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Career Transitions from Ph.D. Holder to Data Analyst

In a world driven by data, the realms of technology and analytics are converging like never before. Have you ever wondered about the inspiring stories of individuals who pivot their careers towards data science? What draws professionals from diverse backgrounds to this dynamic and transformative field? 

Navigating Career Transitions to Data Analytics from Diverse Backgrounds

In the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics, Pranava Gopu from diverse backgrounds have embarked on transformative journeys by transitioning into data analyst. “Charting New Paths: Navigating Career Transitions to Data Analytics from Diverse Backgrounds” delves into the inspiring stories of 

Meet Pranava Gopu who has successfully ventured into data analytics courses, despite his origins in non-technical domains. Pranava Gopu enrolled in DataMites data analyst training course, which skillfully bridges the gap between his existing competencies and the technical requirements of data analytics, which played a pivotal role in his journey. 

Through an interview with Pranava Gopu, DataMites delved into the crucial elements that formed the foundation of her remarkable career transition. Let’s explore the insights that shaped her noteworthy progression within her professional trajectory.

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Q) What was your thought process while being a PhD holder and coming into an utterly new domain and deciding to kickstart a career in it?

Actually, I have a good amount of experience in teaching but because data science is a completely new profession for me, I realized that today, even academicians and experts from other fields were transitioning to a data science career and I was given possibilities that were tailored to my status as a newcomer. But this was my chance to start studying a new subject that is becoming increasingly prominent today. Initially, I was hired as an intern, and after two months, I was promoted to the position of data analyst.

Q) What role did DataMites play in your transition?

DataMites have encouraged me since day one with their success stories, and that was the part that I carried with me on my path to becoming a data scientist. I enrolled in a certified data scientist course, which was targeted at people like myself who were brand new to the field. When I glanced over the course syllabus, I believed it covered everything that was needed to develop academic and practical knowledge of data science. DataMites have been quite helpful during this time of transition.

Q) How were DataMites’ classes organized?

I had taken an online data science course where we could communicate with the instructors and the study was centered on a case study, providing us with hands-on experience with the subject. The teachers taught us the theoretical part of the programme while using a practical approach. Through initiatives such as capstone and live projects, I received a great deal of practical experience and expertise. For the projects, we worked in groups to allow information to flow from one person to the next. This was quite beneficial to me.

Q) How were you evaluated in the DataMites data science course?

There were mock tests and interviews being conducted which held weightage. The DataMites team then assigns you a job interview score, and if you pass the barrier, the team prepares you for placement.

Q) How were the mentors at DataMites?

My mentors at DataMites were those with immense knowledge and exposure to the industry and they were quite helpful and supportive. . In addition, there is a platform called D-Tribes that assists us in resolving all of our doubts throughout the project. That was, in my opinion, a fantastic initiative on the part of the DataMites team.

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Q) How did you land your current job at Symphony AI?

I was directly placed with Symphony AI from the DataMites Placement Assistance Team. I didn’t have any problems applying through third-party websites. Surprisingly, my initial application resulted in a job offer. The PAT inspired me, and once I had the opportunity to participate in my first domain interview, there was no turning back.

Q) Could you share a few of your interview questions with us?

The company gave me an online test to check my understanding of statistics, sequel, Oracle, and a little python. During the technical round, I was given a case study to complete and a report to write. My HR round came after that.

Q) What advice would you give to aspiring data science learners?

The DataMites team have planned the syllabus very strategically and you should take your time to learn the subject. Learn the fundamentals of the course from the mentors, and then spend extra time revising what you’ve learned so that it becomes embedded in your systems. Have enough passion and dedication to learn everything there is to know about the domain.  With such a dedicated team to support you in every step, you can reach where you wish to be. 

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End Note:

The story of Ms. Pranava Gopu is a testament to the transformative power of reskilling and the boundless opportunities that data analytics offers. She Engaged herself in an intensive 6-month data analytics course at DataMites, she achieved a remarkable career transition and mastery in the field.

DataMites is a globally renowned training institute that offers a wide array of courses, comprehensive guidance, and the prestigious IABAC Certification ensures that aspiring data enthusiasts can embark on similar journeys of success. With options for both offline data analyst and online data analyst training, DataMites provides a flexible and accessible platform for individuals to nurture their data science aspirations.

For those inspired by Ms. Pranava Gopu’s remarkable journey, and for those seeking to embark on their own data science adventure, discover the array of courses and resources offered by DataMites. 

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