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How much is the Data Analytics Course Fee in Ranchi

Data analytics is a process that reviews data and identifies meaningful insights into the business’s customers in order to use the data to solve complex problems. Data analytics helps in several ways to optimize marketing campaigns, improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, boost customer service efforts, etc. As Per a Fortune Business Insight report, the market size of data analytics is estimated to reach USD 655.53 billion by the year 2029 at a CAGR rate of 12.5 %. Now let’s understand the in-depth knowledge about the field.  

What are the different types of data analytics?

Data analytics is a broad field that has broken down into 4 major parts- Descriptive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics, Prescriptive analytics, etc-

  • Descriptive analytics– Descriptive analytics is similar to reporting that addresses basic questions like how, when, where, and what. Descriptive analytics describes what happens in a given time and analysis how many views have gone up.
  • Diagnostic analytics– In diagnostic analytics, the process examines the data and understands the cause and event. Diagnostic analytics uses some techniques such as data discovery, drill down, and data mining as correlations to be employed. It involves data inputs and hypothesizing.
  • Predictive analytics– Predictive analytics is a commonly used data analytics that helps in identifying different trends, correlations, and causation. Predictive analytics can be further subcategorized into two types such as predictive modeling and statistical modeling. 
  • Prescriptive data analytics- Prescriptive analytics combines AI and big data to predict outcomes and identify what actions are to be taken. Prescriptive data analytics is further divided into 2 subcategories such as optimization and random testing that use ML prescriptive analytics to help in answering the questions such as “ What if we try this?’’ or What is the best action? 

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Why pursue a Data Analytics course in Ranchi?

Students are pursuing data analytics courses to understand the modern trends that have accepted modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data engineering, etc. Nowadays, IT firms in Ranchi depend on data to improve strategies for the benefit of their companies. Data analytics have revolutionized the trends and many aspirants are switching their jobs to become data analysts to understand the domain. Today, many MNCs depend on data so the data analytics role becomes significant for the organization to bring tremendous impact on business strategies and marketing tactics. Moreover, job opportunities are on the rise that creates wise career for those opting data analytics domain. 

According to a Glassdoor report, the salary of a data analytics professional in Ranchi earns up to Rs 3,96,166 per annum. The salary depends on their educational qualifications,  internship experience, work experience, and skills they possess. A career in data analytics is thriving in the city of Ranchi which makes it a demanding career. 

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What is the need for Data Analytics Certification in Ranchi?

Data analytics certification in Ranchi helps students with job prospects and increases their possibilities of getting hired by IT-related firms. Data analytics is the fastest growing field and the need for a data analyst is increasing to implement daily operations in industries. With the help of data analytics certification, students can acquire deep knowledge regarding the domain and the potential to learn the skills that will fill the requirements of the IT and business sectors.  A career in data analytics can offer various opportunities such as data analysis, data consulting, data science, data management, data specialty, etc. Candidate with data analytics certification in Ranchi has relevant skills that meet the industry-related requirement that help them during their career phase.

The skills required to flourish as a data analyst are Data programming, Python, Critical thinking, Data processing, Communication, etc. The need for data analytics certification will open a plethora of opportunities for students to make their careers as data analysts. 

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How is DataMites providing data analytics certification training in Ranchi?

DataMites is a professional and recognized training institute for Data Analytics that provides the latest courses in Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, MLOps, Python, Tableau, Deep learning, etc. DataMites courses are authorized by an international body called IABAC and students are certified with global IABAC certification at the end of the training. At DataMites, the students are provided with high-quality study materials, a rich syllabus, elite trainers, mock tests, etc. The students are assisted with job placement and internship programs that guide them to choose the right career path for themselves.

At DataMites, certified data analyst training is provided with a trending no-coding course like Tableau, MySQL, Power BI, and Excel. The course duration for the data analytics certification particular program is 4 months along with 200+ learning hours. Aspirants are provided with a capstone project, internship experience, 1 client project, study materials, and on-demand classroom training in Ranchi. The online data analytics course in Ranchi will provide a thorough understanding of the domain to take a grip on the data analytics tools and methods.

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How much is the Data Analytics course fee in Ranchi?

In Ranchi, data analytics is growing its demand and embracing the latest technologies to stabilize the organization in valuable ways. Data analytics is a sought-after career that is been enrolled by many aspirants to have a unique career direction. The data analytics course fee in Ranchi ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000 depending upon course enrolment and institute. The students are provided with various learning options like a blended learning mode, on-demand classroom training, and live-virtual training. 

At DataMites, the certified data analyst course fee in Ranchi starts from Rs 76,000 with a discount rate the candidates get the course at Rs 47,678 for live virtual training along with course benefits such as 200+ learning hours and job assistance. The course fee for blended mode starts from Rs 57,000 and for the entire course, the candidates get at a discount rate of Rs 38,903 including course features such as 10 capstone projects and 1 client project. At last, the course fee for on-demand classroom training starts from Rs 76,000 and the students get the entire course at Rs 63,278 along with course benefits like cloud lab access and 24*7 learning assistance, etc. 

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End Note

Data analytics is a demanding profession that revealed its high priority in the IT sector. Today, data analytics is used in many different sectors such as education, retail, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, etc. Data analytics introduces various data tasks such as preparation, migration, reporting, and integration. Those who are choosing a data analytics career should have a good command over its skills and techniques which identifies their potential of becoming a data analyst. Hence, taking the DataMites data analytics course in Ranchi can broaden one’s knowledge regarding the field and help one build a career out of it.

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