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5 Common Data Science Interview Questions

The important moments of your big career change are going to take place with your potential interviewer. After an intense training schedule, you would have started fine tuning your technical knowledge on the subject to face these moments. It is indeed a big career break and you are expecting it to be fruitful but “what happens if you got stumped with least expected questions in the interview?”.

Well, that is not going to happen if you scroll further to look at our “Common Data Science Interview questions”. True, any company, be it a start up or a tech giant, they want to recruit only the best Data Science candidates since all their work is crucial and highly contribute to the growth of their business. When you prepare for the interview, it is essential that you need to graze upon the allied areas of Big Data such as Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Text learning, etc to show that you have a strong domain knowledge. You need to give equal preference in horning your communication skills, attitude, aptitude, domain expertise and technical knowledge in order to win your interviewer’s heart.

No worries, every question that has been aimed at you is what you have already learned. Here is the compilation of common Data Science interview questions to overcome to your nail biting moments with full confidence.

1) Which programming language do you prefer to use for Text Analytics-R or Python?
The best possible answer to this question is “Python”. The reason being, the Pandas library present in Python, provides easy to use data structures and solid data analysis tools.

2) What does the term Linear regression signify?
A statistical technique that is commonly used to model the relationship between two variables by fitting a linear equation to the observed data. Here, one variable X is considered as an explanatory variable and the other variable Y is called as a dependent variable.

3) What is derived from A/B testing?
Crucial insights are derived by testing two variables namely A and B from a purpose driven Campaign. We can identify which variable performs better than the other and can help you to make informed decisions.

4) Can you name the technique that has been used to predict categorical responses?
The technique that has been widely used in mining for classifying data sets is Classification technique.

5) Can you state the difference between interpolation and extrapolation?
When you estimate a value within two known values in a sequence of values then it is called as Interpolation where as the extrapolation is an estimation of a value that we derive at when you extend the known sets of values beyond the certainly known area.

These were the frequently asked questions in the analytics interview and apart from these, you can also expect questions from languages too. After your intense training from Datamites™ Institute, start preparing for the interview the same way. Also, share the tricky questions that you came across during an interview for the benefit of similar aspiring candidates like you.

All the best for your successful career!!!

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