What are the Fees of Data Science Training Courses in India?

What are the Fees of Data Science Training Courses in India?
What are the Fees of Data Science Training Courses in India

In the recent decade, we can hear a huge uproar about the power of harnessing big data and attaining great business benefits. And of course, this uproar has steered sky-high salaries and unfathomable incentives for certified Data Science professionals throughout India. Especially in Bangalore, which is in top position and offering lots of opportunities for many aspiring Data science professionals.

With a vast amount of training institutes spread across the geographical palette of the Indian sub-continent offering programs and courses in Data Science, there is absolutely no question that many professionals are diving into Data Science ocean to achieve the tag of a Data Scientist.

Taking up a learning resource and starting a career, a successful career will often get attached with a question of “how much money do I need to spend on a Data Science course?”

Well, with all your commitments going on and of course you need to do financial planning about how much you need to spend out of your pocket in order to enter this booming field. Before we see the cost, you should definitely know ‘why you should go for a Data Science course?

Why should you pick a Data Science course?

Data Science involves analyzing massive amounts of data by using automated methods and extract insights that help in making strategic business solutions. Data Scientists are the modern day heroes who will perform this job, and their demand is increasing exponentially.

In fact, the data science sector is flourishing to such an extent that there are currently more than ‘97,000 job openings for analytics and data science in India right now’. It is evident that the job market trend is showing an increasing demand for skilled data scientists across various industries.

Certified Data Scientists who have great expertise in working on tools such as SAS, R, and Python get recruited instantly by top MNC’s such as Google. Flipkart, IBM, Cognizant, GE Capital, HCL, Dell, IBM, and more. When there is such a huge opportunity, every software professional is looking for an opportunity to enter this newly growing field and start a successful career in Data science.

Data Science course fee in India:

Many renowned training institutes are offering Data Science training in all the major cities in India and in a flexible learning way for aspiring professionals. Some education organizations are offering it as a 1 year PG course, some training institute as 3-4 months course or even some provide it as a crash course.

Generally, candidates interested in pursuing a career in Data Science would prefer to go for short term courses that cover 3-4 months so that they gain a better knowledge and get into the job quickly.

However, when we discuss on fee structure, irrespective of any training provider that you choose for your classroom training for Data Science, it is ranging from ₹30,000 to ₹2,50,000. And usually, the Data Science course fee includes both the training and examination costs. If you choose an online course, then you can expect around 10% lesser cost and would range from ₹30,000 to ₹2,00,000.

Things to note in mind before deciding on Online or Classroom Data Science training:

Formal education and training are mandatory for all aspiring candidates since Data Science is entirely a new field propping up in recent times. However, it is not compulsory to go for a 1 year PG course instead can pick any 3-4 months of classroom training from a quality training institute.

If you prefer online training, you need to drive the inspiration and self-motivation by yourself as it is a virtual mode. It requires more than 10–15% of effort than the classroom training, and you need to keep pushing yourself in each step.

Why DataMites™ for your Data Science course?

DataMites™ is the top training institute which is built upon a solid reputation for providing high-quality job oriented training courses. Our Data Science classroom sessions include basic to advanced level and are taking place regularly in all major Indian cities, such as HyderabadBangaloreChennai, and Pune.

When the general market fee for Data Science classroom training in India is starting at ₹ 30,000, DataMites™ is offering at the lowest price of ₹26,000 for its foundation course and this fee even goes down when there are any offers going on. The Certified Data Scientist course fee at DataMites is originally 1,10,000 rupees. However, with a discount applied, the cost for classroom training in data science is 70,000 rupees, while the online training option is priced at 66,000 rupees. For further information regarding available discounts, it is recommended to consult with a DataMites educational counselor

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More of the features of our Data Science training for your take:

1) Accredited with “International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC™),” aligning the syllabus with global market requirements.
2) India’ top Data Science trainers imparting their decades of expertise and experience.
3) Perfectly crafted Course curriculum that is aligned to the current industry requirements.
4) Flexible learning options from a traditional classroom to Virtual classroom, Instructor-led online, and self-learning.
5) Big Data Science library with a collection of valuable Data Science books and publications.
6) 24/7 access to Cloud Data Science lab with popular platforms, R, Python, Tensorflow, and more.
7) Industry-wide recognized certificate in Data Science after completion of course.
8) Hands-on learning with real-time exposure to multiple challenging projects.
9) Dedicated Placement assistance team PAT team assist candidates in preparing for the first Data Science job and mapping the job requirements to the individual candidate profile.
10) 24/7 Request center to solve your queries instantly.

Glassdoor is quoting that data scientists are on the top with the best jobs in their hand in America. They are in high rank not only in America but in India too, so get your hands-on and actual working of the concepts of Data Science from a quality training provider at a cost-effective price.

If you are purely looking to gain data science knowledge and learn associated skills at an affordable price, then DataMites is the best choice.

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