In the world of Big Data, where data comes in high volume, high velocity, and variety, making a data-driven business decision becomes very crucial for business success. Machine Learning models play a significant role in learning algorithms, in turn, these big data into valuable insights. Tensorflow is a relatively new open source machine learning library from Google which simply creating a complex machine learning models to a great extent, by hiding all the complexities, mathematics and algorithms.

This course - Machine Learning with Tensorflow is designed to explore Tensforflow from scratch and building Machine Learning models with real-world data



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  • 3 Months Live Project Mentoring
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Live Virtual

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  • 3 Months Live Project Mentoring
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Self Learning

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In the world of Big Data, where data comes in high volume, high velocity and variety , making a data driven business decision become very crucial for business success. Machine Learning models plays a significant role with learning algorithms in turn these big data in to valuable insights. Tensorflow is a relatively new open souce machine learning library from Google which simplies creating a complex machine learning models to a great extent, by hiding all the complexities, mathematics and algorithms.

This course - Machine Learning with Tensorflow is designed to explore Tensforflow from scratch and building Machine Learning models with real world data

  • Introduce Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning with Tensorflow
  • Tensorboard visualization
  • Hands on coding of Neural Networks with Tensorflow
  • Applying ML with Tensorflow on case study
  • Machine Learning essential knowledge is required.
  • Basic Python Programming is required.
  • Knowledge in Statistics is recommended

In recent years, Machine Learning has taken over a main stream business and evolved has a career track by itself. A quick search in job portals reveals about 20,000 Machine Learning job opportunities on daily basis in USA alone. This course explore Tensorflow platform through designing practical Machine Learning algorithms for real world cases and visualizing them with Tensorboard.

Tensorflow from Google, gaining popularity and a huge community of developers since its launch in Nov, 2015. Tensorflow is the most preferred for deep learning applications and Machine learning application chruning huge data. The advantage of hosting the production level Machine Learning application directly to Google Gloud is pursuading many Machine Learning experts to increasing choosing Tensforflow.

This course is recommended for candidate pursuing career in Data Science as Tensorflow is becoming a leading platform for Machine Learning


  • Data Scientist wanting to adopt to new technology - Tensorflow
  • Data science/ analytics professionals aspiring career as Tensorflow specialist
  • Candidates pursuing Data Scientist tracks

Machine Learning is gaining popular in all kinds of domains and Tensorflow is perceived as the major platform for ML. The advantage of this course is that you get a head start as this is new technology with huge market demand.

At DataMites™, we truly believe and very excited about this big wave of Data Science. DataMites™ work with globally renowned Machine Learning experts in designing as well delivering training course. There are millions of jobs and business opportunities in Data Science across the globe as of today and this is only going to increase exponentially in coming years.

DataMites is founded by a group of passionate Data Science evangelists with decades of experience in Analytics, big data and Data Science working with fortune 100 companies, across the globe. The mission of DataMites™ is enable data science professionals with strong data science skills aligned market requirements and be a part of this phenominal Data Science era.


  • PASSIONATE: We are passionate in enabling professionals with best practice Data Science skills
  • ACCREDITED: DataMites™ is accredited with "International Association of Bussiness Analytics Certifications (IABAC™)", aligning the syllabus with global market requirements
  • HANDS ON PROJECTS : On course completion, worthy candidates are involved in consulting assignments at building block levels to provide real-time exposure, thus supporting them to gain confidence to work in real world Data Science projects
  • JOB ASSISTANCE: A dedicated team , Placement Assistance Team (PAT), is tasked to assist candidates in preparing for the first Data Science job and mapping the job requirements to individual candidate profile.
  • FLEXIBLE LEARNING: DataMites™ provides flexible learning options from traditional classroom to Virtual classroom, Instructor led online and self learning.
  • LIBRARY: A Data Science library with collection of valuable Data Science books and publications, assisted check-in/check-out options.
  • DATA SCIENCE LAB: Access to Cloud Data Science lab with popular platforms, R, Python, Tensorflow etc.,


  • Installing TensorFlow using Docker
  • Installing Matplotlib
  • Hello World applicatin with TensorFlow
  • Basic Statistics and Exploratory Analysis
  • Descriptive summary statistics with Numpy
  • Summarize continous and categorical data
  • Outlier analysis
  • Machine learning essentials
  • Data representation and features
  • Distance metrics
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Theano, Caffe, Torch, CGT, and TensorFlow
  • Representing tensors
  • Creating operators and excuting with sessions
  • Introduction Jupyter notebook for TensorFlow coding
  • TensorFlow variables
  • Visualizing data using TensorBoard
  • Regression problems
  • Linear regression applications
  • Regularization
  • Available datasets
  • Coding Linear Regression with TensorFlow - Case study
  • Classification problems
  • Using linear regression for classification
  • Using logistic regression (including multi-dimensional input)
  • Multiclass classifiers (such as softmax regression)
  • Hands on Classificatin with TensorFlow
  • Traversing files in TensorFlow
  • K-means clustering
  • Clustering using a self-organizing map
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Batch training
  • Variational, denoising and stacked autoencoders
  • Concept of Reinforcement Learning
  • Simple model applying Reinforcement Learning in TensorFlow
  • Advantages and disadvantages of neural networks
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • The idea of contextual information
  • Recurrent neural networks
  • Real world predictive model - example
  • Case study - Stock Market Analsis
  • Hands on Coding in TensorFlow


DataMites™ provide flexible learning options from traditional classroom training, lastest virtual live classroom to distance course. Based on your location preference, you may have one or more learning options

This course is perfectly aligned to the current industry requirements and gives exposure to all latest techniques and tools. The course curriculum is designed by specialists in this field and monitored improved by industry practitioners on continual basis.

All certificates can be validated with your unique certification number at portal. You also get candidate login at , where can find your test results and other relevant validation details.

The results of the Exam are immediate, if you take online test at portal. The certificate issuance, as per IABAC™ terms, takes about 7-10 bussiness days for e-certificate.

No, the exam fees are already included in the course fee and you will not be charged extra.

Course fee needs to be paid in one payment as it is required to block your seat for the entire course as well as book the certification exams with IABAC™. In case, if you have any specific constrains, your relation manager at DataMites™ shall assist you with part payment agreements

DataMites™ has a dedicated Placement Assistance Team(PAT), who work with candidates on individual basis in assisting for right Data Science job.

You get 100% refund training fee if you the training is not to your satisfaction but the exam fee will not be refunded as we pay to accreditation bodies. If the refund is due to your availability concerns, you may need to talk to the relationship manager and will be sorted out on case to case basis

DataMites™ provides loads of study materials, cheat sheets, data sets, videos so that you can learn and practice extensively. Along with study materials, you will get materials on job interviews, new letters with latest information on Data Science as well as job updates.


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