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A Journey from Fresher to Data Analyst

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, where data rules supreme, Pooja’s remarkable journey from being an absolute newcomer to flourishing as a Data Analyst at Kantar serves as an awe-inspiring tale of perseverance and the transformative power of quality education. Have you ever wondered how a novice can swiftly transition into a skilled professional in the realm of data science and analytics? What role does comprehensive training play in shaping a career that not only survives but thrives? 

Transitioning Freshers to Data Analysts: A Guided Journey

Transitioning from a state of inexperience to the role of a proficient Data Analyst requires a structured and guided journey. Freshers stepping into the realm of data analysis often find themselves facing complexities, from mastering tools to deciphering intricate methodologies. This journey, however, becomes navigable with the right resources and mentorship, enabling these newcomers to not only understand the nuances of data analytics but also to excel in applying them to real-world scenarios.

Introducing Pooja KS who holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics and promptly joined NTT Data following her graduation. However, after just half a year, a sense of dissatisfaction led her to embark on a Google search. This search ultimately led her to discover a Data Science Course, which instantly captured her attention and sparked her interest. The journey of Pooja KS played unravel pivotal role in her success story after she enrolled from DataMites Data Science Training Institute.

At the heart of this transformative process lies DataMites – a beacon of expertise in the world of data science. With a well-crafted fusion of online and offline courses, DataMites offers freshers the flexibility to choose a learning format that suits their preferences and locations. Pooja KS enrollment in the DataMites data analyst training course highlights the significance of bridging the gap between one’s existing competencies and the technical requisites of the field. DataMites recently conducted an interview with Pooja KS, providing insights into the essential factors that fueled her impressive career transformation. Let’s explore the viewpoints that steered her remarkable advancement along her professional journey.

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Q) Pooja, can say a bit about your background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in electronics. I worked with NTT Data for around 6 months after finishing my degree. Following that, I enrolled in the DataMites Data Science Course, following which I was hired as a data analyst at Kantar.

Q) Can I know why you wished to make a career out of data science?

Initially, when I got my job in NTT Data, I was not fully satisfied with the work. It nearly felt as though I didn’t belong there, but rather somewhere else.  I googled and looked upon various fields that perhaps I could be interested in and then data science came up. What piqued my interest was that, despite the pandemic and the fact that many people were losing their jobs, data science appeared to be a vibrant and thriving industry.

Q) In what ways did DataMites contribute to your success?

The trainers at DataMites are so knowledgeable and this helped them explain each and every concept in-depth covering all the elements of the syllabus. The hands-on projects that I had to do helped me a lot and the IABAC Certification holds global recognition that greatly benefits freshers like me who are on the hunt for a job suitable to them. 

Q) Who was your lead mentor at DataMites?

Hemanth sir was my mentor. His sessions were excellent, and he clearly presented all of the ideas. Everything was clear to me, and the sessions were well-structured.

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Q) Given that you are not a coder, how long did it take you to learn Python?

I didn’t understand machine learning techniques at first, but I understood I needed python to grasp the fundamental logic of machine learning. Even python was difficult to understand for someone who had no prior experience with programming or coding. So it took me roughly a month to grasp the fundamentals of Python.

Q) How was DataMites’ support during the project mentoring sessions?

Project mentoring sessions with DataMites were outstanding. For project sessions, I had a distinct project mentor, and there is also a D-Tribe site where we can post our questions and receive assistance. There are also doubt-clearing sessions, and next to the project evaluation, we would be given grades. 

Q) What questions related to data science were asked during your interview?

The most critical question is to thoroughly describe the project. There were questions about machine learning, specifically the random forest.

Q) How did you get to your current position?

I did not particularly apply to any job portals. Everything on the part of me getting placed was completely under the Placement Assistant Team

Q) What is your piece of advice to those interested in this field?

Those who are new to the area will almost certainly turn to the internet for assistance and will dig deep into the domain, frequently scaring themselves.

First and foremost locate the correct spot to begin, which in my case was DataMites Data Science Training. If you don’t receive a specific position, don’t lose faith or motivation; perhaps something bigger and better is on the way.

Watch the complete interview here

End Note:

In the dynamic world of technology and data, Pooja KS’s transformative journey from a newcomer to a proficient Data Analyst at Kantar stands as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance and quality education. Her evolution, chronicled from her initial steps as a fresher with a background in electronics, to her enrollment in the DataMites Data Science Course, and ultimately to her successful integration into the data analytics field, highlights the remarkable potential of comprehensive training. Engaging in an intensive data science program at DataMites, she dedicated six months to honing her skills, resulting in a remarkable transition that propelled her career forward. Pooja’s story underscores how even those without prior coding experience can thrive through dedication and the right guidance. 

DataMites is a global training institute for Data Science that stands as an unwavering ally, providing structured courses, expert mentorship, and a commitment to excellence that paves the way for fresher’s successful transition. DataMites course is accredited by IABAC and the students are awarded with IABAC certification at the end of the program.

So, if you’re eager to embark on this transformative journey into the world of data analysis, DataMites is ready to be your guiding star, lighting the path to becoming a proficient Data Analyst, no matter your starting point. DataMites presents a versatile range of data science courses available in both online data analytics and offline data analytics training formats, tailored to accommodate the diverse preferences of students across various locations. These locations include but are not limited to Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and more.

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