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How much does Data Science Certification Cost in INDIA?

“Unleash the power of big data”, “Data is the new oil”, “Data Science is changing the world”, we have heard a lot about the benefits of data and how it is being crushed by Data Science tools and techniques to gain insights that are immensely used in business world to conquer the success.

True, for every cab ride you are booking or every grocery item that you purchase or even every movie that you watch in Netflix…. aren’t we not agreeing that the data is collected????

We are now living in a digitalized world and data is present in every tiny electronic device. Multi-million dollars are rolled by companies to inundate the data and gain profitable insights. So, who is behind all this??? ‘Data Science’

How much does data science certification cost in INDIA

What is Data Science all about?

The process of collecting the data, either structured or unstructured, analyzing and studying their patterns with the help of scientific methods and algorithms to gain meaningful insights is called Data Science. It is a unique and distinct field that uses a mixture of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science to study the trends and carve patterns.

What are the predictions about Data Science Jobs?

We all know Data Science is continuously evolving and of course, many young grads and professionals are getting attracted to take up a Data Science career. If you are one among those but are looking for a “long term future” in Data Science before diving into it, here we are

  1. Data science skills are one of the most challenging to recruit and the jobs seeming to be vacant for an average of 45 days in a job market.
  2. According to Forbes, Data Scientist is the ‘the best job in America’.
  3. The demand for Data Scientists will spike by 28% by the year 2020.
  4. “Data scientist” jobs can fetch you an average pay of $105,000.
  5. It is predicted that the demand for the fast-growing new roles of data scientists, data developers, and data engineers will soar to about 700,000 openings by the year 2020.
  6. 59% of demand for Data Science and Analytics (DSA) jobs come from these sectors Professional Services, Finance and Insurance and IT.

Looks impressive, isn’t it???

How can a certification in Data Science help you with a fast placement?

Aspiring professionals and young grads need to have a strong base on analytical, programming, and business skills. Additionally, they need to think in ‘out-of-box’ way to build complex algorithms as well as organize and synthesize chunks of data to drive strategy. You need to be curious and result-oriented with exceptional communication skills in order to explain highly technical results to business heads.

When you are new and have no idea how to start, it is better to take a certification in data science from a training institute who will make you ready as a “full packed Data Science professional”. DataMites™, accredited by the International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC) who is offering a ‘Certified Data Scientist’ program is a future-ready program designed by industry experts. An ideal course that covers the concepts from the scratch and helps you to step into a Data science career with full confidence.

Data Science certification along with classroom / online training in India costs you in between ₹ 40,000 to ₹ 90,000.
DataMites is offering a data science course in INDIA with certification for ₹ 44,000

DataMites provides data science classroom training in Bangalore and Chennai.
All the Best!

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