://datamites.com/data-science-course-training-pune/

  • Self-Learning: The costs of 1-year access to e-learning content with 3-month live project monitoring is 22,000 rupees.

Though a recently emerged Data Science profession, the demands are expected to soar about 28% by the year 2020 and thus showing its fast growth pace.

But sadly, it has been often quoted by hirers that “Data Science, big data and Machine Learning skills are the most challenging to recruit for”.  There seems to be a shortage of emerging talents with sound Data Science skills to apply the technical aspects and use analytics to make sound business decisions.

So, “what has triggered just a big Data Science skills gap???” The reason is the lack of certified professionals with real-time knowledge.

So pick a Data Science course from DataMites™ and get certified to jump into a most lucrative career.

Interested in Career in Data Science? Visit Datamites™.

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