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Is AI and Data Science in Demand in the Netherlands?

Being a hub for innovation and cutting-edge digital infrastructure, the Netherlands has one of the biggest startup ecosystems in Europe. The finest startup business culture in the land of the windmills is found in Amsterdam, which also contains one-third of all startup positions, according to a recent Dealroom survey. The Netherlands has been crowned the hottest digital cluster in Europe, according to a survey by Atomica, a global investment business that works with groundbreaking technology companies.

The Digitalization Strategy of the Dutch Government had played a significant role in driving digitalization in sectors including healthcare, mobility, energy, and agrifood while strengthening the basis of digitalization in areas like cybersecurity, privacy, digital skills, and fair competition, the plan has two main goals. Equipping everyone in the nation with the necessary digital skills is another important element of the Dutch Digitalization Strategy, which supports the goal of the Netherlands to rule the digital realm in Europe.

The future of technology is not predictable to the conviction, but one thing is for certain: data science, machine learning, and AI are revolutionizing how businesses conduct themselves and make decisions. Amsterdam is a thriving IT center. It is the perfect setting for cross-sector collaboration and ground-breaking developments in fintech, Medtech, and AI because it is populated by industry giants, cutting-edge businesses, and a bustling startup scene.

Companies also need to hire individuals with skills in data science and AI due to the data-driven era. Given that data science and AI are both market leaders in the technology sector, choosing one of these fields as your career path is a wise decision. Which of the two is preferable, now?

Let’s get familiarized with Artificial Intelligence Technology first.

What does Artificial Intelligence stand to gain?

Humans are regarded as the most intelligent species in the world because they possess the abilities like logical reasoning, statistical knowledge analytical skills, mathematical knowledge, and computational intelligence to name a few. These abilities enable them to solve any problem and analyze big data.

AI is being developed for machines with the following combination of skills at heart. AI imposes the ability for machines to solve complex problems in a manner similar to that of humans. When referring to computer networks, the term AI can mean the computer hardware and networking systems that can succinctly interpret raw data, extract data that is valuable from that given data, then apply the information to solve the problem and, allocate it to a final solution using a pragmatic approach and readily versatile solutions.

This technological innovation called artificial intelligence is the computer programs that are capable of carrying out tasks and resolving issues that typically require human intelligence. Normally, human intelligence would be required for activities like speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, and word translation to name a few, but now computer programs may use their intellect and skill to tackle these problems.

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How in demand is the AI industry?

The most significant and disruptive developments of this century may come from artificial intelligence (AI). The rise of artificial intelligence is reshaping how we live and work with the development of self-driving cars, robotic assistants, and computerized disease detection.  Although a machine can learn from its surroundings and adapt or evolve, AI and the algorithms that make it function were designed by people. Multitasking, self-awareness, and social relationships are all significantly more capable under human intellect. 

Reports indicate that the artificial intelligence industry is forecast to increase by USD 202.57 billion by 2026! And trust me it isn’t something to be overlooked. With this increasing market for AI comes the demand for qualified individuals who are ready to step in and meet the market demands. But the demand for qualified individuals in the industry is rapidly outpacing the supply!

Henceforth, it’s critical to stay up to date with the newest trends and technology because the domain of artificial intelligence is attaining greater prominence with time. You will be prepared for a rewarding career in AI by honing your talents in this area.

Is an AI Career Worth It?

As per Forbes, 97 million jobs requiring artificial intelligence are anticipated to be produced between 2022 and 2025. Because of the potential for this technology to enhance operations, there is a great need for AI expertise. Effective AI users will be highly sought-after and have a wide range of work opportunities available to them. The ability to develop one’s own AI skills will also allow one to open up new doors for oneself and one’s business. Some of the prominent job roles in AI are Artificial intelligence engineer, ml engineer, robotics scientist, big data engineer, AI research scientist, business intelligence developer, and software engineer.

The global economy is sure to get transformed by artificial intelligence, and demand for AI professionals is rising very high. It’s far-famed that industries worldwide stand to benefit from artificial intelligence, but employers are still having trouble locating workers who have the essential abilities to design, program, and collaborate with intelligent machines.  Given that AI occupations are future-proof and are likely to be there for a very long time, the salary packages within the domain are also exciting indeed.

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How much does an AI Engineer in the Netherlands gets paid?

Few fields stand out as much as artificial intelligence in terms of the best employment of the future. According to a Gartner analysis published in 2019, the number of enterprise applications for AI has increased 270% in the past four years, driving up demand to a point where it exceeds the pool of skilled job applicants that are now available.

For professionals in AI, the salary scales are significantly higher compared to other domains. This is because AI is a complex field that calls for certain must-have skills to establish a career. As per the Economic Research Institute, the average AI Engineer Salary in Netherlands is €86,596, with the highest pay being €105,734 and the lowest being €59,665 per annum. 

Having AI Skills in Netherlands could help you gain an average salary of €50,000 a year as per Payscale.com

The time is now to get involved and earn an Artificial Intelligence Certification in Netherlands that will help you advance your career in AI. This is your chance to participate in the artificial intelligence revolution that is reshaping the world!

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Why is getting certified in AI the right choice?

Let’s be honest here, learning AI is difficult, and it takes perseverance and self-drive. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related topic, such as mathematics, is typically needed to succeed in the field.  AI may be a good fit for you if you are skilled in programming, have a strong background in machine learning, and are willing to put in the necessary time and effort to study it.

Studying AI brings up a world of potential to develop cutting-edge solutions in a variety of industries, like computer security, image recognition, pharmaceutical, or face recognition, as every organization is eager to implement artificial intelligence in their industry. There are umpteen certification courses in machine learning and artificial intelligence available right now. 

