Top reasons for “Why Tableau is the most popular tool for Data Visualisation among fortune 500 companies”

Top reasons for “Why Tableau is the most popular tool for Data Visualisation among fortune 500 companies”

“Tableau”, a groundbreaking data visualization software that enhances business intelligence effectively. Tableau opportunities has recently sky rocketed as many organisation are adopting Tableau as the primary tool for visualization the business data.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence tool that is used for clear data visualization. Its interactive nature enables to easily create visualizations in the form of dashboards, charts, graphs, worksheets, etc. This Visual representation of data is highly beneficial for an organization to find solutions for many problems. An added benefit of this tool is its customization ability, which is pretty easy and can be handled by nontechnical users as well.

Being a highly scalable, easily deployable and efficiently working business framework, Tableau has caught the eye of many large enterprises and business audiences too.

Why Tableau is the most popular tool for Data Visualisation ?

Tableau is the most popular data visualization tool being used by thousands of organisations around the world, why? Here is the list of reasons.

1) Easy and fast working:
This Business Intelligence tool is primarily used for, creating reports, dashboards, performing simple statistical analytics and data discovery and visualization. What makes Tableau being unique is, it’s easy to use functionality which demands no IT knowledge to perform tasks. The complicated coding procedure is no more a hindrance to work in this tool since it uses easy drag and drop functionality. The performance of this tool is pretty fast comparing to other self-service BI tools. Be prepared to create those eye catchy visuals within minutes.

2) Suitable for different needs:
Being flexible to suit an individual’s need as well as an enterprise’s need, is the biggest asset of Tableau to boast about. Tableau Desktop tool is aimed for individual use whereas Tableau server for an enterprise. This doesn’t end here, there are apps available for different mobile devices and also an online server solution available with Tableau online.

3) Easy to integrate and upgrade:
Your biggest botheration of connecting to different data sources that are already working in your business environment is completely evaded with Tableau. Connect to more than 40 different sources with ease. A glad news is, the inbuilt data connectors are free in Tableau and never demands any license fee.

Many large organizations have already started using Tableau, and are unleashing the power of their valuable assets. Tableau is a user-friendly tool that helps you to effectively analyze your big data and solve all your complex business related problems to produce rich visualizations and dashboards in minutes.

Being one of the hottest trends in Business Intelligence, learning Tableau and earning a certificate by candidates will help them to achieve a better position in their existing job and also grab new opportunities too. Holding a Tableau certificate from this reputed service provider “Datamites™” can help you to enjoy big career benefits.

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