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Why Certified Data Scientist Certification is the Best Training Course?

Data Science is one of the most explored subjects, that has been inducing curiosity among all. Be it a student who has just stepped out of the college, or a professional who possess a good number of years of experience, and is in search of something new. It is even more interesting to note that, those who are looking for a career change, have Data Science as their first preference. The U.S. Bureau Of Labour Statistics had reported that the total jobs in the Data Science domain will increase to the extent of 11.5 million by 2026. The demand for Data Scientists that had grown in the past couple of years, serve as evidence for this.

The Certified Data Science course by DataMites

DataMites is a global institute, providing industry-aligned courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The institute has a history of producing skilled Data Science professionals who have been instrumental in bringing notable change in the organization they worked in. The conducive learning atmosphere, coupled with the guidance of the expert trainers proves testimony to the success of the candidates in their professional endeavors.

The Certified Data Scientist certification offered by DataMites covers all the important aspects of data science knowledge. The course is designed based on the accepted standards which demonstrates the quality of knowledge of a data science professional. Taking up the Certified Data Science course will help a candidate to gain full knowledge of the subject on the one hand, and also apply them practically to real-world problems.

Why Certified Data Scientist course?

Why Certified Data Scientist course

The Certified Data Scientists certification offered by DataMites is a dual certification course, in Collaboration with IABAC and IBM. IABAC(The International Association for Business Analytics Certification) functions according to the EDISON Data Science Framework(EDSF).

The Certified Data Scientist course is among the best Data Science certifications and comes with certain features, which are as follows:-

  1. Dual Certifications – Accredited by IABAC and In collaboration with IBM
  2. Topics are relevant to the current industry trends.
  3. Sessions conducted by Data Science Industry Experts.
  4. The case Studies approach adopted, to explain the concepts.
  5. An online lab facility is available to practice data science.
  6. Opportunity to work on internship projects.
  7. An enthusiastic Placement Assistance Team(PAT), to guide the job search activity.
  8. 15000+ Learners certified across the globe.

The Certified Data Scientist course consists of a list of individual courses that are essential in getting a clear picture of the overall subject.

Course-1 Data Science Foundation
Course-2 Python Essentials for Data Science
Course-3 R Language Essentials
Course -4 Mathematics For Data Science
Course -5 Statistics for Data Science
Course -6 Data Preparation with Numpy and Pandas
Course-7 Visualisation with Python
Course-8 Machine Learning Associate
Course-9 Advanced Machine Learning
Course-10 SQL for Data Science
Course-11 Deep Learning, CNN Basics
Course12 Tableau Associate
Course 13 ML Model Deploy, Flask API
Course 14 Big Data Essentials
Course 15 Data Science Project Execution

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