How valuable are the AI Certifications in Netherlands, though? Holding an AI Certification in hand can make you stand out from the crowd of competitors by showcasing that you have undergone intensive training in the domain and are all set with practical and theoretical knowledge.

The DataMites Artificial Intelligence Courses in Netherlands are created to provide learners with the abilities they need to prosper in this sizable and rapidly expanding sector. Your career in AI will get off to a strong start thanks to the curriculum. This curriculum offers a strong emphasis on creating AI-enabled systems in addition to highlighting real-world applications, ethics, privacy, moral obligation, and social benefit. DataMites’ Artificial Intelligence Training in Netherlands will be expertly planned, entirely career-focused, and loaded with a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge through internship opportunities and full-time professional coaching. We do offer an AI certification program with capstone projects and live projects that will give you a taste of what it would be like if a company hires you as a professional.

Though there is a massive overlap between data science and AI, the two domains are equally as important and are put into use by corporates all over the globe. With due regard to AI, we are about to dive into the field of data science, which is gaining exceptional attention and is commonly dubbed as the ‘sexiest job of the century’ by Oxford

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What does Data Science stand to gain?

Data nowadays is omnipresent and vast. Data science is largely concerned with gleaning insights from data-driven decisions by combining statistics, maths, programming, and machine learning. Data science may be summed up as a combination of mathematics, business acumen, tools, algorithms, and machine learning techniques, all of which aid in the discovery of hidden patterns or insights in large amounts of raw data that can greatly aid in the formulation of important business choices.

In data science, both structured and unstructured data are used. Data science focuses on both the now and the future to identify patterns that can be modeled and used for predictions for determining how things might turn out in the future, as well as discovering trends based on previous data that can be relevant for decisions made today.

Data scientists must be experts in every aspect of the data science life cycle and have the flexibility and knowledge necessary to optimize benefits at each stage of the process in order to unearth actionable intelligence for their organizations. 

How in demand is the Data Science industry?

Data Science has become essential for businesses due to the volume of data being produced and the advancements being made in the field of analytics. Companies from various industries whether in finance, marketing, retail, information technology, or banking want to get the most out of their data. They are all seeking data science professionals in Netherlands.

According to a report, the $3.03 billion in size that the data science sector has reached in recent years is predicted to treble by 2025. Globally, there is a huge demand for data scientists as a result of this. Given the amount of pay that a corporation may provide and IBM‘s declaration that it is a 21st-century trending career, it is lucrative employment for many. Anyone from any background can become a Data Scientist due to the nature of this field.

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How would a career in Data Science be?

With so much data that we have and is produced literally every second of the day, data science is necessary to effectively separate organized and unstructured data. For those with a background in technology, data science is currently one of the top job alternatives. The world is moving quickly toward digitizing all small and large chores, hence this profession is here to stay.
As one of the most promising and sought-after job pathways for qualified people, data science continues to develop. Today’s top data professionals are aware that they need to go beyond standard programming, data mining, and large-scale data analysis skills.

By 2026, more than 11 million job opportunities are expected in the nation, according to analysts. The market for data science and AI has actually seen a 46% rise in recruiting since 2019. Data Scientists are nevertheless given different tasks based on their knowledge and area of specialization.  Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Deep Learning Architect, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and of obviously, Data Scientist is among the positions available in the field of data science.

How much does a Data Scientist in the Netherlands gets paid?

Being an intricate and interdisciplinary field, learning data science will entail gaining a variety of abilities in business, mathematics, computer science, and communication. The position is currently one of the highest-paid occupations ever since it is so hard and calls for a varied set of skills. 

Data science experts with the necessary training and experience have the chance to make an impact on some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the world. Professionals in data science are compensated for their highly technical skill set with competitive wages and excellent work possibilities at big and small businesses in most industries. 

  • According to payscale.com, the average salary for a data scientist in Netherlands is €48,094 per annum. 
  • With respect to the data given by levels.fyi. A data scientist in Amsterdam can get paid from €56,134 to €85,213 per annum with an average amount of €73,917.
  • As per Glassdoor.com, a data scientist’s salary in Amsterdam is €65,000 per annum.

Why is getting certified as Data Scientist the right choice?

According to 2021 research by the World Economic Forum, data science was found to have the biggest talent gap. Enrolling in a data science course in Netherlands that is approved and that can teach you everything you need to thrive in the profession, from the foundations to advanced abilities, is the first step in being certified as a data scientist. 

While there are several excellent free online resources that can help you study data science, nothing compares to enrolling in a structured, accredited program that offers training from business professionals and that, upon completion, can grant you a professional certification in data science. 

The Data Science Program in Netherlands at DataMites is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a course that enhances learning up to date with the most recent data science trends while providing education that emphasizes practical knowledge. And the syllabus for data science courses is accredited by internationally recognized IABAC.

DataMites Online Data Science Courses in the Netherlands deliver a level of flexibility that is unmatched by any other kind of education. You are free to work at your own speed, take classes when it works best for your other responsibilities, and study whenever you choose. Additionally, anywhere in the world, using any approved device and a dependable internet connection, you can learn and master data science. The moment is now if you are wondering when to start, especially if you want to start ahead of your peers.

Having earned the data science certification in the Netherlands, you pave the way towards building a successful and solid career in data science. If you have prior data science expertise, specialized certification in the domain can make you advance more within your career, augment your earning potential, and sets you apart from the crowd. In fact, Business Wire found in a survey that professionals often received wage increases of 20% to 40% after becoming a certification holder in data science. 

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End Note

These days data science is surfacing with so much interest that it has. Without enrolling in a data science course, it can be difficult to learn all about the frequently used data science tools nowadays. By getting practical experience through a recognized certification, you can also show prospective employers your knowledge and credentials. You may be virtually unstoppable if you have both professional data science credentials and on-the-job experience!

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