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What Is The Trend Of Data Science Jobs In India?

Key Points:

  • How good are the Data Science job opportunities in India?
  • Which are the companies hiring Data Scientists.
  • What is the demand for Data Science courses in India?

at Gelsinger quotes- ‘Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers’.

Data Science is successful in bringing a significant shift in the way businesses conduct themselves. With the introduction of data, organisations have become more cautious in taking a step forward. Business operations nowadays are more result-oriented. Most entrepreneurs look up to becoming dynamic in carrying out business processes. Strategies are made and changed very often, for what was relevant yesterday ceases to be in the long run. Embracing change is the key to growth-businesses all over the world stick to this idea, for the vulnerability of becoming obsolete is what is feared the most. Data helps to cope with this challenge, thus helping in long term survival.

Data Science Job Trends in INDIA

Data Science Market- The Indian Scenario

The developments in the field of Data Science in the last few years have been something worth appreciating. What the Harvard Business Review had stated about data science a few years back, we are now able to see it manifesting in reality. Data Science indeed has become the sexiest job of the century. The reason is the shift in technology that is happening at a faster rate. Technological advancements have given wings to data and bestowed it with new capabilities that are being widely capitalised by companies.

India is among the countries where technological innovation is being prioritised by businesses. Companies are looking forward to leveraging the best out of available technology. Data is one of the few functions, which has reaped the benefits of advancement. With digitalisation on the go, the management of data has also taken a different turn. This trend has directly contributed to improving the analytics market in India over the past few years.

Data Analytics is no longer confined to a particular business function. The possibilities have advanced further. Now analytics help transcend the whole business model and facilitate value additions to operations. Not only IT companies. But organisations across various sectors such as FMCGs now bank upon the power of data analytics. According to the reports by Analytics India Magazine, the analytics industry in India earned a revenue of 35.9 bn, a growth rate of 19.5%, compared to last year. TCS has seen a rise in its revenue analytics by 25%, which comprises both IT and Non-IT. Among the Indian cities, Bangalore has the largest share of analytics revenue of 29.4%. With all these figures in mind, we can be bullish with regards to the Data Analytics market in the coming times.

Now let us look into the supply side of analytics professionals in India. When we talk about Data Analytics, Bangalore has fared well as far as the creation of jobs in the data analytics domain is concerned. Bangalore accounts for 23% of the Data Analytics jobs, a marginal increase when compared to last year. The next on the list is Delhi, at 20%, followed by Mumbai at 15%. Other Indian cities, which attract Data Science jobs are Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

The Hiring Trend for Data Science jobs in India

The demand for Data Scientists is increasing. However, companies often find it challenging when it comes to finding the right candidate for the job. Studies show that there is not enough employability in the candidates. Some are knowledgeable about the subject, but when it comes to practical application, they are not up to the mark. The gap between the demand and supply of skilled data scientists has taken the upper hand in the whole employment scenario.

With companies realising the importance of data-driven decisions, they have grown more apprehensive about taking note of the relevant skills that help to keep the data science job moving. Some of the technical skills that companies look for in a Data Science job aspirant are:-

  1. Statistics/Mathematics/Computer Science
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Python and R
  4. Computer Vision
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Data Engineering
  7. Statistical Modelling

What Companies Hire Data Scientists in India?

Data Science nowadays has become ubiquitous across sectors. Its increased employability has placed it top in the list of functions that companies prioritise. Naukri.com has recorded a total of 44,000 Data Science jobs in 2020. The maximum number of jobs are from the metropolis. Delhi tops the list with 8,141 jobs, followed by Bangalore- 7,971, Kolkata- 4,895, and Mumbai- 4691.


Absolutedata strives to help businesses to make better decisions by incorporating Data Science into them. It offers products and services that are characterised by cutting edge AI and ML technologies. It facilitates learning in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Data Scientists and upskill themselves on various subjects and make the best out of the learning experience by taking up relevant roles and responsibilities.


Athina Kanioura, Chief Analytics Officer, Accenture, opines that candidates with a strong foundation in economics make good Data Scientists. This opinion can be attributed to the presence of Statistics and Mathematics that helps to understand Data Science functions better. She emphasises having an understanding of the combination of business and technology, which helps in making a good Data Scientist.
Accenture is a great company to work with and start your career in Data Science. They have positions open for almost every role in data science that demands various levels of skills.


Microsoft is among the top IT giants and also a great place for data science professionals. Working in Microsoft will help to give exposure to various opportunities Microsoft employs data science experts, for roles such as Data Engineer, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, that demonstrate different skills and expertise within the domain. Some of the knowledge and skillsets they look at are Data Analytics, Predictive Analysis, SQL, Hadoop.


IBM is one of the few companies that extensively hire for various data science roles. According to glassdoor.com, some of the Data Science positions in IBM include Data Engineer- Business Intelligence, Data Engineer- Big Data, Data Scientist- Advanced Analytics. 83% of the employees recommend IBM for Data Scientists.


The Swedish telecommunication provider believes in creating a platform for technological innovation. They have also recognised the need for incorporating Data Science expertise into their functioning. Some of the skills they search for in a Data Scientist are- Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, SQL.


The Indian Telecommunication provider- Reliance Jio is a great place for making a career as a Data Scientist. The potential to use AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data, along with the possibilities in store for these fourth-generation technologies in the telecommunication domain, helps to confirm the role of data science professionals in the organisation. JIO looks forward to building a team that comprises AI researchers, Big Data Engineers, Data Scientists who can work in transcending the limits of AI and Data Science to achieving bigger goals.

Bridgei2i Analytics

The AI solution provider, which had a humble beginning, is today considered among the best companies for Data Science and Analytics based jobs. They offer roles in Business Research, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning, Data Engineering. Given the identification of the role of data in modern-day businesses, the AI solutions provider believes in transcending its efforts to unearth fresh possibilities in the future.

Fractal Analytics

This multinational firm strives towards leveraging AI and Big Data capabilities. It provides services across industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Technology, Retail and helps Fortune 500 companies to make the best use of data by studying them with ML algorithms. They hire for positions like Data Scientists, Machine Learning, AI Engineer, Data Engineer.

Demands for Data Science Courses In India

We have seen about the Data Science jobs and the best companies that hire Data Scientists. But what helps us to achieve all these goals?. It is pursuing a Data Science course. Data Science, being an interdisciplinary field, gives room for exploration into other related fields such as Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science. A Data Scientist should know about Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and programming languages like Python, R. An ideal Data Science course comprises all the concepts that find relevance in the day to day functions of a Data Scientists. Data Science courses in India are in great demand. This scenario will continue in the future.

DataMites, a global institute for Data Science, offers industry-oriented Data Science courses in India. DataMites has successfully carved a niche of its own among and grown as an institution that is synonymous with quality and excellence. Opting for a Data Science course from DataMites is a great decision for the following reasons:-

  • Dual Certification- IBM (Best in class industry certification) and IABAC.
  • Experienced Trainers.
  • Case Studies Approach
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Job Assistance

With more than 15,000+ professionals certified, DataMites stands out with its active learning practices, which helps the candidates practically implement the concepts through internship opportunities.


With Digital transformations happening and Data transcending the possibilities of business growth on a massive scale, Data Science will play a pivotal role in helping organisations to achieve newer heights and creating new jobs in the future.

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