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What is the Salary of a Data Scientist in Oceania?

Are you a resident of any of the Oceania countries?

Do you wish to explore career opportunities in Data Science in Oceania?

Are you curious to know about how well Data Scientists are being offered in Oceania?

This article talks about the salary of a Data Scientist in Oceania countries.

Data Science is gaining global prominence when it comes to making a choice for a field and study and exploring career opportunities. Organisations are spending a lot towards making use of big data potential. Data is generated in humongous amounts on a daily basis, and companies are in search of qualified professionals to manage the data. According to reports, about 2.5 quintillions of data is generated every day. According to the World Economic Forum (W.E.F), 465 exabytes of data will be generated by 2025.

The roles in Data Science has grown up to 650% in the past decade. Data Science jobs are considered to be 3rd best in the U.S. The 21st century has seen a majority of organisations embracing data-driven decisions, which has catapulted the importance of data science. Excel was the only tool used for data analysis but with the growing complexities of data, the number of tools has also increased. Now we have Python and R programming languages that are considered essential for data analysis.

How companies use Data Science?

We have plenty of case studies that provide testimony about the potential of data science. For instance, Netflix is using big data analytics and has found huge success. Through big data analytics, the online streaming company was able to segment its customers better, by being able to study their online buying behaviour. This has led to a better customer retention rate (almost 93%). This is one of the real-world examples of how Data Science is being used for marketing activities.

Other applications include the one in risk management. Starbucks is an example of the effective use of data analytics for managing risks.

For instance, Starbucks collects the data of customers confined to a particular geographic region. This data is subsequently used to assess the rate of business growth and success in that area.

Salary of a Data Scientist in Oceania

The average salary of a Data Scientist in different Oceania countries is shown below.


According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Data Scientist in Australia is AUS$ 1,15000 per year. According to the data shown on Indeed.com, the average salary of a Data Scientist in Australia is AUS$ 102,701. According to Payscale.com, the average salary is AUS$ 92,221 per year.

There is an increasing demand for Data Science course in Australia. One of the reasons for this is the attractive salaries offered to Data Scientists.

New Zealand

According to the reports by Glassdoor.com, the average salary of a Data Scientist in Newzealand is NZ$ 1,01,031 p.a. As per the Payscale reports, the average salary of a Data Scientist is NZ$ 74,569. According to Jobted, the average salary is NZ$ 86,344.

Opting for a Data Science course in Newzealand will help you to further learn the skills. These courses help an individual to master the right skill


According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of a Data Scientist in Fiji is 89,300 FJD. As per the reports by Payscale, the average salary is 39,150 FJD per year.


According to Payscale.com the average salary of a Data Scientist in Indonesia is 122,475,936 IDR. According to the reports by Salary Explorer, the average salary is 232,000,000 IDR p.a.


According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of a Data Scientist in Tonga is 35,400 TOP per year. The maximum average salary drawn by a majority of Data Scientists is 4460 TOP per month.


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