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How will Artificial Intelligence Change the Insurance Industry?

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Industry

Thousands of unattended claims, long customer queues, piling customer queries, all these are merely posing one question “Does the Insurance industry is really progressing at all???” Though being the fastest growing industry, we still feel, calling an insurance company is not a favorite activity. The old processes with consistently not leveraging new technologies have made the insurance industry as the ...

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Datamites™ Announces Successful Completion Of 1000 Data Science Training

Datamites™ Announces Successful Completion Of 1000 Data Science Training

DataMites™, a renowned training provider, proudly announces their successful completion of 1000 Data Science training within a short period of introducing this course. Availability of abundant data and necessity to debunk them are the significant factors that are driving the organizations to look for Data Science professionals. We know that big data is complex and difficult to understand, but it ...

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6 Common Myths about Machine Learning

Myths about Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the mainstream media coverage in recent times, and there has been several articles and emotional stories posted every second. Machine Learning is proving to be most useful, and no denial that we have started invading business working models to create many remarkable advancements such as language translations, speech recognition, recommendation systems, and more. In fact, in certain ...

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Know about the 5 Significant Applications of the Internet of Things

5 IoT Applications

Our world is rapidly evolving and the Internet of Things is reshaping it by bringing immense value to our lives. “How wonderful might it be if you are able to switch off your gas stove through your mobile app from outside?” or “is it possible to preheat the oven to perfect settings while you are jogging in a park?” Well, ...

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10 Myths about Data Science

Data Science Myths

Data Science field is spreading its wings and flying high, and so is the demand for Data Scientists. With it gaining colossal traction, there seems to be some misconceptions and myths piling up too. We know about the astounding power that Data Science has in helping organizations to crack their massive volume of data to gain useful business insights, correspondingly, ...

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Why Data Science Matters The Most Now?

Why Data Science Matters

Data Science is the hot topic since the information age started sweeping the world with its digitalization and so, we keep hearing the title “Data Scientist” almost every other day. According to popular “The New York Times”, Data Science might steer a greatest revolution in almost all the areas of industries ranging from business to government, health care to academia ...

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10 Astonishing Applications Of The Internet Of Things (Iot) In Healthcare

IoT Applications in Healthcare

The Internet of Things is creating waves not only in the tech field but also on every industry it has entered. Not a single sector in the world can deny or resist the benefits that the Internet of Things (IoT) has delivered. We can proudly say that the next decade awaits some greatest IoT revolutions and especially in healthcare. The ...

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What is the “Internet of Things (IoT)”? and How does IoT Work?

What is IoT and How Does it Work

There’s a lot of noise out there about “Internet of Things (IoT)”, Isn’t it? With a buzz all around it and all the tech bulletins talking about it, your interest would have been kindled. Obviously, your first impulse would have been on knowing “What IoT is”. Just like you, many are actively looking for the solution of “What IoT is” ...

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Difference Between Data Science And Machine Learning

Data Science Vs Machine Learning

“Data Science” and “Machine Learning” are the buzzwords in the tech world for the past few years. The popularity of these technologies are rising each day with more organizations started invoking their large chunk of raw data. Their importance has reached massive levels after a few renowned organizations such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google have successfully implemented and achieved excellent ...

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Data Science vs. Big Data vs. Data Analytics – Know the Difference

Data Science Vs Big Data Vs Data Analytics

Data is rapidly growing along with the speed of technology advancements. More data has been created in the recent few years than in the entire previous history of the human race. Do you know that an approximate of 1.7 MB of new information will be generated every second by the year 2020???? Remember, big data is not a fad but ...

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