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How much is the Data Engineer Course Fee in Jaipur?

Data engineers are professional workers whose primary job is to prepare data for analytical and operational use. The global market size of data engineering is anticipated to reach USD 86.9 Billion by the year 2023 according to the AIM Research report. Data engineers who work in various sectors benefit the organisation by driving multiple functions. Now Let’s understand and learn about the domain.

What is the importance of a Data Engineer in Businesses?

Data is ubiquitous which brings data engineers to achieve meaningful insight in order to improve organizational objectives. The need for data has become essential in our daily life and data engineering has become an integral part to organize day-to-day functions of business processes to optimize its productivity in the market. The importance of data engineering lies in it helping make proper decisions to benefit business outcomes. The business market requires data engineers to reduce complex business problems and optimize the customer experience in the business market. 

The use of data has transformed many technological inventions and made a positive impact over the years. Data engineers optimise data to drive small and large businesses for better production. They work on a wide range of skills that includes Python, SQL, Data analysis, Machine learning, Data visualization, coding, programming language, analytics, artificial intelligence etc. Data engineers are also skilled problem solvers who optimize business strategies.

In today’s business world, the significant tools focused on by data engineers are MySQL, SQL and NoSQL for the better functioning of data organizations. Data engineers benefit the business market by making better decision making, improving customer satisfaction and identification of new business opportunities. 

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Why Data Engineering is the most demanding course in Jaipur?

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is accelerating itself in terms of bridging modern technologies into action and data engineering is one among them. Data engineering introduces the latest technologies like machine learning, python, deep learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, tableau, data analytics etc. 

The demand for data engineers in Jaipur is high nowadays which facilitates them to serve better business strategies to expand its value chain. The IT companies in Jaipur are highly recruiting data engineers to bring growth and new innovation for an enhanced work environment. According to Burning Glass Nova Platform, the growth of data engineering jobs has reached 88% and is stated as one of the fastest-growing jobs in recent years. A career in data engineering offers multiple skills to freshers to upgrade their talent and drive their insight to accomplish efficient databases for businesses. 

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What is the need for Data Engineering Certification in Jaipur?

The need for data engineering certification in Jaipur helps many aspirants to boost their resumes which adds strong identification during their job interview and grows their possibility of getting hired. Data engineering certification is a popular certification that assists students to achieve the right career path for themselves. The certification helps students to improve their careers and fetch higher levels of employment in any giant IT firm. Data engineering certification establishes enhanced data engineers to pursue a remarkable career and maintain living standards. 

According to a Glassdoor report, the average salary of a data engineer in Jaipur ranges up to Rs 5,91,719 Per Year. The salary of a data engineer is based on the candidate’s educational qualifications and the skills they possess. The aspirants have learned the value of data engineering and its position in the marketplace that provides the right career line to flourish in the same. Data Engineering Certification in Jaipur will provide proper guidance to students who are deliberately seeking a career in the domain. 

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How DataMites is providing data engineer certification training in Jaipur?

DataMites is a globally renowned training institute for Data Engineering Courses. The institute offers other trending courses in Data Science, Machine learning, Deep learning, MLOps, Tableau, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence etc. DataMites courses are authorized by an international body called IABAC and students are provided with global IABAC certification at the end of the program. The students are guided by professional leads, a rich syllabus, capstone projects and 1 client interaction. At DataMites, more than 50,000 students are trained globally and are highly assisted by industry-oriented firms to kickstart their bright careers as data engineers.

DataMites provides Certified Data Engineer courses covering Statistics, Python, Numpy, Pandas, Data wrangling, Big Data and Database Essentials. In DataMites, the course duration is 1-month of intensive classroom and live training along with 2 months of live project mentoring. The students are allowed to use the data science cloud lab for practical practice and understand the domain thoroughly. The Data engineer course in Jaipur will help students to cope with real-world business challenges and learn how to overcome them.

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How much is the data engineer course fee in Jaipur?

Technology has accepted the latest trends and brought new innovations to gain insightful strategies for data architects, data scientists, and researchers. The data engineer course fee in Jaipur starts from INR 35,000 to INR 70,000 depending upon the institute and course enrolment.

At DataMites, you get comparatively low fee rates for certified data engineer course fees in Jaipur that start from Rs 41,000 but at a discount rate, you get the course at Rs 25,523. The students also get benefited from on-demand classroom training and the fee starts from Rs 68,000 at a discount rate the aspirant gets the whole course at a rate of Rs 49,098. Similarly, the live-virtual training fees consist of RS 68,000 and at a discount rate you get the entire course at Rs 44,998.  At DataMites, the students get professional mentoring, handed the comprehensive syllabus, 10 capstone projects, job assistance, mock tests, case studies-based learning approaches etc.   

A career as a data engineer opens numerous doors to success and professional growth in the student’s life. In today’s business world, the demand for data engineers is accelerating and making a bright career out of it.

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As per Towards Data Science report, the data engineering market has experienced growth of 18% Per Annum and is anticipated to hit 31% Per Annum by the year 2025. Technology has envisioned strong command towards technical skills and programming language that built clear concepts regarding the domain. The future for those who seek to be data engineers is vivid and full of scope. Choosing DataMites Data Engineer Training in Jaipur will enhance the candidate’s knowledge regarding the domain and assist them in the right career direction. 

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