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What are the Pros and Cons of Tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence tool that has the capability of producing visually-appealing reports, charts, graphs and dashboards for the large chunk of data that you have. With Tableau, Data Visualisation of your stats happens pretty quickly from which better insights are derived to effectively use it for the development of the business.

Tough this tool was founded way back in the year 2003 and now “why is this sudden liking?”. So far, with less popularity of Big data usage, the companies were happy with limited reporting capabilities such as PowerPoint. In the recent times, companies have started leaning towards analyzing their big data and hence the quest for more advanced Data Visualisation tool has been propped up. With more and more companies showing interest towards this data visualization tool, analyzing the pros and cons at this time proves to be useful.

Tableau Pros & Cons

Tableau’s Pros:

  1. Easy Data Visualisation: Data Visualisation is no longer a tedious process and can be done easily using drag and drop option. If you are thinking that it might demand extensive skills or assistance from IT department then you are wrong, it is easy to use and the outcome is impressively interactive. Its ability to make clients understand easily with simple visualizations have made it popular among Data Visualisation tools.
  2. Easy integration: Tableau can very well integrate with R language which helps big data analysts to visualize their data easily. Furthermore, Tableau can easily blend with many other data types and also provides out of box integration with a variety of big data platforms such as Hadoop. It also offers native support for Google BigQuery API which is used for highly detailed analytics.
  3. Mobile support: With its robust mobile client, Tableau has earned a higher percentage of mobile users. Tableau’s mobile client has got great touch-optimized controls which allow the users to access and view the data easily. Furthermore, the data visualizations are automatically streamlined for the mobile devices. If you are thinking that you need to make dashboards again for your mobile, then you are wrong because Tableau saves that work by automatically synchronizing all these.
  4. Large customer base: Tableau has grabbed a big customer base who are extremely passionate about this tool. Tableau community is large and they actively help each other also share information about the latest updates of Tableau.

Tableau’s Cons:

  1. High cost: Though Tableau might not sound expensive when compared to other business intelligence tools existing in the market, the license seems to be costly for startups and medium-sized companies.
  2. Security issues: When confidential data has been manipulated, there needs to be a high level of security maintained but Tableau fails to provide centralized data level security. With Tableau establishing a row level security, there are chances of the system being hacked when the number of accounts is increased.
  3. Still demands IT expertise: Tableau is indeed a wonderful tool that demands very less or no IT knowledge when it comes to excel or a csv file. But, if you want to connect a database then you need a skilled developer with good SQL knowledge to do this job.


Tableau is an innovative data visualization tool with rich features and can be a better solution than conventional tools. But it does have a pitfall of not fitting that affordable nature for small organizations. Overall with the large customer base, Tableau is seeing a rapid growth in the recent times and with less number of Tableau experts available, big organizations are constantly in look for specialists to work in Tableau. Holding a Tableau Certification is still considered as a lucrative for the lack of expertise in this field. Accelerate your Tableau skills with Datamites™’s Tableau training. Datamites™ is providing three levels of training namely TABLEAU ASSOCIATE, TABLEAU EXPERT, and CERT VISUAL ANALYTICS EXPERT. Please visit Datamites™ website to know about the details of pricing, syllabus, and schedule.

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