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Know about the 5 Significant Applications of the Internet of Things

Our world is rapidly evolving and the Internet of Things is reshaping it by bringing immense value to our lives.

“How wonderful might it be if you are able to switch off your gas stove through your mobile app from outside?” or “is it possible to preheat the oven to perfect settings while you are jogging in a park?

Well, your fridge is no longer used only for storing your groceries but even sends you alerts when the products placed inside is nearing the expiration date. When your kids leave the shower open or the lights on, you are going to get notification immediately.

That’s awesome, these are not a Sci-Fi subject or a fantasy film but is today’s reality.

The world of connected devices is expanding its horizon much beyond laptops and smartphones. When all the things are connected, machines turn smart and reduce the human labor to almost nil. They all communicate with each other, push you a notification, and listen to your commands. These smart devices or the connected devices acts as a bridge between the physical and digital world to deliver a better quality and increased productivity for our human society.

So, what’s the talk of the town then? “Internet Of Things (IoT)”

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IoT wave is catching up all the brands and they are already into a competition of installing smart feature in all of the products that they manufacture.

5 IoT Applications

Here are the most significant IoT applications

Smart Home:

Youtube and google are overflowing with search results of “Smart homes” and it is of no surprise to us. What if your window blinds automatically open to allow some sunshine or you can schedule times using your phone app? And What about a smart lock for the door which can be operated from your phone? Smart home products look promising and help us to save our energy, money and time. Many multinational companies such as Haier, LG, Philips, etc as well as the startups AlertMe, Nest, etc have come with various smart home products that are rocking the consumer market. In the future, we are just going to ask “How smart is the home?” when we plan on buying it.


Wearables are smart electronic devices that can be worn by us and stay connected with your smartphone. Tiny software and sensors will be sitting inside these devices whose main job is to collect data and information from us then process them to gain useful insights about a user. Broadly covering health, fitness and entertainment requirements, Fitness tracker is the most popular one to quote in wearables. Soon, you can see backpacks with chargeable facility and waiters with smartwatches taking the order even before you reach the restaurant.

Smart City:

Wouldnt it be awesome when you receive a signal of a parking spot in a heavily crowded area? How about the garbage can sending a signal to a garbage truck to empty it when it is overloaded? Smart cities can solve many of our urban problems such as environmental monitoring, waste monitoring, security, traffic management, water management and many more. IoT solutions can solve the real pains that we face in cities and make them a safer place to live. Think of the day when there are no traffic snarls and you can easily commute to the office in a smart vehicle.

Industrial Internet:

Though its popularity not reaching masses like smart homes, the Industrial internet is creating smart machines that can produce more accurate and consistent results. It not only changes the way industries work but also holds great potential for quality control measures and sustainability. Easy applications that track the goods, inventory checks and real-time information exchange to suppliers and automated deliver are the benefits of Industrial Internet that ultimately contributes to increased supply chain efficiency. When we say Industrial Internet, obviously the company that comes to mind is GE as they are the one who coined this term in late 2012. It has been estimated that Industrial Internet could reach $225 billion markets by 2020 and this seems to be the main motive to drive GE in making significant investments.

IoT in Healthcare:

Soon, the small pricking machines that we use at our home to monitor the blood glucose levels will go extinct and tiny lenses reading your eyes for blood glucose levels will make way. Connected healthcare system and smart medical devices come with the amazing potential for the well being of people. Automatically detecting the accidents and calling an ambulance immediately can save so many precious human lives and it is possible with IoT. Also, environmental disasters such as earthquakes can be easily detected well in advance to save the human.

Apart from these 5 IoT applications, there are many more applications taking its shape such as Smart grids to save electricity, Connected car signaling potential hazards, Smart retail saving your shopping time, Smart supply chain tracking goods while on the road and Smart farming that can revolutionize a farmer’s work.

So, What’s the next magic in the row of IoT applications?

With IoT being the next big wave in the technology, there are millions of opportunities estimated to crop across the globe in the near future. Take up an IoT training from us, DataMites™, a global institute for Data Science accredited by International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC) to become a certified IoT practitioner enjoying a promising career in this “futuristic technology”.

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