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Why choose DataMites™ for your Data Science Course in Bangalore?

When Harvard Business Review is quoting Data Science jobs as “sexiest job of 21st Century”, wouldn’t it be enough to capture all eyes towards this career?

You will be amazed if we say, you are the next Data Scientist. Yes, you are!!! And We are pretty much confident about it. Because IBM has published the survey results about the Data Science openings that will be surfacing in the year 2020.

So, buckle up folks. There will be an increase from 364,000 to 2,720,000 openings in 2020.

Obviously, we can see your eyes sparkling with joy but before moving on to DataMites™ Data Science course details; let us understand more about Data Science.

Understanding Data Science and its importance for an organization:

We all know that Data has become a new fuel that is driving companies to crush it and gain insights. This new driving force “Big Data” is not all that easy to work on. We need highly skilled professionals who have the knowledge and experience to handle Data Science tools and techniques to unravel the true potential and draw insights from it.

Data scientists are analytical experts who have strong technology and social skills to find trends and patterns from hidden data. A combination of contextual understanding, industry knowledge, skepticism of existing assumptions is highly essential to uncover solutions to business challenges.

Let us consider an example, a company is concentrating on maximizing its sales revenue. What do they do? They hire a skilled Data Scientist who can efficiently analyze their performance data and come up with insights that help them in decisions to maximize the profit.

Why choose DataMites™ for your Data Science Course in Bangalore?

Lately, Data Science and Data Scientists have become of much importance to organizations and it has created a pressing need for hiring more Data scientists. However there has been a major skill gap existing in the job market and even if a company successfully finds a Data Science professional, they are still lacking on a few essential skills and knowledge.

Why because? Each company has their own take on data science job tasks. Some treat their data scientists as data analysts and some want them to combine their duties with data engineers and others need highly skilled analytics experts with knowledge on machine learning and data visualizations. Additionally, Data Science is relatively new to the job industry, there always seems to be differences in equipping with “right skill”.

That is why the role of training institute and the course that you pick, plays a crucial role in your Data Science career. Aspiring professionals need to carefully choose the right Data Science course from the right training provider.

We, DataMites™, have been in the learning industry for a long time and we know how to schedule a training program in a structured way even if it is pretty new to the industry. Our Data Science course is one of the most successful courses that has helped many aspiring professionals to get placed in big organizations and efficiently work even in most difficult scenarios.

Key highlights of DataMites™ Data Science Course in Bangalore:

1) We are accredited by the International Association of Business Analytics Certifications (IABAC) for providing international certificates for Data Science professionals.
2) The best Learning approach that has been designed with industry experts which go in a step by step process of theory, hands-on, case study, project, and Model deployment.
3) Our DataMites™ Data Science Course in Bangalore comes with 30+ capstone projects and 5+ clients projects that help our participants to gain real-time skills for a smooth transition to work after training.
4) Our faculties and mentors are highly knowledgeable and experienced.
5) A special PAT (placement assist) team to help our candidates to get placed in prestigious companies.
6) 1-year access to all resources that help you to clear any doubt even after you complete your course with us.

DataMites™ Data Science Course in Bangalore:

Our Certified Data Scientist Course in Bangalore comes in three phases.

Phase 1 (15 days): Pre-course study where participants equip themselves with essential knowledge for the course.

Phase 2 (2 months): Intensive full time online or classroom sessions that cover all essential subjects such as Python/R programming, statistics, Machine learning Associate and expert.

Phase 3 (4 months): The last phase that covers 4-month project mentoring with 5 live client projects.

Once, you have completed our course you will become a full-fledged Data Scientist who can confidently face their first job in the Data World. Later, if you are considering developing strong skills or specialization in particular areas such as AI, Machine learning, Deep Learning, etc for an increase in your earning potential, we do have specialization courses that help you to climb to your senior position.

Ping us at https://datamites.com/ or call us at 1800-313-3434, we will help you to fly higher in Data Science field.

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