Mohammed Imran’s Data Science Career Success Story

Mohammed Imran’s Data Science Career Success Story
Mohammed Imran’s Data Science Career Success Story

As the data-driven revolution continues to transform industries, aspiring data scientists often find themselves brimming with questions. What skills are essential for a data scientist? How does one transition into the field of data science from a different background? What does it take to land a successful career in this competitive environment? For those looking to navigate the rich landscape of data science, the answers to these questions are crucial stepping stones to building a fulfilling career.

In this article, we delve into the success story of Mohammed Imran, who recently joined L&T Technology Services as an Associate Consultant in Data Science, thanks to the placement assistance from his alma mater. By exploring Imran’s journey, we aim to uncover the insights and experiences that shaped his path to success.

Let’s discover the learnings from his story

Q. Hi Mohammed Imran, please tell us about you educational background.

Fresh out of Computer Science Engineering, I had taken a leap into the buzzing world of Data Science. With no prior experience, it’s like starting a thrilling book from scratch, eager to unravel every mystery hidden in the data. Although engineering skills were my trusty sidekicks, it was a whole new game for me, and I was ready to play, learn, and discover all the secrets that numbers can tell. 

Q. What drew you into the data science field?

I’m an engineering grad who got a peek at coding and got curious about data science. It felt a bit scary at first because it’s always changing, and there’s always more to learn. But that’s also what’s cool about it; it doesn’t stand still. I knew I didn’t want a boring job, so I went for data science — it’s got no limits and it’s full of new stuff all the time. Now, I’m on the lookout for a good place to get started and really get into it.

Q.What led you to choose DataMites for your data science training?

My search for the best data science institute ended in DataMites. They laid out the course details so clearly and took the time to answer all my questions. I felt they really listened to me, and I’m glad I chose them. In March 2021, I completed their Certified Data Scientist Course. Just a couple of months later, thanks to DataMites’ placement help, I landed a job at L&T. It’s pretty awesome to get into such a big company, and I’ve got DataMites to thank for it.

Q. How did you handle picking up Python and diving into programming?

I started with Python, and it clicked with me right away – it was straightforward, a bit like learning a new language that actually made sense. But when it came to machine learning and statistics, that’s where the real challenge began. It felt like I was learning to solve puzzles within puzzles, with numbers and data patterns.

However, DataMites made this steep learning curve smoother. They took it right back to the basics, which was great. It wasn’t just me in the tech field, either. Some of my friends from totally different areas, like commerce – who had never coded before – joined me. They were nervous at first but found their footing with the solid teaching approach. We all started at the beginning, and step by step, we got the hang of it.

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Q. How did your DataMites internship shape your journey?

My DataMites data science internship was key—it was all about hands-on learning. They had this cool lineup of projects, and I got to dive into one on computer vision. This wasn’t just any homework; it was the real deal, like a test drive in the data science world. And guess what? The stuff I learned there was exactly what I needed for my L&T data science job interview. They grilled me on computer vision, and because I had done that project at DataMites, I could handle it. It paid off big time—I landed the job and now I’m working on computer vision tasks. It’s amazing how much that internship project mattered.

Q. How many job interviews did you have before getting into L&T?

Before L&T, I sat through two other interviews. The first was really just me dipping my toes in the water, not knowing what to expect. It was a real eye-opener—I figured out where I stood and what I needed to polish. So, I hit the books, checked out the interview prep stuff from DataMites, and brushed up on the common questions they told us to expect. That practice made all the difference for the next rounds.

Q. How does your real-world data science job compare to your training at DataMites?

The job’s tougher, hands-on, and demands constant creativity. After a year on the job, I’ve leveled up from rookie to a more seasoned pro, tackling projects with new methods and models I’ve picked up along the way. My DataMites project on computer vision really came in clutch, especially during my L&T interview. They grilled me on it, and now I’m working on similar projects at L&T, thanks to that experience.

Q. How many hours did you dedicate to studying each day while learning at DataMites?

After my classes at DataMites, I’d spend about one to three hours back home just going over what we covered that day. I also checked out related stuff on Kaggle to see different takes on the same concepts.

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Q. How does an average student make it into data science?

At DataMites, you get all the tools: solid courses, expert teaching, and cool projects. It’s set up so anyone can get into data science if they really want to. You just got to be ready to work hard. DataMites lays it all out for you, but you’ve got to do your part, too.

Wrap Up

From Mohammed Imran’s journey, we learn that the path to success in data science is paved with continuous learning, resilience, and the right guidance. DataMites is proud to have been a part of Mohammed’s story, and we strive to help more individuals like him through our offerings in artificial intelligence, data analytics, data engineering, blockchain, tableau, machine learning, and Python

Our physical centers in Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, along with our online data science training programs, stand ready to equip aspirants with the skills they need. Whether you opt for online data science training or prefer the hands-on approach of data science offline training in Bangalore, DataMites invites you to join us on this journey of growth and discovery. Your success story could be our next feature.

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