Machine Learning – What It Is And Why Is It Stealing The Show Every Time?

Machine Learning – What It Is And Why Is It Stealing The Show Every Time?
Machine Learning – What It Is And Why Is It Stealing The Show Every Time

One of the hot buzzword stealing the headlines of the newspaper is “Machine Learning”. Are you thinking that “Machine Learning” is a new concept? Not at all, this concept is pretty much ingrained in our daily routines and in fact, it is hard to find a place where “Machine Learning” is not applied.

Let me quote a real time example to get a better understanding of this concept. When you use Google search or Facebook to connect with your old buddies, you will be noticing ads popping up on the side. If you keenly notice, you can realise only the ads of products that you wanted to buy in recent days are showing up. So, how does it happen? They actually track the links that you click and also the contents or products that you search on the internet and then display the related company product ads on your computer or smart phone screens. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

True, shall we dive deep into “Machine Learning” concepts now?

What is Machine Learning?

Computers are a wonderful digital system that calculates vast data with in a fraction of a second. But, this is possible only when a code or algorithm is being fed into them by humans. Now, can we call computer as “intelligent”? Though they work at the speed of a lightning, we are still not quoting them as intelligent. Why because? they are not performing any task on their own and without being programmed by us first.

It is this problem Machine Learning is trying to solve. Yes, it is a fantastic concept of teaching the computers to get into self-learning mode without being explicitly programmed by us. In fact, Machine Learning is the subset of the detailed concept “Artificial Intelligence” which focuses on the development of computer to carry out tasks in a smart way.

Some examples of Machine Learning that you already exposed to are Email spam filtering, Displaying of relevant ads on smartphones and web pages, Pattern and image recognition, etc., and some examples which is revolutionizing various industries such as Heart Attack prediction using Machine Learning, Tracking Criminals with facial recognition Machine Learning apps, Hiring right employees by Machine Learning for HR analytics etc., are few of them.

Why is “Machine Learning” a hot topic in recent days?

Though Machine Learning has been with us for a pretty long time, it is grabbing its limelight status only in recent times because of the rise in its uses and demands. Many companies have already started implementing this concept since they can obtain high-value predictions that aids in better decisions and smart real-time actions without the need for human contribution.

With this “Machine Learning” technology, analyzing the big data is no more a breadth taking task. Traditional statistical methods, which are pretty tedious to extract and interpret data will now, be eased out by involving automatic sets of generic methods.

Thus, Machine Learning is considered as a clever alternative in analyzing a huge set of data instead of choosing unreliable solutions derived from traditional statistical methods.

“Machine Learning” is definitely an interesting topic to learn on and to get the most out of it, you need to choose the right service provider. Grab Datamites™’s “Machine Learning” course and place yourself on the top position of the list of people being hired by fortune 2000 companies across the globe.

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