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AI Engineer in Bangalore – Jobs, Salary, Course Fee

Artificial intelligence has long been a source of excitement in both popular and scientific culture, with the potential to alter enterprises and human-technology interaction in general. So,

AI Engineer in Bangalore - Job Opportunities, Salary, Course Fee

why is AI hitting a tipping point today?

As companies improve their AI maturity, market growth will accelerate. According to a recent projection from Gartner Inc, global artificial intelligence (AI) software revenue will reach $62.5 billion in 2022, up 21.3 percent from 2021.

There’s no doubt that Bengaluru’s tech sector is thriving, and it’s because the talent, entrepreneurs, and venture capital all congregate in one of the world’s most active cities. India’s Silicon Valley is home to a slew of major technological firms that contribute billions in exports. Bangalore, a sophisticated metropolis, draws IT and computer technology experts from all over the world.

What career opportunities are there in Bangalore?

Bangalore’s dynamic and forward-thinking image continues to be enhanced by its brilliant and ambitious workforce. For those interested in pursuing a career in AI, there are numerous options available, including data scientist, machine learning engineer, business intelligence developer, AI Architect, and big data engineer, to name a few.

According to Indeed.com, AI has a wide range of job vacancies in India; as of now, there are 12,165 AI job openings in India! And Bangalore has 6,357 out of 12,165 job postings!

According to Naukri.com, there are 22,547 job opportunities in India as of January 2022, with 7468 of those coming from Bangalore alone.

Who is an AI Engineer?

An AI Engineer is a professional who works to create intelligent algorithms with the ability to learn, analyze, and anticipate future occurrences. They’re working to create machines that are as clever and reasoned as, if not more so, than humans.

What abilities do you need to be an AI Engineer?

Artificial intelligence engineers are responsible for developing, programming, and coaching the complex networks of algorithms that embody AI so that they can mimic the way the human brain works. This position necessitates the fusion of software development, programming, data science, and data engineering skills.

Programming capabilities, Data engineering, statistical skills, mathematics, distributed computing, analytical skills, business understanding, communication skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving are all needed of an AI engineer.

Indeed, AI Engineer skills are in high demand because they are the foundation for every AI model’s effective implementation!

How much does an AI Engineer make in Bangalore?

A skilled AI Engineer is someone who is expected to research and develop AI systems that are in line with the human-centric models that surround our life. The wage for an AI Engineer might vary depending on not only the talents and years of experience but also the geographical area and other skills that reveal the person’s brilliance.

  • According to a Glassdoor study, an AI Engineer Salary in India is 9,01,800 INR per year!
  • According to Glassdoor, AI Engineer Salary in Bangalore is 8,73,157 INR per year!

AmbitionBox – AI Engineer salaries in India range from 3.4 lakh to 25.6 lakh per year, with an average annual remuneration of 8.8 lakh! And Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary in Bangalore is 8 lakh INR per annum.

How do you go about becoming an AI engineer?

Artificial Intelligence, although being a relatively new science, offers a wide range of job options. Artificial intelligence is governing the world, and many people with a futuristic vision aspire to be a part of it.

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, information technology, economics, or any area connected to data science.
  • It is recommended that you pursue a master’s degree in the same profession after your BA, yet candidates without a master’s degree have been placed in firms!
  • Obtaining certification training in the subject matter can be extremely beneficial, as to how well educated and in-depth the candidates are in the field of study will have a significant impact on the hiring decision.

The Best place to begin is…

Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Artificial Intelligence for Managers, Certified NLP Expert, and Artificial Intelligence Foundation are all full-length courses in Artificial Intelligence offered by DataMites. Our courses are accredited by globally acclaimed IABAC.

Our Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course is designed to provide you with all of the academic knowledge and practical skills you’ll need to work as an AI Engineer.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course Fee in Bangalore


In today’s world, there is a growing demand for AI engineers. Top tech companies such as Uber, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft hire skilled AI Software Engineers and AI Research Engineers with competitive AI engineer salaries. There is no better time than now to polish your artificial intelligence skills if you’re a newcomer to the sector or a software engineer wishing to make a career change!

Data Mining Vs Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence Vs Deep Learning – https://datamites.com/blog/deep-learning-vs-machine-learning-vs-data-mining-vs-artificial-intelligence/

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