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Introduction to ATTENTION in NLP for Beginners

Sequence to sequence modelling: (RNN) We might get a lot of sequence to sequence tasks and that needs to be automated. Let’s look at how we can address them using sequence to sequence modelling. Let’s take a pair of encoder and decoder where: Encoder summarizes all the information.The decoder uses that summarized information of the encoder for prediction or output. ...

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Bias and Variance TradeOff

Introduction:- While designing solutions for any business problem with the help of machine learning many challenges are faced like data gathering, cleaning, transformation etc But the most important and critical is prediction errors. Machine learning algorithms aim to learn underlying pattern hidden in the dataset and this can be validated by check performance on the new or test data. Consider ...

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Tips to learn Python for Data Science?

Important Things to Learn in Python for Data Science. Tip 1: Learn Core Python Concepts The first step is to learn Python programming basics. Also, learn an introduction to data science. One of the important tools you should start using early in your journey is Jupyter Notebook, which comes pre-packaged with Python libraries to help you learn these two things. ...

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What are the Fees of Data Science Training Courses in 2021?

Data Science Course Fees in 2021

We are in 2021. Are you looking forward to learning something new this year? Do you want to make a career switch? Are you looking for a recession-proof career in 2021? Have you heard about Data Science career? Do you wish to start your Data Science journey? In this article, we shall explore the best Data Science course to opt ...

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Overfitting and Underfitting in Machine Learning Algorithms


You might have heard of overfitting and underfitting many times when testing the machine learning model. So let’s understand each of them. Consider we have a course  which includes syllabus, students and examination. Think of syllabus as features or independent variables of dataset, content of syllabus as training dataset, student as model and examination as test dataset in machine learning. ...

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