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How much is the Machine Learning Course Fee in Bangalore?

Today, Machine learning is utilised in a variety of applications, including speech recognition in many mobile apps and spam-filtering email filters as well as personalised recommendation engines on websites and in banking software. Going above and above to study and obtain machine learning training in Bangalore will undoubtedly pay dividends the next time you apply for a job and even during the job interview. After all, when combined with patience and dedication, good efforts always pay off.

But before that, let’s dive into what machine learning really is;

Machine learning is a prominent branch of artificial intelligence (AI). Rather than overtly programming computers, it aims to teach them to learn from data and improve over time. Machine learning algorithms are trained to sift through large volumes of data for patterns and correlations before generating decisions and predictions. Machine learning applications improve over time and become more exact as they examine more data. Machine learning is being employed in a variety of applications, including our homes, online ordering, entertainment, and healthcare.

What is Machine Learning and How does it work

What are the essential prerequisites for machine learning?

A candidate’s resume can benefit greatly from certain highly regarded machine learning skills in Bangalore. They are knowledgeable and technically adept if they possess these abilities. With these abilities at your disposal, negotiating a good wage will also be possible. The Machine Learning Courses in Bangalore usually assume no prior knowledge of machine learning and require no prior skills. Understanding the following, on the other hand, can be beneficial:

  • Working knowledge of the R or Python programming languages
  • Knowledge of statistics and probability
  • Calculus and linear algebra knowledge
  • Data modelling is the use of data to uncover variations and patterns in a given dataset

Why a career in Machine Learning?

Organizations are attempting to take advantage of the opportunities as AI technology slowly become commonplace. The highest-paying machine learning positions in India are being filled by a lot of tech companies. These days, there is a high need for machine learning jobs, which has caused their growth to be exponential. Machine learning has emerged as a desirable career that has potential for advancement, job security, and goodwill.

According to the World Economic Forum, “AI, Machine Learning, and Automation will create 97 million new jobs by 2025.” As a result, we believe that the time has come to start your career in machine learning. With a background in machine learning, you can further your career as a Data Scientist, NLP Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Linguist, Business Intelligence Developer and even more. Being hired by large firms when you are a fresher is quite challenging. The correct experience and skill set, however, can help applicants land their ideal jobs and advance their careers in machine learning.

How much is the salary for machine learning in Bangalore?

At a CAGR of 38.8%, the market for machine learning is projected to increase from $21.17 billion in 2022 to $209.91 billion in 2029. Because the area is expanding so quickly, more positions are available, and machine learning is one of the most popular career options. One of the top 15 in-demand and fastest-growing employment possibilities in the world right now is machine learning. The wage of a machine learning engineer has also been high and increasing over the past ten years as a result of this rising popularity. However, this is a continuum, and it relies on a number of things, including education, experience, geography, and job title.

On average a machine learning engineer’s salary in Bangalore is 9,19,899 LPA. The highest salary for a machine learning engineer in Bangalore is stated to be 20,76,576 LPA with the lowest salary being 3,66,832 LPA! (Source: Glassdoor)

As per payscale, the average salary received by a machine learning engineer in Bangalore is 9,04,422 LPA. A machine learning engineer with less than 1 year of experience can earn an average of 608,205 LPA in Bangalore. An early career machine learning engineer with 1-4 years of expertise gets paid 9,00,588 LPA in Bangalore. A mid-career machine learning engineer with 5-9 years of experience gets a remuneration of 20,57,605 LPA. This amount exceeds 2,650,000 LPA in Bangalore for those with 10-19 years of expertise.

What are the most desirable machine learning certifications?

The subtle impact of machine learning on every aspect of our lives is fueling a rise in the need for machine learning specialists. The talents that will sell best are those related to machine learning. But if you want to succeed as a machine learning specialist, you should think about upgrading your skills so that you can use ML concepts effectively. If you enrol in any training or Machine Learning Certification Programme in Bangalore, you will learn about skills that will help you become a more proficient machine learning specialist. Here are a few of the most coveted machine learning certifications in Bangalore.

  • Machine Learning Foundation
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Machine Learning with Tensorflow
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • Machine Learning with R

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Where to enrol for a machine learning training course in Bangalore?

Due to its youth and enormous potential, this industry is very competitive. Due to their familiarity with technology, millennials and the generations who follow them are hopping on the AI bandwagon. But simply having a talent for technology won’t guarantee a desirable position in the ML sector. You must be distinctive among your peers. Having Machine Learning Certifications under your belt is the only way to accomplish this.

The DataMitesTM Machine Learning Certification Courses is a perfect way to start if you want to study and understand more about machine learning, deep learning, and data, as well as if you want to get started with machine learning. There is no requirement for past experience, but you must be interested, have a talent for programming and analytics, and be incredibly motivated to join. DataMites is the best machine learning training provider in Bangalore. You will receive IABAC, NASSCOMFutureSkills, and JainX certifications upon completion of the programme. Our Machine Learning Training in Bangalore is beneficial for these individuals because it can help them improve their resumes and increase their appeal to potential employers.

How much is the Machine Learning Training Fee in Bangalore?

Depending on the certification programme and the training facility, machine learning training can last from two weeks to six months. The machine learning training fee in Bangalore might range between 20,000 and 80,000 INR. This amount can vary depending on the training provider, the course level, and the training mode.

DataMites 5-month online machine learning courses in Mumbai are available from any location in the world. You will receive a hands-on, specialised education consisting of 100 hours of live intensive sessions, 20 capstones, and 1 live project with internship and job assistance to prepare you for an exciting new job or to enhance your present abilities. The DataMites Machine Learning Course Fee in Bangalore might vary from 12,000 to 37,000 INR, depending on the mode of training.

For a head start in the field, enrol in our Machine Learning Foundation Training in Bangalore, which covers the fundamentals of the subject. For those who want to work in machine learning, this course geared toward new students would be ideal! In Bangalore, the cost of the machine learning foundation course is 21,000 INR, but you can now enrol for just 9,405 INR, which is absolutely incredible to get a grip of!


AI, machine learning, and related fields continue to offer high-paying professional opportunities across numerous industries. An advanced degree in artificial intelligence can set you up for success and give you an advantage over the competition in the expanding machine learning sector of the artificial intelligence job market.

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