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How to Shift My Career from IT to Data Science?

Big Data Analytics is probably the talk of the town. Be it a big organisation or a start-up, they have already started incorporating Data Analytics position to achieve beneficial insights from their large chunk of raw data. With the huge demand for Data Analytics professionals, there are still 50, 000 vacancies remaining vacant.

All these years, only IT profession is considered as the most lucrative one but the trend is not the same anymore. Analytics is growing big and stretching out its arms, this gives an opportunity for IT professionals to break away from a stagnant career. Many IT professionals have already started thinking about a career change and if you are one among them, you would have already browsed so many articles regarding the lucrative nature of the Data Science career.

But there is still one question that leaves you unanswered is “how should I make this biggest jump from IT?”

A Careful analysing of several influential factors is what needed, in this mid career shift. We have jotted down the important elements that you need to consider before making this greatest career move.

1) Understand your strength: Indeed, you are a techy person but the first thing that you need to do is analysing your strong area. Think!!! whether you are good at coding or logical reasoning, there are different responsibilities available in Data Science. After analysing, you need to choose the one in which you would make the best fit. If coding is your cup of tea then why not pick R, SAS or Python specialist courses. If you are good at statistics and logical reasoning, why not focus on Data science itself.

2) Think about your future in Data Science: Never narrow down your learning to only analytics but think in a broader perspective. Besides Analytics, many other branches such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc are also evolving. Lay a strong foundation in analytics and look for your scope in these fields too.

3) Enroll yourself in a course: It is the greatest career milestone on which you are stepping on and if you do this without a proper foundation, the reward will not be fruitful. To lay a strong foundation, you need to enroll yourself in a course that makes you understand the concepts also get you exposed to real time examples. As a Data Analyst, some of your decisions are going to achieve growth and profit for the organisation. So, it is essential that you need to attain a right industry exposure even before you join a company. Pick a correct course from a renowned service provider such as Datamites™ in order to gain this exposure.

Opportunities are large in Data science field and to dive into it, you should need a strong background of working on Data. Initially, take up an analytics course from a globally recognized institute and later move towards specialisation courses to enhance your skill set. Fine tune yourself to the analytics world and lift your career to the next level. Ping us through any of your convenient modes to help you to choose an apt course. All the best for your big career leap from IT.

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