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What is the “Internet of Things (IoT)”? and How does IoT Work?

There’s a lot of noise out there about “Internet of Things (IoT)”, Isn’t it? With a buzz all around it and all the tech bulletins talking about it, your interest would have been kindled. Obviously, your first impulse would have been on knowing “What IoT is”.

Just like you, many are actively looking for the solution of “What IoT is” and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

What is IoT and How Does it Work

Before we dwell on it, let me ask you a question.

Can you tell me what are the devices that are connected to the internet at present?

Your Smart Phones, Smart TV, Laptop, Desktop, and Tablets are the ones that are connected to the internet. Am I right?

Think of a situation when your Washing Machine is connected to the internet,

“Wouldn’t it be great if all of your clothes are done washing when you return home?”

Quoting on another situation, you are returning to home after a tiring office routine on a sunny day and you want just right cool temperature when you enter your home. Is it possible?

It definitely takes few loading minutes to get the right chillness after your return.

Wouldn’t it be great if you remotely switch ON the air conditioning unit of your home using your mobile before you arrive????

Yes, you got it right. When all of your devices such as Coffee maker, Lights, Washing Machine, etc are connected to the internet with the help of their inbuilt sensors then it is going to flip everything upside down, including ourselves.

“Anything that can be connected, will be connected with IoT”

Movies often explore “futuristic” technology and one best movie to quote where IoT principle is used is “Avatar”. In this blockbuster movie, you can see the tree of souls “Eywa” is connected to all the people living there through biological sensors.

These examples have helped us in learning real-world lessons about the influence of the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s time to explore more on what exactly is the IoT.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a giant network where all the physical devices around the world get connected to the internet and always collecting and sharing data. By adding digital intelligence to the devices, it enables them to communicate and merge with the physical worlds. The built-in technology of these devices helps them to communicate with internal as well as the external environment, which in turn influence the decision making. In a nutshell, the IoT is the concept of connecting any physical object (irrespective of its size and shape) to the internet and to other connected objects through sensors.

How does IoT work?

The objects and the devices are built in with sensors so that they can be connected to the Internet of Things platform. Data are collected from these devices and analytics are applied to share valuable insights with applications that are built to address specific needs.

These IoT Platforms are powerful enough to tell you what information is crucial and what can be ignored safely. The derived information can be useful in detecting patterns and recommendations as well as in predicting problems that might occur in future

Be it a car manufacturing company or a fitness tracker manufacturing unit, they can make smart decisions based on the information picked up by these devices. Starting from stocking the components to aligning the popular selling items, they can use the insights derived from the data to make the process more efficient. On top of it, certain repetitive, time-consuming, tedious, or even high-risk tasks can be automated using these smart objects.

To Conclude, IoT is a brilliant idea that was even discussed throughout the 80’s and 90’s but sadly the progress was slow.

Why because? The technology was not in place and was not a cost-effective measure too.

Thanks to advancement in technology where high-speed wireless networks and cheap processes are readily available. Our world is becoming more and more connected every day and so the Internet of Things (IoT) is happening beyond the home and office to manufacturing units and the factory floor.

There will be no surprise if we soon carry an umbrella that informs you about the weather well in advance by beeping and ask you to carry it before you step out of your home.

Are you ready to sink in the smart world of IoT?

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