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Data Science Job Roles, Salary Structure and Course Fees in Singapore?

In the last decade, a large amount of data has been created. This has paved the path for businesses to develop systems to mine data, analyse data, and generate insights and value from data. As a result, workers with the necessary abilities are in high demand as the need for data storage, processing, and security develops.

Data Science Job Roles, Salary Structure and Course Fees in Singapore?

What is data science?

The most promising profession of the 21st century, according to the Harvard Business Review, will be “Data Science,” in 2012. Many others took this as a cue, upskilled themselves, and eventually made the leap into roles as data scientists or data science analysts in some of the most prestigious international organisations. In the US employment market since 2016, “Data Scientist” has regularly been rated first.

Data science, to put it simply, is the study and application of data for the creation of new goods and services as well as for the sake of commercial decision-making. In addition, data scientists and data science analysts are in charge of carrying out the process.

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What do data scientists do?

Data scientists assist businesses in finding solutions to complex issues by extrapolating and disseminating these findings. Data scientists provide the answers to big problems that assist firms in making unbiased decisions by combining computer science, modelling, statistics, analytics, and math skills along with solid business sense.

In order to comprehend business stakeholders’ goals and ascertain how data might be used to meet those goals, data scientists collaborate closely with them. They construct algorithms and predictive models to extract the data the organisation requires, design the data modelling processes, assist in data analysis, and collaborate with peers to share insights.

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What are the skills for data science?

Suppose you want to become a well-rounded professional. In that case, you must also develop the necessary soft skills, such as the ability to think critically, listen intently, communicate persuasively, and solve problems.

Future developments in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are crucial for the field of data science. Professionals may enhance their data science careers with the help of these cutting-edge sectors and acquire the data-driven skills of the future, providing them with a competitive edge in today’s modern labour market.

You must also develop the necessary technical and soft abilities, such as;

  • Business Knowledge
  • Programming abilities
  • Understanding of machine learning and AI
  • Mathematics
  • Listening with critical thought
  • Persuasive communication
  • Problem-solving

What are the job roles in data science in Singapore?

Singapore has established a top-tier, globally competitive technology sector and is constantly pursuing new innovations in fields including data science, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, data analytics, and other fields like healthcare, security, fintech, energy, aviation, and defence.

Given the dearth of skilled and industry-ready people with a talent for leveraging the power of data, the ever-growing demand for data science specialists in Singapore hasn’t been satisfied. It is advised for young professionals to comprehend and hone the skills required for different data science job roles in Singapore in order to capitalise on this highly sought-after industry and launch a lucrative career.

  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Statistician
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Business Analyst

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How much is the Data Science Salary in Singapore?

A career’s financial viability is critical in deciding whether to pursue it, even after considering chances for growth. Additionally, jobs in data science do pay well.

The pay packages for data scientists are influenced by a wide range of variables, including degree, experience, field, position, geography, and most importantly the size and makeup of the organisation wanting to hire a data scientist. The average, however, falls between SGD 63,150 and SGD 107,790 per experience level, with an average salary for a data scientist in Singapore at SGD 84,000 the data from Talent.com.

A data scientist’s salary in Singapore is SGD 70,250 a year on average. A Data Scientist with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an SGD 55,561 total compensation. A Data Scientist with 1-4 years of experience in their early career earns an average total income of SGD 69,811. A mid-career Data Scientist with 5-years of relevant experience earns an average total income of SGD 88,898. An established Data Scientist with 10-19 years of experience makes an average salary of SGD 124,800. (Payscale)

According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a data scientist in Singapore is SGD 105,689 per year and SGD 7,483 per month.

A Data Scientist in Singapore normally earns roughly 13,400 SGD per month. Salaries range from 6,300 SGD (the lowest) to 21,200 SGD (the highest)

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Why get a data science certification in Singapore?

Data science certification in Singapore enables you to not only acquire difficult-to-find talent in your sector of interest but also to authenticate your data science skills so that hiring managers and recruiters are aware of what they will receive if they hire you.

Whether you want to acquire a certification from a reputable university, gain experience as a recent graduate, hone vendor-specific abilities, or demonstrate your knowledge of data analytics and data science, the certifications listed below will help you.

  • Certified Data Scientist
  • Data Science for Managers
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Data Science for Operations
  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Science for Marketing
  • Diploma in Data Science
  • Data Science Foundation

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Where should I pursue my data science certification in Singapore?

Successful tech start-ups have been drawn to the country, which has successfully diversified its economy. Businesses use the nation as a base to manage their local and international operations. The tech industry also has a strong ecosystem with access to traditional and venture capital investment, smart workspaces, and excellent conferencing and networking opportunities.

For the second year running, Singapore topped KPMG‘s global ranking of the top technology innovation centres outside of Silicon Valley/San Francisco in 2021, surpassing economic giants like New York, Beijing, and London.

DataMites is the premier source of data science training in Singapore. The DataMites Data Science Certification in Singapore are an excellent way to learn about data science. You will be given a comprehensive curriculum and can accomplish your goal in a disciplined manner. The data science course in Singapore is taught by industry professionals and contains high-quality information. The data science certification course is accredited by the International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC).

The online data science courses in Singapore of DataMites are delivered on a flexible schedule and typically take seven months to complete. The course includes hands-on projects to help you construct a portfolio to show potential employers your data science skills.

How much are the Data Science Course Fees in Singapore?

Even though there is a high need for data scientists and job growth, employers are still looking for skilled people. If data scientists possess good programming language skills and advanced technical talents, they are more likely to get hired for positions with profitable projects and higher wages.

In particular, data science course fees in Singapore can range from 10724.98 ZAR to 42899.91 ZAR. Even so, DataMites offers flexible data science training in Singapore. The certification curriculum is conducted online through DataMites on a flexible basis and takes an average of 7 months to complete, although you are free to take more or less time. The course includes hands-on projects to help you build a portfolio to show hiring managers your data science skills.

A certification based on experience rather than standard training courses or tests the Data Science Foundation Course in Singapore, as the name suggests, provides comprehensive information on the fundamentals and guiding principles of data science, enabling you to understand data science tools and procedures and become an expert in the field. The online data science foundation training costs S$650, with a discount of S$ 467.

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Today, economic growth is driven by digital innovation, which opens up prospects for cities and countries all over the world. Singapore, a preeminent international commercial hub, is working to maximise the benefits of its own innovation-driven shift. Gaining that reputation as a desirable location for technological expertise will open doors for luring forward-thinking businesses. Data science careers in Singapore have been the talk of the town lately and for good reason. Data science has evolved from being just analytics and statistics to being able to anticipate the future and make choices that have a significant impact on how the world functions!

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