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How to Start a Career in Lucrative Data Science Field?

“Data Science” is the latest buzzword going viral among big organisations for its ability to generate highly influential Business insights from their structured and unstructured data. Many companies have already realised the importance of Data Science and much more are in the pipeline of adopting it to enhance their Business performance.

How to start a career in data science

How can you break into this sexiest job of the 21st century?

Getting started as a fresher:

If you are a fresher with engineering or math/Stats degree or even have a degree from any other discipline, kick starting your career in Data Science field would definitely be one of the best decision that you have ever made.

  1. As a first step, you need to sharpen your communication skills since it is most important for the Data Science field.
  2. As a next step, start your research on finding what Data Science or Data analytics mean and what is the work nature of a data scientist. Look for essential skills required for a Data scientist.
  3. Try attending free webinars or meet-ups on career analysis in Data science field. You can even join internet groups or forums to post your queries and get them clarified. This gives an opportunity for you to interact with experienced Data science professionals and get a clarity on this subject.
  4. Next, find a globally accredited service provider such as “Datamites™” to take up a suitable “Data Science” course. Although there are many institutes offering Data Science course, Datamites™ Data Science certification courses help you to cover a wide range of tools and techniques with both theoretical and practical approach. Datamites™ Certification helps you to lay a strong root in Data science field.

Getting started as an experienced:

If you are an IT professional or any other professional with a substantial amount of work experience in that domain, this transition into Data Science field would appear to be difficult. Isn’t it? Well, it’s not. Since you already have a good amount of work experience, you need to concentrate on acquiring only the required technical knowledge as you are already good at your soft skills.

  1. As a first step, a little bit of research is needed to find out what skills associated with Data science is needed.
  2. Contact a reputed service provider such as “Datamites™” and look for various certification programs offered by them in Data Science. For example, they have a course namely “Certified Data Scientist with R” where in you can acquire a strong basic knowledge of data analytic techniques using the latest tools like R, Python, Tableau, Machine Learning and Minitab. This course acts as a complete package for horning all that skills required for a Data science job. If you are not sure of which course to opt, contacting the customer support would be a better option.

As a final note, learning Data Science is not a quick process and it needs lots of dedication and hard work. The strong base that you acquire from Datamites™ course and that “don’t give up attitude of yours” will help you to achieve success in Data science field.

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