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Why DataMites Institute for Data Science Course In Bangalore?

In recent times there has been a drastic shift in the ways organizations work, which has contributed to the parallel shift in the pace of working. With companies embracing virtual platforms, the utilization of digital tools has found great relevance. In this stage of widespread transition across enterprises, Data Science is the new present, which is demonstrating high potential with regards to career opportunities. Companies have realized this truth and are in a continuous effort to leverage the possibility to its best. With the use of ML Algorithms and Predictive Analysis, on the data sets, organizations can gain a competitive advantage. Thanks to Data Science.

In 2015, Economist and Author, Steven Levitt quoted on the availability of skilled Data Scientists for corporates. He said that CEOs are aware, as to what they are missing out on the importance of Big Data, but they lack, is the people with the right skill. This can be found to be true, if we make an effort to study the demand and supply of data scientists, in the present scenario. There is still a wide gap to be filled. Data Scientist job roles witnessed an increase of 56% last year, and this trend is expected to continue for a long.

DataMites- the Data Science Institute in Bangalore helps in addressing this gap, between the demand and supply of skilled data scientists, through its career-oriented Data Science courses, that has already helped to make a difference in the life of many aspiring Data Scientists.

Why DataMites Institute for Data Science Course

DataMites for Data Science courses

DataMites, as one among the few leading training providers in the garden city of Bangalore, has been able to carve a niche for itself in the data science and AI domain. An institute, where quality education is paramount and has been the primary aim, from the time of its inception. And if you are getting quality for a reasonable price, what would be a better choice. Data Science course in Bangalore offered by DataMites are designed to suit the current demands prevalent in the job market.

The Certified Data Scientist course offered by DataMites in Bangalore is recognized at a global level and is the best course to opt for if you are looking to kick start your career in the field of Data Science. The course covers the following topics;-

  • Course 1 Data Science Foundations
  • Course 2 Python Essentials for Data Science
  • Course 3 R Language Essentials
  • Course 4 Mathematics for Data Science
  • Course 5 Statistics for Data Science
  • Course 6 Data Preparation with Numpy and Pandas
  • Course 7 Visualization with Python
  • Course 8 Machine Learning Associate
  • Course 9 Advanced Machine Learning
  • Course 10 SQL for Data Science
  • Course 11 Deep Learning- CNN Basics
  • Course 12 Tableau Associate
  • Course 13 ML Model Deploy- Flask API
  • Course 14 Big Data Essentials
  • Course 15 Data Science Project Execution

Why DataMites for Data Science Course In Bangalore?

You have a list of training providers jotted down on a piece of paper, and every time you run your eyes through them, you shall always find DataMites as your first choice in Bangalore. The Data Science course offered by DataMites in Bangalore is the best choice for every aspirant, with many solid reasons to support:-

  1. Industry aligned courses.
  2. Experienced Trainers
  3. Cost-Effective
  4. Classroom Environment
  5. IABAC and IBM Accredited Certifications
  6. Internship Opportunities
  7. Job Assistance
  • Industry Aligned Courses

When an individual steps into the corporate world for the first time he is naturally unaware of the culture and the way of working. But there is always one asset that he carries with him, and that is the knowledge he had gained in the institute.
All the courses in DataMites are exclusively designed according to the latest industry trends. The syllabus has been structured through intense research and based on the insights received from experts in the industry. Therefore any candidate can closely relate his subject knowledge to the job responsibilities.

  • Experienced Trainers

DataMites consists of a faculty of trainers and subject matter experts who carry rich experience in the domain and are always around to clear the queries and offer advice on individual topics. All of the trainers possess industry experience, hence they always try to explain on a case study based approach which helps to give a view of the concepts.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Cost and quality often seem to be far from each other. But DataMites is an exception for this. As DataMites carries a customer-centric attitude, there is always an assessment done, on what is taken from an individual and what is given to him/her in return. In that sense, DataMites has always been successful in matching the training costs with the quality of training provided.

  • Classroom Environment

The classroom environment at DataMites is something that every student would long for. With it’s an atmosphere conducive to learning, DataMites classroom sessions ensure a smooth learning experience.

  • IABAC and IBM Accredited Courses

DataMites offers courses that are accredited to IABAC, which is a globally recognized body, for Business Analytics and Data Science certifications and IBM. This courses with dual certification help to demonstrate certain standards, which are well recognized among corporates

  • Internship Opportunities

Internships help to give a clear picture of corporate expectations. DataMites internships enable a candidate to work under the guidance of experienced professionals. This will help an individual to know, and get acquainted with the corporate environment well in advance.

  • Job Assistance

Getting a job is a crucial part of any individual’s life. DataMites ensure to fine-tune a candidate, provide him/her with all the necessary training and inputs that will help a candidate to get his first job in the field of Data Science.


The Data Science course in Bangalore, offered by DataMites, helps to create cognitive engagement, that suffices in making the learning process insightful and knowledge oriented. With more than 15000 certified learners around the world, the Data Science courses of DataMites provide testimony to the knowledge standards that should be achieved in Data Science education.

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