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Which are the best Machine Learning courses In India?

Machines have been a subject of fascination for man, ever since its birth. Anything that helped to ease human labor, were the words, used to define the functional capabilities of machines. But, the definition has changed over the years. Now machines have become ubiquitous and a part of our everyday life. It is even more interesting to note that machines are nowadays being identified as possessing that one quality, which was initially known to be possessed by humans- The power to think. Accordingly, now there are machines, and there is ‘Machine Learning’.

As Dave Waters had quoted -” Computers can see, hear and learn. Welcome to the future”. He had summed up everything about Machine Learning in the quote. But what is more exciting is that Machine Learning is no more the future, it has already become the present, or we can say that the future has already manifested in front of our eyes. Machine Learning is a technology that has grown and has spread its wings. It was unexpected and came as a wonder to influence our lives.

Machine Learning technology is being subjected to wider applications by modern-day organizations. As businesses have embraced complexities in their functioning, they found a great friend in machine learning with regards to getting work done with much better efficiency. According to the McKinsey report, AI and ML have the potential to create a value of 1-2 trillion in global sales.

What is Machine Learning?

The definition of machine learning says- “Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans do, and improve their learning over time in an autonomous fashion, by feeding them data and information in the form of observations and real-world interactions.”

In simple words, Machine Learning is all about incorporating the human capabilities of reasoning and decision-making into machines, which makes them competent in performing complex tasks, which cannot be done by humans. For instance, when there is a large amount of data, studying all the data and drawing conclusions from them is something that humans cant achieve in a short time. Machine Learning algorithms play a vital role in this activity. How does machine learning achieve this feat is explained in the upcoming paragraph. It is found to be more effective and ensures accuracy

Machine Learning In Real Life.

Machine Learning has become ubiquitous nowadays, exerting its influence on almost every function. Some of the things we come across in our daily life have machine learning in them, but not many of us have realized it.

For instance, many of us love to browse videos on youtube. But not all of us are aware of the machine learning technology which drives it. To be precise, you open the youtube app to watch a couple of your favorite songs, and then you realize that you got some urgent work to finish, you close the browser and get busy in the task. After a couple of hours or a day, when you open the youtube app in your smartphone or PC, you get video suggestions, based on your past browsing history, what makes this happen? it is Machine Learning. The Machine Learning algorithm captures the information based on your browsing behavior, analyses your preferences, gives you suggestions, which makes your work easier.

Netflix is the best example of a case study in Machine Learning. The streaming service provider had capitalized on ML technology for personalization, which helped to render a clear picture of what makes a particular content click. This eventually became a base, to design the catalog of T.V. shows and movies, mainly by studying the characteristics that contributed to the success. It also uses ML, to optimize the content delivery network, which accounts for more than one-third of the internet traffic in North America.

Machine Learning is being used in studying customer buying behavior, and suggest them with products and services based on their buying history. For example, you buy a pair of Levi’s jeans of the brand from Amazon. The next time you log in to the website, the online shopping provider will give you suggestions on the new style of jeans recently released by Levi’s brand. The machine learning algorithm knows your buying preferences, more than your parents.

Machine Learning Courses In India

ML Courses In India

There has been a significant rise in the demand for Machine Learning careers, among the young population and experienced professionals alike. Machine Learning is helping to bring enough curiosity for the reason that it eases human efforts by taking all the responsibilities of decision making to itself. Talking about career opportunities in Machine Learning, there are plenty of them, like Machine Learning Engineer, Natural Language Processing(NLP) Expert, Computer Vision Expert, and much more. Some of the popular Machine Learning courses that are in big demand in India are explained below.

Machine Learning Expert

ML Expert Course

The Machine Learning Expert course comprises of in-depth knowledge about employing machine learning techniques in real-time. The course helps to get an idea of the practical aspects of machine learning with a detailed study of the different algorithms.
The course consists of topics like Essential Concepts of Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Processing with Machine Learning, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Clustering, etc.

The Machine Learning Exert course, offered by DataMites is available at various modes of learning at affordable prices

Machine Learning Exert Online course fee in India is 48,000 rupees/-

Machine Learning Exert Classroom course fee in India is 69,000 rupees/-

Machine Learning Exert Self learning course fee is 29,000 rupees/-Machine Learning Foundation

Machine Learning Foundation

ML Foundation Course

The Machine Learning Foundation course is primarily meant for those who need to get acquainted with the basics of machine learning with a detailed study of the different algorithms. As the name suggests it will help to get the basics of the subject, which further serves as a step towards mastery.

The topics covered in the course include- Introduction to Machine Learning, Supervised Learning(Evaluation Models, Naive Bayes Classifier) and Unsupervised Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms.

The Machine Learning Foundation course offered by DataMites is available at various modes of learning, at affordable prices –Online – Rs21000/-, Classroom-Rs 26000/- and Self Learning-13000/-.

Machine Learning with Python

ML with Python Course

Python is one of the most sought after programming languages for the large number of libraries it has, and an easy to understand features. The Machine Learning Python course comprises of Machine Learning- Overview, Introduction to Python, Machine Learning Applications with Python

The Machine Learning Foundation course offered by DataMites is available at various modes of learning, at affordable prices

Machine Learning with Python Online course fee in India is 48,000 rupees/-

Machine Learning with Python classroom course fee in India is 60,000 rupees/-

Machine Learning with Python self learning course fee is 29,000 rupees/-

Machine Learning with R

ML with R Programming Course

R is another programming language that is in great demand. Machine learning with R course helps you to get a clear picture of working with the programming language ‘R’.
This Machine Learning course covers concepts like-Advanced Machine Learning Concepts clustering, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Natural Language Processing (NLP) Naïve Bayes Classifier Naïve Bayes for text classification.

The Machine Learning with R course offered by is available at various modes of learning, at affordable prices- Online – Rs 48,000/-, Classroom-Rs 60000/- and Self Learning-29000/-.

Machine Learning with Tensorflow

ML with TensorFlow Course

Machine Learning with Tensorflow certification covers topics like Machine Learning Algorithms, Tensorflow, tools, and techniques to deploy machine learning models. The Machine Learning certification.

The Machine Learning with Tensorflow course offered by DataMites is available at various modes of learning, at affordable prices- Online – Rs48000/-, Classroom-Rs 60000/- and Self Learning-29000/-.

Why choose DataMite for Machine Learning courses?

DataMites is a leading institute in INDIA, which provides a comprehensive set of courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. All the courses are designed in tune with the current industry trends and help to give a clear picture of the present generation technologies that drive almost every functional area, and their practical applications in the real-world scenario. The following features make DataMites, the best institute to opt for your Machine Learning career.

  1. Dual Certification- IABAC and IBM
  2. Experienced Trainers
  3. Cost-Effective
  4. Classroom Environment
  5. IABAC Accredited Certifications
  6. Internship Opportunities
  7. Job Assistance
  8. 15000+ certified learners.

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