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Why Datamites™ Is The Best ONLINE Learning Platform For Your Data Science Course?

In recent years, online learning has become the most preferred learning platform and it is really not hard to see why. E-learning and Virtual classrooms are hugely popular because of convenient gadgets and easy WIFI access. However, traditional face to face courses have not faded away it is just online learning that has been more convenient and it negates the commuting time to the training center.

Many Educators and training providers are happily embracing this newest learning tool. It is entirely possible that you might be pushed into a situation of first paying for the training later worrying about ‘not acquiring all the essential skills for landing into “the sexiest job of 21st Century”. You are not alone, many have complained of a similar situation. That is the reason, we have come up with this article to help you avoid this mistake.

Why DataMites™ is the best ONLINE learning platform for your Data Science Course?

Data Science Courses Online - Why DataMites

When it comes to Data Science, people are still confused about whether to choose online or classroom sessions. For all the talk of difficulty in learning this ‘interdisciplinary Data Science field’ through ONLINE mode, it works remarkably well if you choose the right training provider and especially, DataMites™. Here are the points that will help you to understand why we are always the right option for your Data Science career.

DataMites™ Data Science ONLINE Course is Cost-effective:

Many renowned training bodies are offering Data Science certifications. Be it a Short term or long-term course that you choose, you have been ready to pay a hefty amount for the Data Science course. DataMites™ Data Science foundation course comes at the minimum amount of Rs 14,900 for Self-learning and Rs 16900 for Live Virtual. Well, if this is not cost-effective then what else will be????

DataMites™ Data Science ONLINE Course offers real-time exposure same as Classroom:

Of course, DataMites™ offers the Data Science course in classroom sessions too but we never discriminate the Online training from classroom training in any means, in fact, the live project mentoring mandatorily comes with all of the training modes that we offer. Be it live virtual sessions or Self Learning, both of the Data Science ONLINE course comes with the 3 months live project and internship. Data Science is all about digging Business insights from raw data, it is really crucial to gain hands-on experience with real-time projects under live-mentorship before diving into your first job.

DataMites™ Data Science ONLINE course comes with technologically advanced pedagogy:

Many training institutes advertise themselves to be the best ONLINE Learning, however, one needs to dig deeper to find exactly what they offer before enrolling themselves in the Data Science course. DataMites™ is completely transparent and in Online mode, we offer Live virtual as well as Self Learning course whereas many training providers don’t have both the options and deliver only recorded sessions. Even if you choose our self-learning sessions, we understand that it is difficult to grasp Data Science techniques and tools in a short period, that is why we offer 1-year access to our e-learning content so that you can revisit anytime to clarify the doubts.

DataMites™ Data Science ONLINE course comes with structured learning:
‘Structured learning’, it does sound familiar to you and if we start talking about it, obviously you are going to think “this is not new” and every training academy boasts itself for structured learning. Of course, they do we are not denying this. So, what is unique about our Structured learning system??? DataMites™ Data Science ONLINE course is set in a pattern that will allow the candidates to explore the other opportunities to learn beyond simply what is given in the textbook. We provide a richer learning experience, recorded learning sessions if you want to revisit a topic and flexible live sessions to join anytime. Wouldn’t it enrich your online learning and make it more fun-filled???

DataMites™ Data Science ONLINE course is affiliated:

Most of the Online learning platforms affiliate themselves with the certifying bodies for the Data Science Course. However, one needs to keep in mind that adding an affiliation of a renowned certifying body in the resume will give an edge over the other certified candidates. DataMites™ has been accredited by the most renowned certifying body, International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC) for providing Data Science certificates for our successful candidates.

By this time, you would have made your decision. So……ready to enroll with us??? Explore the biggest surprises of the virtual learning experience.

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