Data Scientist Job Opportunities, Salary Package, and Course Fee in Pune

Data Scientist Job Opportunities, Salary Package, and Course Fee in Pune
Data Scientist Job Opportunities, Salary Package, and Course Fee in Pune

Data science is a booming career field, with a 650% growth in jobs since 2012 and a median salary of around $125,000! In fact, data science as a career path is more remunerative than it has ever been, picturing an optimistic job landscape for 2021 and beyond.

Data scientists are skilled data wranglers, who collect and scrutinize huge amounts of structured and unstructured data. A Data Scientist’s role merges computer science, statistics, and mathematics. They explore, operate, and model data then decipher meaningful actionable plans for companies and other organizations.

A Data Scientist’s role encompasses maneuvering humongous amounts of data and then inspecting it using data-driven methodologies.

A dominant economic hub in the state of Maharashtra, Pune has a blooming business and industry landscape. Home to a variety of booming sectors such as automobile, FMCG, e-commerce, IT, and ITeS, the city offers some of the most rewarding job opportunities in the country. Today, Pune is an industrial powerhouse.

With the myriad of software and IT companies in Pune being set up in recent years, it surely has evolved into one of the eminent technology hubs of India.

Data Science Job Opportunities

Job hunting is a hassle. It’s a brutal game. You need to obtain attention among hundreds of other applicants to get the job but even finding the right role to apply for in the first place isn’t easy.

Data Science Fee Ranges

Data Science course fee in Pune ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 5,00,000, as per the institute and course level you choose.
At DataMites, the Data Science Foundation Course fee is INR 23,000 but with the discount offered, you can get our Data Science Foundation Training in Pune for just INR 16,478.

Data Scientist Salary in Pune

The average salary for a Data Scientist is 9,51,002 INR per year in Pune.


PayScale – The average salary of a Data Scientist is Rs 762,910 INR

  • Entry Level Data Scientist – < 1 Year Experience – 500,141 INR
  • Early Career in Data Science – 1 – 4 Experience – 738,421 INR
  • A Mid Career in Data Science – 5 – 9 Experience – 1,227,093 INR
  • Experienced in Data Science – 10 – 19 Experience – 1,634,356 INR

  • The average annual salary of a Data Scientist in Pune is Rs. 4,91,852.
  • The average salary of a Data Scientist is Rs 34,001 per month, Pune.
  • The average salary of a Data Scientist in Pune is Rs 8,787 per week.


  • Python Programming
  • Hadoop Platform
  • Tell a story
  • Business Strategy
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • R Programming
  • SQL Database
  • Data Visualization
  • Curiosity
  • Communication Skills
  • Cooperation

Data Science Eligibility

The initial step to becoming a data scientist is to earn a bachelor’s degree in data science or a related field like mathematics, statistics, economics, or computer science. You could also take up a specialization or certification or earn a master’s degree in data science before getting your first entry-level data scientist job.

But where can I start?

Your career in data science can be started by getting Data Science Foundation Training from DataMites.

DataMites provides specialized coaching in various fields like Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Python Learning.

DataMites provides Data Science Foundation training for Data Science freshers who want to start their career in Data Science.

The Data Science Foundation, as the name suggests, provides knowledge on the basics and fundamentals of Data Science – empowering you to specialize in the Data Science domain and gain proficiency in Data Science tools and techniques.

DataMites also provides Certified Data Scientist, another data science course in pune. CDS also accredited from IABAC.

IABAC – International Association of Business and Analytics Certification is the accreditation partner of DataMites. The curriculum covers areas, namely statistics, machine learning/programming/data skills, business domain knowledge; Covering all the Mains of Data Science helps you to get a sound understanding of it.

Data Scientists are desired across a multitude of industries. The Harvard Business Review had described Data Science as the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.’ Data Science has become ubiquitous across a range of industries.