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Data Scientist Course Fees, Job Opportunities and Salary Structure in Mumbai

Data science is not a tool, skill, or method, but a scientific method that employs statistical and mathematical techniques and computer tools to process big data.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field – the essence of Data Science lies in Statistics, Mathematics, Inference, Machine Learning, Computer Science.

International organizations like IBM and SINTEF had reported that around 90 per cent of the data in the world has been created within the last 2 years.

Data Scientist Course Fees, Job Opportunities and Salary Structure in Mumbai

Internet users generate about 2.5 quintals of bytes of data per day!

Here comes the importance of data science- uncovering the hidden gems from within the data piles.

Data scientists solve complex data problems with their proficiency in scientific disciplines – they know the art of data science.

The birth of the IT industry in India was initiated by Tata Consultancy Services – 1977. The Government of Maharashtra has taken several initiatives to promote the IT/ITES sectors. The Hindu had reported that Mumbai and Pune are leading the IT sector not only in the state of Maharashtra but across the country.

What are the Job Opportunities in Mumbai?

What is the Salary of a Data Scientist in Mumbai?

Data Scientist salary in Mumbai can vary greatly depending on several factors like education qualification, certification, additional skills and the number of years you have worked in your profession.


  • The average salary of a Data Scientist in the Mumbai region is INR 10,38,889 per annum.
  • The highest data scientist salary in Mumbai is INR 21,14,974 per annum.
  • The lowest salary for a data scientist in the Mumbai region is 4,10,944 per annum.

Pay Scale

  • The average salary of a Data Scientist is Rs 806,432.
  • Entry Level Data Scientist – < 1 Year Experience – 560,968 INR
  • Early Career in Data Science – 1 – 4 Experience – 794,391 INR
  • A Mid Career in Data Science – 5 – 9 Experience – 1,400,908 INR
  • Experienced in Data Science – 10 – 19 Experience – 1,740,857 INR


  • The average annual salary of a Data Scientist in Mumbai is Rs. 9,76,670.
  • The average salary of a Data Scientist is Rs 67,516 per month, Mumbai.
  • The average salary of a Data Scientist in Mumbai is Rs 17,447 per week.

Career as a Data Scientist:

Data Science is a cutting-edge field that allows you to make a significant impact within your company and globally, it is also growing at an astonishing rate.


  • Critical Thinking
  • Proper Communication
  • Proactive Problem Solving
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Business Idea
  • Data preparation and Data analysis
  • Write efficient and maintainable code
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • AI, ML Comprehension


Degree in a quantitative field (eg, computer science, economics, engineering, mathematics, finance, statistics, operations research, physics). A master’s or PhD is generally a plus.

But where can I start?

A Data Science career is exciting and you can be initiated by securing the Data Science Training in Mumbai from DataMites.

DataMites is a training centre that imparts specialized coaching in various fields like Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Python Learning.

Datamites offers Data Science Foundation Courses for data science freshers who desire to get going in this prodigious career path.

The Data Science Foundation, as the name put forth, delivers sweeping knowledge on the basics and fundamentals of Data Science – qualifying you to be proficient in the Data Science domain and have command in Data Science tools and techniques.

IABAC – International Association of Business and Analytics Certification is an accreditation partner of Datamites. The curriculum covers areas, namely statistics, machine learning/programming/data skills, business domain knowledge; Covering all the Mains of Data Science helps you to strengthen your grip over it.

Fee Ranges for Data Science Courses in Mumbai

Data Science course fees in Mumbai range from INR 30,000 to INR 5,00,000 subject to the institute and course level you are going for.

At Datamites, the fee for a Data Science Foundation course is Rs 23,000, but you can enrol for our Data Science Training for just Rs 16,478 with our discount offer.

The 21st century is governed by data and in fact, it is becoming the ‘blood’ of this technology-driven era. The boom of data on a global platform predicts that it is going to guide the world for years to come, with all the credit going to IoT, Digit Media Platform and smartphones.

About Data Science Team

DataMites Team publishes articles on Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence periodically. These articles are meant for Data Science aspirants (Beginners) and for those who are experts in the field. It highlights the latest industry trends that will help keep you updated on the job opportunities, salaries and demand statistics for the professionals in the field. You can share your opinion in the comments section. Datamites Institute provides industry-oriented courses on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Some of the courses include Python for data science, Machine learning expert, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Statistics for data science, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Tableau Foundation, Time Series Foundation, Model deployment (Flask-API) etc.

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