Artificial Intelligence Course Fee in Chennai

Artificial Intelligence Course Fee in Chennai
Artificial Intelligence Course Fee in Chennai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a significant focus in the tech industry. It’s super important for helping businesses grow all around the world. By 2030, AI could add a whopping $15.7 trillion to the world economy, which is more than what India and China make together. This shows just how crucial AI is for the future. In this article, we’ll check out some AI courses in Chennai. We’ll talk about why they’re important, what they teach you, and how much they cost. Stick around to find out about the cool opportunities these courses offer in Chennai’s tech world.

Exploring Artificial Intelligence and AI Engineers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) embodies the replication of human intelligence in machines, empowering them to undertake tasks typically reliant on human cognition, like learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. This technology revolutionizes various fields, offering solutions to complex problems and enhancing efficiency.

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer is a proficient specialist responsible for crafting and implementing AI solutions. Their expertise encompasses the development of intricate algorithms, designing neural networks, and leveraging diverse programming languages and tools. AI Engineers engineer intelligent systems capable of analyzing vast datasets, identifying patterns, and autonomously making decisions, thereby propelling technological advancements across IT industries.

AI and AI Engineers are at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative change and shaping the future. As society embraces the potential of AI, the role of AI Engineers becomes increasingly pivotal, spearheading developments that redefine how we interact with technology and revolutionize the way we live and work.

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Artificial Intelligence Landscape in Chennai

The Artificial Intelligence Industry in Chennai is experiencing a significant boom, mirroring the national trend. According to Research and MarketsAI spend in India surged by 109.6% from 2018, reaching US$ 665 million. Over the forecast period (2019-2025), AI expenditure is anticipated to grow at a remarkable CAGR of 39%, skyrocketing from US$ 1,176.6 million in 2019 to a staggering US$ 11,781.9 million by 2025.

In Chennai’s burgeoning AI sector, various job opportunities await enthusiasts. These include artificial intelligence job roles in Chennai such as AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Research Scientist, AI Software Developer, Robotics Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, and AI Solutions Architect. With the demand for AI expertise on the rise, professionals skilled in these domains are highly sought after by Chennai’s thriving tech industry.

The remuneration for AI professionals in Chennai is attractive, reflecting the high demand for their skills. According to Ambition Box, the average annual salary for an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in Chennai stands at ₹6,60,000 Lakhs. This competitive salary underscores the value placed on AI expertise in Chennai’s job market, making it an attractive destination for aspiring AI professionals.

Becoming an Artificial Intelligence Engineer in Chennai

Learning: Start by studying math, computers, and programming languages like Python or Java. You can go to college for computer science or math.

Getting Good: Learn more about things like machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. You can take extra classes or get certifications in these areas.

Practice: Try out what you’ve learned by doing projects and artificial intelligence internships in Chennai. Join competitions or work on artificial intelligence projects in Chennai with others to get better.

Take a Course: You can also join a class or take an online artificial intelligence training in Chennai to learn more about AI. These courses can help you understand AI better and learn new skills.

Stay Updated: AI is always changing, so make sure to keep learning about new things. Follow news and attend events to stay in the loop.

Make Friends: Connect with others who are interested in AI. You can learn from them and maybe even find a job through your connections.

Keep Learning: AI is always growing, so keep learning new things. Try out new technologies and ideas to stay ahead.

Find a Job: Once you’re confident in your skills, start looking for AI Engineer Jobs. Make sure to show off your skills and experiences when applying.

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Artificial Intelligence Course Fees in Chennai

The Artificial Intelligence Course Fee in Chennai typically range from 70,000 INR to 2,50,000 INR, catering to a diverse range of learners. These costs are influenced by various factors, including the mode of training (online or offline), course level (entry-level or advanced), and institution reputation.

Course fees may vary based on factors such as duration, with longer-duration courses often commanding higher fees due to their comprehensive curriculum. Additionally, artificial intelligence training in Chennai offered by prestigious universities or institutions, led by experienced faculty members, or including access to specialized resources may have higher fees. Prospective students need to consider these factors and assess the value proposition offered by each course provider before making a decision.

DataMites, a renowned institute based in Chennai, provides comprehensive artificial intelligence training courses backed by IABAC Certification. In Chennai, our offline artificial intelligence training for the DataMites artificial intelligence course is INR 90,000, and the online artificial intelligence training is priced at INR 85,000, excluding taxes. With DataMites artificial intelligence program in Chennai, you can acquire practical skills and earn a globally recognized certification to advance your career in Artificial Intelligence in Chennai. Below are our popular artificial intelligence courses in Chennai:

Artificial Intelligence Expert: An advanced 3-month program covering deep AI concepts such as neural networks, NLP, and computer vision. Suitable for AI professionals with prior knowledge in machine learning and programming.

  • Online Artificial Intelligence Expert Course Fee in Chennai is INR 54,900
  • Offline Artificial Intelligence Expert Course Fee in Chennai is INR 47,900
  • Blended Learning Artificial Intelligence Expert Course Fee in Chennai is INR 28,900 (excluding taxes)

Artificial Intelligence Engineer: A practical 9-month course focusing on designing and deploying AI solutions, incorporating machine learning algorithms, and evaluating models. Tailored for software engineers and data scientists with foundational AI knowledge.

  • Online Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course Fee in Chennai is INR 85,000
  • Offline Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course Fee in Chennai is INR 90,000
  • Blended Learning Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course Fee in Chennai is INR 45,000 (excluding taxes)

Artificial Intelligence for Managers: A strategic one-month program concentrating on AI applications, ethics, and organizational influence. Tailored for managers and decision-makers aiming to utilize AI in business choices, regardless of their technical expertise.

  • Online Artificial Intelligence Managers Course Fee in Chennai is INR 25,523
  • Offline Artificial Intelligence Managers Course Fee in Chennai is INR 29,295
  • Blended Learning Artificial Intelligence Managers Course Fee in Chennai is INR 14,248 (excluding taxes)

Artificial Intelligence Foundation: An introductory 2-month program providing a foundational understanding of AI principles and applications. Perfect for newcomers intrigued by AI, no technical background needed.

  • Online Artificial Intelligence Foundation Course Fee in Chennai is INR 14,248
  • Offline Artificial Intelligence Foundation Course Fee in Chennai is INR 16,298
  • Blended Learning Artificial Intelligence Foundation Course Fee in Chennai is INR 8,098 (excluding taxes)

Certified NLP Expert: An artificial intelligence certification program in Chennai covering advanced NLP techniques like sentiment analysis and language modeling. Professionals from various fields with fundamental programming and machine learning skills are welcome to enroll in this three-month course.

  • Online Certified NLP Expert Course Fee in Chennai is INR 28,598
  • Offline Certified NLP Expert Course Fee in Chennai is INR 32,445
  • Blended Learning Certified NLP Expert Course Fee in Chennai is INR 13,223 (excluding taxes)

DataMites Institute is your premier destination for excelling in Artificial Intelligence, offering comprehensive courses to meet diverse learning needs and career aspirations.

AI course fee in chennai

In wrapping up, we strongly encourage you to explore the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence through our offline artificial intelligence training in Chennai. Conveniently located in Vada Palani, Guindy, and Perungudi, our program offers a fantastic opportunity to boost your AI skills. Don’t miss out on this chance to shape your future – enroll with us today!

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