What are the Fees of Artificial Intelligence Training Courses in India?

What are the Fees of Artificial Intelligence Training Courses in India?
What are the Fees of Artificial Intelligence Training Courses in India

Will you believe me if I say ‘the term artificial intelligence was coined in the year 1956’ not in the recent few years? AI, which is a short form of ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ is more popular today than the times when we had ‘Black and White’ TVs is because of three major factors, and they are ‘increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage.’

Although, AI research was exploding massively in the early 1950s and many work was conducted to train computers to mimic basic human reasoning; still, there was a restriction put upon AI for the hefty amount of money that it was demanding. However, these early work paved the way for the automation and formal reasoning that is existing today.

Why should you pick an Artificial Intelligence course?

In the last few years, AI is booming so much that the Self-driving car, human-like Sophia robot, and more inventions have spurred the interest and enthusiasm among many individuals to learn more about these technologies. As these AI, ML, Robotics and its allied technologies are ushering in an IT revolution, many IT professionals as well as fresh grads find it very intriguing and have started looking for a course to certify themselves in Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence course fee in India:

As a smart professional, you always plan your budget for professional development to stay competitive in your chosen career field. While you’ve strategically mapped out the growth of your career with an AI course, knowing ‘how much you spend on an AI training’ is utmost important. Since the cost of any additional training that you need comes out of your own pocket, you have to figure out a training institute which provides not only high-quality training but also a cost-effective rate, by performing a market analysis.

To save your time and energy, here we are with an article speaking about the most in-demand topic ‘Artificial Intelligence course fee in India

Artificial Intelligence training courses come in a wide variety of duration and costs. One can even opt a longest 1-year postgraduate program or even a 4-month training.

1) If you are a college pass out and looking to go for a full-time course, then the PG courses would definitely benefit you. However, you need to be ready to pay around ₹2,00,000 to ₹4,00,000 (+GST) for these programs.

2) If you are a tech employee and looking to switch your career to AI, then short term courses would be beneficial. The courses start from ₹40,000(+ taxes ) to ₹70,000.

Why do you need a reputed training institute for your AI training?

Many private companies and governmental organizations have started using Artificial Intelligence for automating various tasks by hiring Certified AI professionals. In just a few years, AI and its allied technologies will significantly grow with a compound annual growth rate in India by creating unimaginable amount job vacancies. With the Future of Artificial Intelligence in India seems promising, soon there will be more demand for AI professionals with eye-catching paychecks.

If you want to place yourself in the best position in your AI career, you need to lay a strong base now. Choose a well-reputed training institute which helps you to learn the technology from full scratch and make a strong foundation for your career.

Why DataMites™ for your Artificial Intelligence course?

DataMites™ is the top training institute which is built upon a solid reputation for providing high-quality job oriented training courses. Our Artificial Intelligence classroom sessions include basic to advanced level of knowledge and are taking place regularly in all major Indian cities, such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. It is an Intensive 4 days Classroom/LVC Training and 3 months of LIVE Project mentoring.

When the general market fee for Artificial Intelligence classroom training in India is starting at ₹ 70,000, DataMites™ is offering at the lowest price of ₹39,900, and this fee even goes down when there are any offers going on.

More of the features of our Artificial Intelligence for your take:

1) Accredited with the “International Association of Bussiness Analytics Certifications (IABAC™),” aligning the syllabus with global market requirements.

2) India’s top Artificial Intelligence trainers imparting their decades of expertise and experience.

3) Perfectly crafted Course curriculum that is aligned to the current industry requirements.

4) Flexible learning options from a traditional classroom to Virtual classroom, Instructor-led online, and self-learning.

5) Big library with a collection of valuable Artificial Intelligence books and publications.

6) 24/7 access to Cloud Artificial Intelligence lab with popular platforms.

7) Industry-wide recognized certificate in Artificial Intelligence after completion of course.

8) Hands-on learning with real-time exposure to multiple challenging projects.

9) Dedicated Placement assistance team PAT team assist candidates in preparing for the first Artificial Intelligence job and mapping the job requirements to the individual candidate profile.

10) 24/7 Request center to solve your queries instantly.

If you are purely looking to gain a strong knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and learn its associated skills at an affordable price, then DataMites™ is the best choice. For more information about the Artificial Intelligence course, click on https://datamites.com/artificial-intelligence-training/.