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Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi economy has grown in a variety of industries, owing to the Kingdom’s natural riches as well as its physical and cultural location between three continents. As a result of this expansion, the country has developed a strong economic foundation, becoming one of the world’s twenty largest economies and a G20 member. Saudi Arabia is a major player in the world economy and oil markets, with a solid financial system, a well-functioning banking sector, and massive government corporations staffed by highly skilled Saudis.

From the time period of 1970 to 1980, the economy of Saudi Arabia expanded promptly, fueled by huge earnings from oil exports. As opposed to a majority of developing countries, Saudi Arabia had a vast sum of money, thus massive construction projects popped up, transforming the kingdom from a backwater to a modern state. Saudi Arabia has a burgeoning tech sector, with IT demand growing at a rapid pace in the country’s economy. Organizations in the oil-rich country spent $33 billion on IT and communications equipment last year, according to IDC, as emerging technologies are embraced to adapt to the post-pandemic economic environment.

According to the head of the Kingdom’s technology regulator, Saudi Arabia will see significant growth in all major areas of digital technology, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud computing, bringing the total size of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector to $27 billion by 2025.

For commercial decision-making, strategic planning, and other reasons, data science is the study of obtaining meaningful information from data using advanced analytical techniques and scientific concepts. For enterprises, it’s becoming increasingly important: Firms can use data science to increase operational efficiency, uncover new business opportunities, and boost marketing and sales campaigns, among other things. In the end, they may produce better results than your competition.

What are the popular Data Science career paths?

Businesses’ need for data scientists grows as the amount of data they generate and collect grows. As a result, there is a significant demand for people with expertise in data science in Saudi Arabia, making it difficult for some businesses to fill open positions.

Data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, research scientist, business intelligence developer, data architect, statistician, and big data engineer are some of the most common data science job roles.

What is the data scientist’s salary in Saudi Arabia?

As a fresh graduate or an IT professional, this should awaken your curiosity. If you’ve been following the news lately, you’re probably aware of Saudi Arabia’s enormous layoffs in the tech sector. As a result, one thing that becomes critical at this moment in time is the necessity to reskill to something more fulfilling and authoritative – Data Science.

The data from payscale.com states the average annual data scientist salary in Saudi Arabia to be 175,058 SAR. According to the economic research institute, a data scientist in Saudi Arabia gets an average yearly salary of SAR 214,242. Salaryexpert.com framed the annual salary for a data scientist in Saudi Arabia to be 214,359 SAR. The average income for a data scientist with 1-3 years of experience is 151,434 SAR. A senior-level data scientist (8+ years of experience) on the other hand, makes an average of 267,366 SAR. The average salary for data science in Riyadh is 18,000 SAR a month, according to glassdoor.com.

Do you wish to seek a career in data science?

If you wish to learn data science, DataMites is the way to go. We at DataMites offer a comprehensive curriculum in the data science domain. Our data science courses are meticulously sketched for freshers, working professionals, and managers alike. Our most popular course in data science, the Certified Data Scientist and Data Science Foundation are the highly sought-after certifications by data science beginners. Data Science for Managers is designed for those in managerial and leadership positions to upskill and enhance their skills and to successfully execute data science into their daily work. Python for Data Science is yet another popular certification offered that thoroughly sketches out how python programming language is a boon to data science. Our data science courses are accredited by IABAC, which is based on the European Union framework.

DataMites also offer data science courses in Al Jubail, Al Khobar, Jeddahand Medina.

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Watch the video to know more about What is Data Science?

Students are rushing to study Data Science and related technologies such as artificial intelligence, data mining and machine learning while working professionals have sought to learn and improve themselves by getting trained in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Saudi Arabia. All of this is based on the expectation that the field will produce a large number of high-paying jobs that are far higher than those in the Information and Communication Technology sector.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Despite the hype that artificial intelligence (AI) would replace superfluous employment roles with automation and smart devices, we are still far from the point where machines will take over our daily lives. So, if you’re an AI aspirant seeking a career, we’d like to remind you that there are lots of openings.

The most in-demand AI job roles include big data engineer, AI engineer, business intelligence developer, ML engineer, data scientist, research scientist, and robotics scientist.

How much is the AI salary in Saudi Arabia?

AI is being adopted by a large number of businesses across a variety of industries. The advantages of having an in-house data analytics team have also been acknowledged by businesses. As a result, the number of AI-related job roles has increased. And the salary level is also escalating.

The average ai engineer salary in Saudi Arabia is SAR 219,329 per annum – Economic Research Institute. Salaryexpert.com reveals the salary for an ai engineer in Saudi Arabia to be SAR 229,534.

If you are willing to step into an AI career,

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized opportunities for potential in recent years. It’s creating ripples throughout industries, from space exploration to melanoma diagnosis, and it’s making unbelievable things possible. As a result, AI careers have seen consistent growth—LinkedIn lists artificial intelligence practitioners as one of the ‘jobs on the upswing’ in 2021. Now you get DataMites Artificial Intelligence Training at Al Jubail, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Riyadh and Medina.

Refer the video for more details: Artificial Intelligence Course Introduction.

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Small enterprises, startups, major multinational corporations, and even government administrations are all benefiting from data science and artificial intelligence. According to the World Economic Forum, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will provide 58 million employment by 2025.

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