5 Reasons, Why One Should Learn Data Analytics

5 Reasons, Why One Should Learn Data Analytics
5 Reasons, Why One Should Learn Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the bundle of qualitative and quantitative measures that are effectively used to evaluate the large chunks of raw data available in a Business to arrive at an enhanced productivity and the profit of a company. Being the most trusted business tool in the market, Data Analytics can help a business owner to experience a competitive advantage.

Why should one opt for career in Data Analytics field?

  1. Become a priority of Top organisations: Do you know that 77% of top organisations consider data analytics as a critical factor of their business growth? As a big data analytics professional, you will be analysing that humongous volume of data in order to arrive at critical business information that can create huge influence on a company’s policy and marketing strategies.
  2. Increased job opportunities: An interesting fact behind many survey results is “jobs in analytics field have increased by 100% over last year”. The present IT technologies are slowly fading and driving way to a rapid rise of the data analytics. Expect this growth to be intensive over the next few years resulting in a shortage of skilled professionals in data analytics. Isn’t it the right time to dive into Data Analytics career in order to ripe those benefits?
  3. High salary aspects: Major Companies are in constant search for specialists in analyzing their huge amount of data. In fact, companies like Dice and Indeed are recruiting more professionals for data analysts and consultant jobs. When there is a huge demand for specialists in data analytics field but with the less supply, companies are offering high salary prospects for this position. A Data Analytic professional’s salary is higher than that of IT professionals, finance or marketing, their average salaries range from 10 to 12 lakhs and even the entry level professional withdraws more pay.
  4. Flexibility of working in any sector: Being not limited to a particular industry or a sector to work on, is a unique aspect of the job profile of Data analytics. Every industry needs Data Analytics and in fact, there is no sector which has remained untouched from the reach of Data Analytics. Some of the core industries where you can see a high demand for Data analytics include, Finance, Health care, Retail, Logistics and Human resource management.
  5. Numerous job titles to choose on: Wouldn’t it be even more interesting when you don’t have restrictions in the sector but in job titles too? Data Analytics professional has a broad range of job titles that they can choose on and few examples are Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Metrics, and Analytics specialist and Data Analytics consultants. The examples quoted here are just some of the job titles assigned in big organisations like Oracle, IBM, Itrend, etc. and there are much more which differs in organisation.

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