What is the Salary of an AI Expert in North America?

What is the Salary of an AI Expert in North America?
What is the Salary of an AI Expert in North America

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Artificial Intelligence is manifesting its influence across sectors. As a result, it is helping organisations to transform their work. We see the magic of AI in our everyday lives, but not many of us have realised it. Now, that becomes an interesting part. When you are exposed to any technology, which you don’t realise what it is all about, your curiosity tends to be more once you start realising its potentiality.

AI had a humble beginning, but today it houses a colossal share of possibilities, among the other inventions that took place in the technological domain. The capability possesses to demonstrate human-like thinking and behaviour has given way to opening the doors for an organisation to implement its potential, to address challenges.

On the one hand, is the fact that AI is helping to make our lives simpler, and on the other hand, it is also tremendously helping in job creation. According to Gartner, adopting AI will help AI to create a business value of more than 15 trillion by 2025. This will also call more AI jobs, as businesses identify the worth AI can bring for them.

AI Market in North America

North America is preparing for the surge in AI opportunities that are set to happen in the near future. According to reports, the AI market in North America was valued at 20.88 billion in 2019. According to predictions, this figure is expected to increase by 21.9% by 2026.

Who is an AI Expert?

There is a rumour spreading on a massive scale, that AI will be responsible for taking away the current job opportunities. But, we must understand that job creation will overtake the number of jobs cut off from the employment scenario.

AI has resulted in the growth of a good amount of lucrative jobs in the sector. Alongside the creation of AI jobs, many AI roles were introduced, some of them include AI Engineer, AI Expert, Machine Learning Engineer etc.

An AI Expert is a professional who is skilled in deploying the concepts in AI to address complex business problems and help in increasing the organisational value.

Salary of an AI Expert in North America


The U.S has significantly invested in AI. It has taken steps to promote Federal investment in AI Research & Development. The former President of the U.S, Mr Donald Trump has prioritised the doubling of the spending on AI R&D in the 2021 budget. The U.S is aggressively working towards enhancing the quality of AI R&D.

The average salary of an AI Expert in the U.S is USD 132,453, this figure is arrived at, as per the reports shown by Payscale.com. According to Glassdoor.com the average salary of an AI Expert is USD 114,121.

U.S.A is contributing a lot towards enhancing AI education. There are training providers and educational institutions offering Artificial Intelligence Courses in the U.S.A.


Canada is home to AI-driven technologies and has immensely contributed to the advancement of AI. According to reports, Canada ranks 5th in the world as far as the implementation and the number of job openings in AI is concerned. Some of the top Artificial Intelligence companies in Canada include Ample Insight, Korah Ltd., Lemay.ai, Folio3 etc. Startups include Hopper, Scale AI, Element AI, Deep Genomics etc.

According to ca.talent.com the salary of an AI Expert in Canada is $ 90,168. The Payscale reports show the salary of an AI Expert in Canada as C$91,495 p.a. Glassdoor salary reports shows the average salary of an AI Expert in Canada as C$ 92000 p.a.

There are lots of institutes offering Artificial Intelligence Courses in Canada. These courses help a candidate towards a full-fledged AI professional.


Mexico is known to be a country which is having huge support for startup ventures. According to the Automation Readiness Index, Mexico scores 75 out of 100, when it comes to startup support. It is also known to be one of the first ten countries in the world to launch an AI strategy.
With so much done in the field of AI, Mexico offers a good number of job opportunities in the field.

According to Salary Expert.com, the average salary of an AI Expert is MXN 544,404 p.a. As per the reports shown by Salary Explorer, the average salary of an AI Expert is 50000 MXN p.a.


Cuba is among the countries where a lot is being done in the Artificial Intelligence domain. Mark Cuban, the American billionaire investor finds it a need to take steps towards enhancing the field of AI education. ‘This is important, and I’ll keep funding it’, quoted Cuban when he spoke about his steps towards the AI initiative.

Salary Explorer shows the average salary of an Artificial Intelligence Expert in Cuba as 25000 CUP. Further statistics show that a predominant share of the population earns 37,700 CUP p.a.


The Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Fayval Williams says that most business enterprises are set to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their day-to-day activities.

If we look at the salary of an AI Expert in Jamaica, it provides testimony about the demand for AI professionals in the country. According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of an AI Expert in Jamaica is 121000 JMD p.a. It shows that majority of the AI professionals in Jamaica draw the same salary.


Artificial Intelligence has become synonymous with growth in the future. Mastering AI will help you to stand out among others. Educational institutions nowadays have made AI a part of their curriculum. DataMites is a global institute, imparting education in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It provides comprehensive courses in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.